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blanket survey

With a poll on the blog it is like with a Child - you always think that this is not the right time, and in fact everyone is good!

As you know, at our home, the #mamawracadopracy campaign is underway, and my goal, apart from achieving harmony in my professional life, is also to enter the blog on the permanent list of my everyday matters. And this is where your role begins - I am here for myself, but above all for you, because you give me all this energy, thanks to you, instead of going to sleep at 23 p.m. I sit at the computer. Each of your comments (each!), Each e-mail (each one!) Is my great driving force! I want to change for you, I want to write for you. But I need to know what I am doing well and what I should improve. That is why today I am asking you for help, advice and a hint. I can see that the statistics on the blog are growing, but unfortunately still not enough. What? Whom? Mustache! Your comments, likes, a sign that you are and what you think. Because I can see that you are!

So today I have a request for you, instead of reading my next post, which will not be there today, please take a few minutes and complete the survey. Oh this one, it's really short:

Each survey you complete is at a premium! Make yourself known!

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  • Natalia

    Mr. President, I report the task 🙂

    • 01.09.2015

      Wonderful! March out 😉