My bike - review

At the film festival in Gdynia, I did not manage to see the "My Bike" proposal, which was so recommended in the cinema corridors.

I've been seeing the trailer of this movie for a few weeks, and last year I went to the cinema.

I will not write about a fantastic acting game, because such a cast was its guarantee, but the film did not show me much more than what is presented in a short commercial.

I left slightly disappointed, unlike my friends, who liked the movie very much, but maybe it's because I prefer faster action in the movies?

My opinion - worth seeing


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  • 24.12.2012

    hmm, I also saw the announcements ... but somehow I don't really want to watch ...

  • 21.12.2012

    I liked it and very much. He was talking about obvious things but in a cool way. Maybe banality. Maybe the action is slow, lethargic but for me it moves something that man pushes back into the background, for tomorrow, for later. We do not always feel like time, time or simply do not know how to do it to straighten our relationships with parents.
    We do not always have the opportunity to look at it through the eyes of our parents, because we lack communication not on the level of "what's up" but on deeper relationships, explanations of old traumas.
    If this film forced someone to look into just such family relationships a little differently, I think it's already a great success of the film.
    Roles played great. Divine music. Waiting for a CD with the .Patti soundtrack