What do I wish myself and you in the New Year?

New Year wishes blog

After the storm, the sun always comes out and I am waiting for my sun. I look forward to the New Year for the first time, I treat it as a metaphor for saying goodbye and starting something new. I will not change jobs, I will not move out of my house, I will not cut my head bald. But I want changes.

First of all, I focus on organizing and creating schedules for working and non-working days. This does not mean that I like to fit into the frame, but I believe that better organization of time, better separation of private and professional life will allow me to catch the distance to the whole world, and above all to myself.

I dream about doing everything on time, not taking on more than I can bear, to have more time for family and friends, to develop my passions, which undoubtedly become writing a blog or taking photos of loved ones.

And you know what I dream about the most? In order not to worry about bullshit, not to torment with negative thoughts and not to surround people who are not worth it. To learn to separate things that are really important from those who only want to be considered as such. And I wish all this for the New Year. And all of you if you need it. Help yourselves. I wish you a Happy New Year!

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