Why am I looking forward to a month trip to Rome and what am I afraid of?

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Do you know what a reisefieber is? The fear of traveling, which increases with me every day. It mixes with total excitement and makes me feel like I am stepping onto a roller-coster.


I have broken down my emotions into prime factors and I already know what I am looking forward to and what makes me simply afraid ...


I have been working professionally since 18, and I have been running my own company since 22. There were not so many smart blogs and trainings back then, I didn't know what a coach meant, and I learned from my own mistakes in organizing life, daily studies, work, learning a language and starting my own business. By the way, let me know, are you curious, where did I get the idea from and how did I get the money for the first business?


I have been working for 15 years, a lot and hard. I remember leaving the university in the evening and taking a train or a standing bus to another city to work, passing my friends who were going in the opposite direction - to the student club. No regrets - I have always felt that I am exactly where I should be and that I am creating something special, my dream future.


After 15 years of devoting most of my day and night to work and other professional activities, I realized that work fills my days and months so much, and I keep taking on new projects instead of enjoying what I already have and have already achieved. That is why I decided to plan 2018 starting with ... days off and holidays to find more time for joy and appreciation of what I already have, projects that I already run and in which I put my whole heart.


As part of implementing the work-life balance philosophy, I decided to plan this year (and God bless it) to be able to move with my family for a month abroad. Invite my mother and friends there and enjoy this wonderful time with loved ones.


There are also more pros and reasons why I can't wait to leave:


1. Italian life


Even though I love city life, I would like to get rid of the big city rush in the eternal city. To look at everyday life differently. To experience the simple, joyful life that Italians are famous for. Celebrate many ordinary moments every day, such as drinking warm Italian coffee. It is said that an action repeated 26 times becomes a habit. There are 29 days ahead of me in Italy, I see a great opportunity for myself. I want to learn that you can't run your whole life, or you can, but it's not worth it. I want to fall in love with architecture even more, return home a different way every day, holding my husband's hand, pushing the stroller, and carrying the second child on my back. I want to get to know myself and my family closer, fight my weaknesses, love myself more and believe that not everyone really has to like me, to free myself from the fear of abandonment and criticism - my main brake in life.


I want to love sweet idleness, celebrate my life and bring it home with me.


I still hope that I will like cooking a bit, maybe because of the infinite variety of Italian tomatoes taste?


And half jokingly, I wonder if I can get the courage and leave the house without makeup or in really short shorts.


2. Minimalism


I will not hide - we live and live very comfortably every day - we have a large house and two cars, and due to my work, there is not a day that I do not buy something. Although when you look at my house you may think that there is minimalism here, it is only good organization and a large space that build this effect. For a year now, I have been trying to restore our house by regularly exhibiting our belongings on OLX or giving back to the family and the needy, browsing through wardrobes and nooks and crannies.

We will go to Rome for four, packed only in suitcases and hand luggage 3. Every day I think about what I wouldn't want to go without, what things are most useful to me and make my life easier, and which I could easily do without. I am extremely interested in such a challenge, because in the apartment I rented there are no equipment and facilities for children.


3. Capsule wardrobe


I've been building my capsule wardrobe for several months. This is a very slow process, as I am constantly giving away clothes in installments, the chance of which to put them back on is reaching zero. Changing my size helps me in this - before pregnancy I wore clothes in size 40, today it is 36 or even 34, so the selection of the huge amount of clothes is done naturally to a large extent.

I can't wait for my capsule version of the wardrobe in Rome, I have half a suitcase for clothes and shoes. I am wondering if such a significant reduction in the number of clothes, completed in sets, will really make me know exactly what I want to wear every day. If you are interested in my capsule, summer wardrobe, which I will take with me to Rome, be sure to let me know, this is a perfect opportunity to show it to you.


4. Distance


I really hope that the physical distance to the matters that I live here every day will also allow me to work out this distance in my head. I really hope to open up to myself and my family, listen to ourselves and our needs, check what really matters to us, because maybe here, in the heat of everyday stress, we don't see it?


5. Arrival of my mother and friends


I hope to spend a lovely, slow time with my Mom who will visit us in Italy. I would like to celebrate a beautiful Mother's Day for us there, to make a memorial photo session for us, because although my mother and I are very different from each other, I follow the definition of a successful marriage: "Different from each other beautifully".

We also invited our friends as guests, we hope that they will visit us.



And what I'm most afraid of is ...


1. Minimalism


That is exactly what I am looking forward to, because it is different to wear 7 clothes by choice instead of by necessity. To have a perfectly arranged space for children, where every activity like bathing, care, changing, playing, eating, has its place and its gadgets, and live in an apartment without any amenities, baby baths, feeding chairs or baby cot (by the way a travel cot already I ordered from Amazon with delivery straight to Rome).


2. Logistics


We will live in the center of Rome, in such a strict center that cars have limited entrance there. I wonder if Santa will find himself there and if he just won't be bored. I am afraid that instead of relaxing, we will not simply get tired, because every day we have all life processes optimized: cooking, shopping, work, childcare. This location also means a longer, minimum half-hour walk to the nearest metro station.


I am also afraid of children's illness and our and foreign health care. In addition to obtaining a European health card, you will want to take out additional health and life insurance.


3. 24 / 7 in husband and children


Although this is my huge dream, I will not hide that I am also afraid of it. Every day we use the help of kindergarten, we can also count on the help of a nanny or grandmother, in Rome we will be condemned to our own company day and night throughout the month. I do not expect it to be only idyllic, but I will do my best to be as vigilant as possible for the needs of loved ones and make this time really special for us.


We divided our trip into four parts: 1 week - holidays, 2 weeks - work, 3 weeks - holidays, 4 weeks - work. On working days, each of us will deal with children exclusively for 4 hours in a foreign city. I am very curious how it will turn out in the wash. I'm already looking for nearby playgrounds, delicious kid-friendly restaurants and cool places to walk.


4. Language


In Italian, I only say "cappuccino", "latte macchiato" and "ciao bella" - that's the name of a pizzeria near our house! In the car, I started listening to "Blondes in Tongues" and I wonder how I will be doing in Italy on a daily basis. When I went to study in Paris, although I was going to an English-speaking university, I studied French for 2 months before leaving, and I could even buy a bus ticket or ask for directions. It comforts me that apparently Italians, although they don't speak English, are gesturing beautifully.


5. Company matters


In our company, we focus on relationships. Our employees have been with us for many years, and the rotation is at a minimum level. Although I have been planning the entire trip for several months, I am sure I am afraid of this test that our team will face. We are in constant contact every day, we see each other almost every day and we support each other. During the trip, we will of course also be available by phone and e-mail. I trust them and sincerely hope that we will be able to work 1 month online. Technically, we think we are prepared - 2 x laptop, SD cards, additional camera batteries, Dropbox cloud, commercial VPN license (anticipating questions ExpressVPN) and things like this 😉


I am certainly afraid of deeply lost opportunities somewhere, although I adhere to the philosophy that every lost opportunity is really a new opportunity.



Thank you for being here with me on my adventure and giving me courage.


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  • Anonymous

    Italy is so beautiful! I haven't been able to visit this country yet, but if there is an opportunity I will definitely go to Bari! It's a great place where you can both enjoy hot water and walk a lot 🙂

  • Catherine Ewa Węgierska



  • Aleksandra M.

    Aga this time will definitely pass in a blink of an eye and all your fears will turn into the greatest happiness 🙂 Be sure to describe this capsule wardrobe, I'm very curious and of course a wonderful and successful trip :))

  • Małgorzata Niemczyk

    Aga, I'm sure you won't even have time to know when this month has passed wydaw Now it may seem very long, but time flies really fast 🙂

  • Joanna Ratuszniak

    In Italy, Poles are treated well, I think that communication will not be a problem either, I admire the courage and realization of dreams, I wish this experience would bring positive effects and great memories for the future

  • Agnieszka Łuczak

    Ah, Aga is courage :))) Great idea. I wish you a successful journey in your life ... Certainly there will be something to remember. I keep my fingers crossed that everything will work out.