Today I can appreciate ...

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I can't enjoy all my failures or difficulties, but I can appreciate them ...

If I had perfect conditions for growing up, I probably wouldn't have such motivation to work.
I wouldn't start my own business at 22 and start living my life to the full.

If I went to high school in this very expensive language course, I probably would not enroll in a full-time course at university and would not win a business plan competition, thanks to which I could develop my first business.

If I got to the pharmacy, I probably wouldn't go to Paris to exchange students.

If I did not have to earn my living in Paris, I would not become an Au Pair and meet my Madame Chic. I wouldn't learn that the boss is always right and that little things like embroidery on a towel can make a day better.

If it wasn't for our family's disease, we probably wouldn't change our approach to health.

If I didn't lose my friends, I probably wouldn't appreciate the ones I have now.

If my boyfriend hadn't canceled his date that day, I wouldn't have gone to the cinema with my friends and I wouldn't have met my husband ...

If I ...

These are not the cases. These are signs from Heaven that in every situation, even the most unfair and difficult, good can be found. Although it often seems impossible to us, it is enough to look at everything from a distance, which is sometimes expressed in distance and sometimes elapsed time.

And you can appreciate?

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  • 21.11.2015

    Beautiful text! He reminded me of one of the wise thoughts I read in "Ikhakim" by Jacek Walkiewicz "No one knows the whole picture". What seems to us a great misfortune today may turn out to be good for us. And in time, the situation may change again. Therefore, it is better to distance yourself from assessing certain situations.

    Although there are situations when it is not easy to find such if ...

    • 21.11.2015

      I know, dear, that's why I'm no longer looking for "if", but I believe deeply that as you wrote it beautifully, "Nobody knows the whole picture" and faith in goodness, love and positive thinking keeps me. I did not know this quote, I will remember it forever. Thank you.

  • Eng

    You're right, it's time to start to appreciate what you have and see failure as a destiny, of course, everything with your head ...; )


    Everyone should do something like "if I"! The world is more beautiful immediately. I also sometimes disagree with something that is going on in life, but I always think immediately that maybe it's for something. And very often it is ...

    • 20.11.2015

      Exactly! I have the same 🙂