Home garden in a mini-DIY version, i.e. do it yourself

garden in the dish

The inspiration to make a mini garden in the vessel was undoubtedly Alina - the author of the DesignYouLife blog, who recently wrote about creative gardens that is flowers in the apartment - thank you for the inspiration!

While browsing the Internet on Saturday, the decision was made - I will have my own little garden!
A plan came to my mind quickly:

1. Shopping at NOMI

I was probably lucky - although in the "Outdoor garden" section most of the flowers looked long forgotten, at the checkout line there was a small surprise waiting for me in the form of a promotion for cacti and succulents - I couldn't find a better one:






In addition to the plants, I also need pebbles - which are perfect for the bottom of the vessel and for covering the ground on top, which will not only serve as decorative, but will also keep the ground moist for longer. 2 kg of white pebbles - about 5 zlotys.

The most important thing is not to be missed - a little bit of soil - that has been waiting for me in the basement since last season.
Garbage bags will also be useful - to protect the table on which I will arrange my garden.


2. Vessel

Its purchase turned out to be the most difficult. I was looking for a nice, shallow pot or glass bowl. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything interesting in the aforementioned Nomi or Home & You, but the Almi Decor store came to my aid, where I bought a great glass for PLN 34,90.


3. Well then to work:
I poured a layer of white pebbles on the bottom:

The next layer is earth:


And the flowers - I took them out of the pots, and if it was necessary, I removed the excess soil and replanted them into a new vessel:









At the end I covered everything with a layer of white pebbles:



And my home garden is ready!




And how do you like it? I'm bursting with pride!

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  • gg f

    Hello. The stone used is alkaline and can strongly harm cacti which like a slightly acid reaction. Are the plants to be tested well ??

  • 15.12.2013

    It looks beautiful with you 🙂 I did something similar once: http://slodkimiod.blogspot.com/2012/10/weekendowe-porzadki-i-zamowienie-z-zsk.html Unfortunately, only one flower survived będę in the spring I will improve it 🙂

  • 11.12.2013

    It looks brilliant! I think I will create one myself ... 🙂

  • 11.12.2013

    lovely :)

  • 18.11.2013

    Wonderful!!!!! Subscribes to 🙂

  • 09.11.2013

    It turned out great 🙂 I also have such a garden - I created it a few months ago. I also recommended Design Your Life and recommend it further, because it is not demanding and looks very nice indoors. I like the idea of ​​growing cacti in addition to the usual succulents.

  • 06.09.2013

    I saw similar on ABM and I also think about doing this :) I do not have conditions for normal flowers, and I need greenery around me. I've even traced such a dish in a small, inconspicuous shop for less than PLN 10.

  • 06.09.2013

    honestly? I do not like it 🙂 i.e. cool plants, but not very pebbles.

  • 05.09.2013

    brilliant, great and cool! I have a pretty glass vessel myself, which "tumbles" around the house. I'll stare like a parrot!

  • Singing Cream

    WONDERFUL! I love such mini gardens and I still can't get enough of them :)

  • 27.08.2013

    It looks cool. Maybe I will try, although I am dad 🙂

  • 26.08.2013

    beautiful, I think I'll get a garden from you 🙂

  • 26.08.2013

    an enviable garden, by the way many plants fit in this dish naczy

  • 26.08.2013

    It looks pretty. :) I love cacti! 😀 I already have a small collection on my windowsill, which is constantly growing. :)

  • 26.08.2013

    You did it beautifully.

  • 26.08.2013

    Although I do not like cacti, I must tell you that I like them, especially the one with a yellow head:) It came out great and looks very impressive!
    You have beautiful chairs and a table ... and I like the color of the floor too :))))

  • 26.08.2013

    well from the gap! It looks great and I miss something for table decoration 🙂

  • 26.08.2013

    It's cute, I'm planning to do something like a big jar soon. Well, and if I miss it next summer. 🙂

  • 25.08.2013

    Super and how it looks;))

  • 25.08.2013

    It came out very interesting 🙂