Decorations and attractions or how to organize a birthday?

We already have plan, theme i DIY invitations, time for decorations and attractions.

As you know, we decided on a safari theme.

What we needed


1. Tableware

For children's safety, we chose paper plates, cups and straws, and we matched paper napkins, hats and trumpets.


how to organize a child's birthday safari zoo



2. decoration

Such tableware is a decoration in itself, in addition, we decided to make a "paper tablecloth", which I made of brown paper for wrapping parcels, bought at the post office, garlands with animals from the same store as tableware and helium balloons, about which in a moment. Behind the sweet table I hung a banner with the inscription "1st birthday", which due to the lack of time, instead of designing myself, I decided to buy a ready-to-print version.

how to organize a child's birthday safari zoo



3. attractions

At our party there were children of very different age groups: 1, 3 and 5 years old. For children of this age, it was difficult for us to come up with attractions that would take all of them simultaneously. So we decided to combine the birthday attraction with a thank you to our beloved Little Guests, so each of them at the entrance received a helium-filled foil balloon with a motif that they like very much like Pony Pony, Hello Kitty or Angry Birds. And guess what? It was a shot at 10! By the way, let me tell you that I never thought these balloons would be so durable and would withstand jumping, lying on them and stuff all afternoon. The kids had fantastic fun which they took home. And 3 balloons decorated our sweet table, dotting the "and". We have been looking for balloons for a long time and it turned out that the cheapest and most convenient option is to buy balloons and helium bottles separately. In addition, for Children from 3 years old, we had a safari board with animal stickers to be completed.





4. Cake and sweetness

Of course, the highlight of the program, i.e. the cake, could not fail to reflect the entire party, being a beautiful decoration, but you can read more about it in the next post in the series on how to organize a birthday - about the birthday menu.



And here is the final effect. And you know what? I can't wait for my second birthday!

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