Minimalism every day

minimalism every day

I have decided! By the end of the year, I plan to "redecorate" my space and ... start saving.

What is my main motivation to direct my thoughts to the tracks of minimalism? Looking at the bank statement, I came to the conclusion that I was working too hard to spend so much. After looking through the list of payments, I started to wonder what I bought and do I really need it all?

I gave myself a month to analyze the situation. From 1st to 1st. From paycheck to paycheck - although we operate, we make a regular payment ourselves. I watched purchasing processes and decisions. In addition to buying out of need, which I will not elaborate on today, I managed to stand out 7 worrying buying situations.

1. Shopping on impulse

Have you ever wondered if you buy too often on impulse? A beautiful photo on Instagram with a link to the store, and you already feel that you cannot live without this nail polish. Or you don't feel anything, you act instinctively, you enter, put into the basket, pay. In a moment you do not remember what you bought, and only the courier's visit reminds you of it. Sounds familiar? And on the account minus PLN 45 for paint and shipping costs.

2. Purchases after receiving the Newsletter

Free shipping today. It is a pity not to take advantage of it, you come in to see what is interesting. It is a pity not to buy anything. And if you buy two things - the third will be free. You gain so much! Minus PLN 150 on the account.

3. Shopping by the way

You buy pants, but you also add two blouses and a dress. Because it's cheaper together. Because if you're already here. You came for mascara, but this lip gloss shimmers so beautifully. And this promotion.

4. Purchases due to the right of return

You buy, give it back the most.

5. Shopping to try on at home

You buy, although you are not sure if it is worth it. You pay, take home, show your mother, partner, friend. How often do you give away?

6. Shopping for promotion

You will buy two items and you will receive a 20% discount, and you will get a third 30% discount. So much good. It doesn't matter that summer is over, it will be as good as it is next year.

7. Shopping for walks

For a Sunday walk you go to the gallery, it is raining, and it's nice for your child to ride a cross-country bike. And new needs are constantly being created in your head, bargain offers are fighting for you. You never leave empty-handed. You arrange similar walks in… online stores.


After analyzing my purchasing decisions, I came to the conclusion that very often the entire purchasing process is on my mind. That it is not the needs that lead to purchases, and the purchases create the needs that are not always true.

So I decided to plan the changes and implement them:

1. Unsubscribe from all store newsletters - well, almost all of them, because, for example, I do shopping in Sephora only when there is a -20% promotion.

2. Rubble the house that is, look at every room in the house and eliminate those things that I do not use for various reasons, I do not need, and they do not have too much sentimental or decorating value.

3. Fix the buying mechanismthat it is initiated by real needs and not situations. Make a list of the things I really need and not buy anything that is not on this list.

And all this in order to buy less, save more and work less.

Don't worry, I'm not going to throw away all souvenirs and documents, leaving only photos of them (or not), or fit everything in an area of ​​10 square meters. But I want to buy less and buy smarter, focus on quality rather than quantity, consciously read my own needs and satisfy them (or not).

In the next post, I will show you how I dealt with my dressing table and all the cosmetics in it. Be sure to let me know if you like the new series of posts. Or would you like to join me in my challenge?

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