How to sew maternity pants? - DIY or do it yourself

how to sew maternity pants
The pants started to press me around the waist pretty quickly. It started to unbutton the button when sitting down, wondering if it was time for maternity pants and what was the right time to buy them. In addition, the vision of buying a few pairs of new pants for a few months and putting away the pants, which today fit me well on the shelf, "I don't know if I'll ever wear them again" seemed to me not the best.
So I decided convert your current pants to maternity, which will easily adapt to the fast-growing tummy, saving a lot of money, because instead of buying 2-3 a pair of new pants, I spent less than 40 PLN on one pair of ones I already have.

What I needed:
1. Trousers I've worn so far
The choice fell on one of my favorite Stradivarius pants, which I have in two colors.
Koszt: 0,00 zł


2. Shirts

I went to H&M and bought a basic T-shirt the color closest to the color of the pants I decided to remake.
Koszt: 19,99 zł
3. Seamstress - optional
I took the pants and the T-shirt to the seamstress, who ripped the belt off the trousers (leaving the zipper, pockets at the front and back) and sewn in about 20 cm of the T-shirt (double folded material), thanks to which I gained comfortable, favorite maternity pants. The added value is also that when I no longer need them, the seamstress will easily restore them to the previous version.
Cost: PLN 20,00.
Total cost of making trousers: 39,99 PLN
If you only have the ability to sew, you can reduce this cost by half, by giving up the dressmaker.
4. The final result
How do you like it? Do you want to change some of your pants or decide to buy new ones?
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  • 03.11.2019

    A great idea, although I admit that I would be afraid that it will not come out.
    I bought special pregnancy leggings, which turned out to be a total flop 🙁
    Not only is it expensive, but the material turned out to be so “weak” that after a month of wearing it looks worse than the ones from the HM that I usually bought. Your idea is definitely better. We use what we have and at the same time "look like a human". Thanks for the inspiration.

  • 09.11.2013

    What a brilliant idea! I will definitely use in the future 🙂

  • 21.08.2013

    I solved this problem differently: I visited lumpeks and there I got pregnancy pants for less than PLN 10. In addition, I bought used on allegro for PLN 20 😉 it was a brilliant solution for me, I got fat in pregnancy, my pelvis split sharply, I put on my hips and even my thighs, so I couldn't fit my clothes afterwards. And yes, for these few months I bought something in good condition, but used and I was very happy (with pants and savings ^^)

  • 12.08.2013

    Great idea and congratulations!

  • 11.08.2013

    Great idea. :)

  • 10.08.2013

    You had a great idea with the trousers reworking, they came out identical to those bought and how much cheaper 🙂