Tula or mei-tai ergonomic carrier from Pathi?

Tula mei-tai Pathi comparison

I recently told you our history of shaping, wearing and tying. I got a lot of messages from you that it's nice that at last something other than the ubiquitous Tula appeared on blogs and Instagram and questions about how our mei-tai compares to Tula, which appeared in our last photos. Here is our review and comparison of both products.

Both slings are intended for children who are already sitting on their own (previously, with a hand on their heart, I can only recommend a scarf - woven or elastic, which is easier to use at the beginning) and:

  • have a wide panel between the legs, from the knee to the child's knee, and this is what makes them different from the still very popular "hangers", in which the child, without adequate support for the spine, literally hangs on the crotch, about 10-14 cm wide on the panel, which absolutely does not ensure healthy carrying of the child,
  • children are carried in front of their parents (on the front or on the back), because only in this way do we provide the child with a healthy and safe position,
  • they are soft - between the legs and on the entire back, thanks to which the child's spine has the best support and can maintain the correct curve for the seated child,
  • They come in many colors, on the one hand, mei-tai from Pathi can be sewn according to our idea, and even from the fabrics we sent, but the Tula sling comes in so many fantastic colors that everyone will surely find something for themselves.

So what are the differences?


  • mei-tai from Pathi has a gently stiffened headrest sewn in, which prevents excessive tilting of the child's head back, there is a possibility of putting on a detachable hood, which is especially useful when carrying a child on the back,
  • Tula baby carrier does not have a headrest, but a hood is included in the set.

Waist belt

  • mei-tai from Pathi, the waist belt is the same width as the entire length
  • in the Tula ergonomic carrier, the waist belt is much more massive, which makes it more comfortable and we both had the impression that thanks to it we felt a slightly lower weight of the child.

Binding closing which is the most important difference

  • the mei-tai of Pathi has no clasps and buckles, only long straps which are tied around the wearer; our favorite baby binding at the front:
    • We tie two lap belts around the waist
    • we put the child on the waist
    • we put the baby carrier panel on the back of the child, while holding the child all the time, we put the shoulder straps crosswise on the back, then we put it forward under the child's knees, where we cross under the bottom and finally tie the back to a knot,
  • the Tula carrier has shorter straps with buckles (with very ingenious rubber bands that keep the straps rolled up into rolls - a revelation!); our favorite front sling attachment:
    • fasten the hip belt with buckles (possible adjustment)
    • we put the child on the waist
    • we put the panel of the carrier on the child's back, while holding the child, we put the harness on the shoulders - as if we were putting the backpack on the front instead of on the back
    • we fasten the buckle connecting the two arms of the carrier on the neck so that they do not fall off our shoulders while wearing them - unfortunately, both Wojtek and I have a problem with fastening the fastener ourselves low enough so that it does not stick to the neck and as far as I can do it, Wojtek unfortunately always needs help from another person
    • at the end we can tighten the shoulder straps if we need them (Wojtek often had a problem that the straps were too short if I had worn Santa before).

Price - unfortunately it is also important



If I had to choose only one carrier and only for myself, I would have a difficult choice.

Tula beautiful and fashionable, with buckles perfectly matched to me, probably a bit faster to put on, and I love all the improvements, but with us, however, we wear both Santa Claus, and each time adjusting the length of the straps and pulling the buckles according to the wearer turned out to be quite time-consuming and usually required a few tweaks while wearing it. In this way, after returning the borrowed Tula, we stayed with our equally nice mei-tai, which we sewed in the theme of Santa's room. But if I had to order mei-tai again, I would consider ordering it with a more massive waist belt.

Pathi also sews soft ergonomic slings with buckles for the price from 250 PLN, but unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to try them yet, so I can't recommend it, but I think it's worth considering this option.

And what are your experiences and thoughts regarding the slings?

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