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Ever since I can remember, I love to paint. If I were to take only one cosmetic with me on vacation, I would be wondering whether to choose a foundation or mascara. I even covered my lashes until I was born! Such a small change, an underlined eye, and I immediately feel more feminine!

I have been painting myself for over 10 years and during this time I managed to test a lot of colored cosmetics in various price ranges. Today I will share with you my list of proven cosmetics that I use every day, the more valuable that each of them you can buy for less than PLN 50!

I must point out that these cosmetics perfectly match my complexion. Nevertheless, I think that each of them is worth testing!

Get Ready!


1. Make-up base Gosh, Velvet Touch Line Perfector filling mimic lines

The best gosh makeup base

My latest purchase! I haven't noticed the effect of filling mimic wrinkles, but the concealer under the eyes and foundation stay sensational! The base itself is wonderfully applied, it is in a plastic jar, so each time I download exactly as much product as I need. I use for great exits.

I bought at the Hebe drugstore at a promotional price below 50,00 PLN, the regular price is 59,99 PLN.


2. Revlon Revlon Colorstay backing 

the best revlon colorstay foundation

My favorite color: 180 SAND BEIGE

There are two versions of this product: combination skin for dry skin and combination skin for oily skin - I choose the latter. A large selection of colors, quite strong coverage, which is what I need, it spreads easily and is really quite durable. Together with the Gosh base, they make a great duo. Since I have been using it, many people have asked me what a great foundation I have on my face. I get the strongest coverage by applying it with a sponge, which I buy separately. The only drawback I notice in everyday use is the lack of a pump. However, its positive aspects completely compensate me.

I usually buy foundation at Gemini Pharmacy - for stock, at a promotional price of PLN 25,99, while the regular price is PLN 69,90.


3. Rimmel Stay Matte powder

best rimmel saty matte foundation

My favorite color: 005 SILKY BEIGE

Perfect make-up finish, goes well with the above products, fixes the foundation and gives it a beautiful, satin, matte look. I apply with a brush.

I usually buy at Rossmann, at the regular price of PLN 25,99, in the promotion you can hunt for a few zlotys less.


4. Bourjois Paris blush 

the most beautiful Bourjois blush

My favorite color: 15 Radiant Rose

A baked wonder that holds up well and probably never ends! The blush is so delicate that it is perfect for beginners who use a cosmetic of the type of roses (so as not to hurt themselves), it is ideally applied in layers, therefore it will also be perfect for those who are in makeup. I bought it once and it doesn't seem like I would have to buy another one yet!

You can buy it at Rossmann at a regular price of about PLN 50,00, and in the promotion I bought it for just over PLN 30,00.


5. INGLOT magnetic shadows 

best inglot magnetic eye shadows

My favorite colors: 483 navy blue, 319 powder pink, 347 panty pink, 386 peach, 344 light brown, 378 dark brown, 373 white, 352 nude, 375 purple

Everyone knows these shadows! I love the pigmentation and durability, and the fact that I can buy separately and create a palette of my favorite colors. I do not like the fact that they changed the shape of the shadows from circles to squares, so that the new shadows do not match the cassettes I already have and I have to buy new ones - luckily only cassettes, because round shadows match the new square shapes. Nevertheless, I will remain faithful to them.

Price: around PLN 15,00 per item.





I love rubber brushes, thanks to them I can perfectly mascara, separate and thicken eyelashes that form a beautiful fan. This brush is unique because it is additionally arched, which allows you to wonderfully curl the eyelashes, including those in the corners of the eye. If you've never used a rubber brush, getting started can be difficult, but once you get into practice, you can get a beautiful effect. In addition, it has a large capacity and stays fresh for a long time (this is why, after many years, I gave up on my favorite Telescopic from L'Oreal, which happened to be stale several times since the first use). It does not smudge, does not leave lumps, and the eyelashes remain flexible. It can absolutely compete with those from a much higher price range and usually it wins this competition.

I usually buy at Rossmann drugstores in promotions, although I also buy at a regular price of around PLN 35,00, which is absolutely decent.

The finished make-up looks like this - a photo straight from the camera, not developed in any digital darkroom, untouched by any graphic program:

Agnieszka from under the blanket

How do I save when buying these cosmetics? Why don't I usually spend more than PLN 50 on them?

I buy my favorite, proven cosmetics "in advance". So despite the fact that I am only halfway through the bottle of foundation and the product is on sale at the moment - I am buying it. If possible, I pay attention to its expiry date, but I have never had a problem with that.

I am not the type of person who visits shopping centers several times a week, so I do not follow promotions in individual stores. However, I am up to date thanks to:

SEPHORA Black card - i.e. the loyalty card, thanks to which I receive SMS notifications about current promotions. Thanks to this, I know that in Sephora I am entitled to a 20% discount on the entire range until June 28, 2015 - just show your card and text message at the checkout! These -20% promotions are cyclical for regular customers, which is why we wait for the next edition of this promotion with every major purchase. It was thanks to her that my husband could save a lot by buying his dream Clarisonic brush! I will prepare a review for you soon.

Website with coupons - thanks to her, I am up to date with promotions in online drugstores such as Douglas or Sephora. The advantage of the promotion in the online store over the one in the stationary store is that in the stationary, the most popular shades of foundations disappear on the first day, there is no such problem via the Internet. I also use this page for other purchases, that's how I learned that for subscribing to the H&M store newsletter we will get a 25% coupon for one product! I printed the coupon and threw it into my purse - it will definitely be useful for a larger purchase! Same as the -10% to the C&A store - they have great clothes for children. I saved similar coupons to online stores: -15% for the DeeZee store and -10% for the Mosquito store. They will definitely be useful!

newsletters - I receive the store's newsletter Rossmann and I know exactly when to go for a walk in its vicinity and do some grocery shopping.

And what are your favorite cosmetics? And ways to save?

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  • Lowelied

    The blush is flawless !! And often in the promotion 🙂 There are so many shades of this pink that I think I have 3 that suit me 🙂

  • kasinn

    This mascara is great! Recently, I did permanent makeup in Biotekpolska and eyebrows are now perfect 🙂

  • 13.02.2016

    Revlon Colorstay is the best <3 I am pale I use the shade 150 buff, it has been perfect for me for two years. And now news 🙂 I'm buying it on Ezebra for 24,90! Always fresh, 100% original. I bought it only once in Mintishop, but it was somehow thickened, so I do not recommend it.

  • 12.02.2016

    I had a full-blown professional until delivery 😀
    I woke up in the morning and I knew it was that day - I did my make-up, shaved myself EVERYWHERE and washed off my nail polish [because I once heard in a movie that if my nails turn brown during or just after childbirth, it means something bad and as doctors see it, they can react quickly 😛]
    I went to the delivery room and SN gave birth to Cornelia in several minutes - practically painless! 🙂

    a good approach to the topic is half a success 🙂
    [and I gave birth for the first time in my life so that it wasn't; P]

    • 22.08.2016

      o mother - childbirth A DREAM 😀 probably every woman envies you, I am very happy that there are also nice birth stories 🙂

  • 19.01.2016

    Cool! Several of these products once fell into my hand.

  • 28.06.2015

    I didn't know half! And this mascara 🙂
    Ps. You're beautiful :))

  • 23.06.2015

    I use this foundation already good 6lat, before I always changed and I was never completely satisfied with it, this one meets all my requirements. The only minus I noted during this time is also the lack of a pump, but when painting with a brush I have no major problems with it.

    • 22.08.2016

      I agree in 100%. It is second to none, it would probably be too good with a pump 😉

  • Kasia

    I can see that you use similar cosmetics. I also recently gave birth and mascara eyelashes had to be :-) I recommend you Revlon colorstay eye concealer, because it covers nicely like rossman foundation and wibo quattro eyeshadow shadows. Incredibly low price, and they hold sensational on the eyelid. There is also a cool Diamond Illuminator with vibro.

    • 31.08.2015

      Thank you! I don't have any highlighter so I'll be tempted! And I have Revlon concealer, but somehow I rarely use it ...

  • 22.06.2015

    I think I'm tempted by this mascara. I am still looking for the ideal and your eyelashes constantly amaze me 🙂