Christmas decorations in our house

Christmas decorations

Although I did not manage to implement all my private plans for December, I am very proud of myself, remembering last year's Christmas, which was more like a cataclysm than Christmas - the first time with two kids, when we dressed the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve (according to tradition) In order to barely make it on Christmas Eve, in my nerves and in bad mood, although I promised myself that it would be completely different ... This year we planned for December to slow down, calm down, personal development, but most of all we focused on ... relationships.


Unfortunately ours December plans were already thwarted in November due to the illness of Mikuś and Maks, which effectively meant that instead of leading a calm December life, we started late at the start. However, this did not prevent us from continuing our efforts and finding joy in the smallest pleasures.


This year The Christmas tree was already with us on December 15, i.e. all 9 days earlier than a year ago, cones appeared on the windowsills and (artificial) cinnamon and decorations from previous years ... but we also adopted decorations that stand on our windowsill every day, only we exchanged candles from blue to white, a we displayed a pine cone from the forest under the glass dome. We used to give a common climate white and gold ribbons.



and ribbons appeared on the chairs.



With children, I give up not only the tablecloth, but recently also the tread - Maks loves to take everything off the table, so this year she won very practical, minimalist decoration.



We baked and decorated non-allergenic gingerbread (4 stands for dough modification compositions without honey, milk and butter, made to 1-2 at night and another decorating day).



And two hung above the fireplace and in the kitchen  new wreaths, our only Christmas purchase this year - they are so beautiful that I hope they will hang here next year as well.



And last but not least ... Christmas tree - alive, in a pot, although I have no illusions that I will manage to plant it, although I will definitely try. decorated wooden decorations, ribbons and plastic baubles - light, unbreakable and almost safe for children - today Maksymilian made a ball for himself and was delighted with how beautiful it bounces off the floor.


Ah, and the most important - Santa, a souvenir from my childhood.



And if you are wondering what this black spot is doing on the Christmas tree, this is it a Christmas ornament made by Santa himself (I mistook her for a language).



I have already stopped doing myself reproaches for these unsent cards and I am looking forward to the recipes I will try this year.


Christmas is a holiday that we spend in a larger group - Christmas Eve at my sister's house, then the truest Santa Claus comes to the Children, and the first and second days of Christmas at my mother's house (we organize Easter Sunday), so our cooking and cooking is December symbolic, by what the more I want to squeeze this family time like a lemon.


We will extend Christmas with a two-day trip to the cousins ​​and this year again I hope for a beautiful and quiet time, recharge the batteries, summary of the year, draw conclusions and a good plan for 2019 year.


And like a mantra I will repeat - a good plan is one that can be easily modified.


How do you decorate your house for Christmas? You dress the Christmas tree traditionally - on Christmas Eve - but do you allow yourself to extend the joy of the festive atmosphere to the whole or at least half of December?

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