How to choose a feeding chair?

feeding chair
I spend the last days before the birth of Mikołaj reading all sorts of books on issues related to raising children. Although there are many schools, and none of them suits me 100%, being aware that life will verify everything in its own way, it confirmed my belief that I need a comfortable, secluded place to feed. And most importantly - comfortable - since for the next few weeks, and maybe even months, we will spend in it quickly, counting at least 4 hours a day (feeding every 2,5-3 hours x duration at least 30 minutes). So it cannot be an uncomfortable sofa, chair or bed, on which I personally find it difficult to find a comfortable position to sit. So I started looking for the perfect feeding chair.


PS This post was written in preparation for the birth of my first son, today I am a double mother and you will find my newest feeding corner here.


 1. Convenience
A feeding chair must be above all convenient. Convenience convenience and once again convenience. Nice how he would rock to be able to to sway with Baby, and tilting the chair forward comfortably getting up. Yes, getting up with 3-10kg on your hand must be comfortable. It is also important that he have armrestsso that your hands will not go numb from holding your baby in the air for so long. Ideally, as if they were upholstered with a soft material, so that it is not necessary to always look for and put a pillow under the elbow. I also consider it very important head support.


2. Design

I do not like to buy things that will be useful only for a short period of time, so ideally, like a feeding chair after completing its important role could stand in another room in our home and act as a rest. That's why it should be pretty.


3. Price

An attractive price usually does not go hand in hand with comfort, quality or design, and ultimately has a huge impact on our decisions.
Here is my review of the feeding chairs:


Feeding chair IKEA POÄNG PELLO Rocking chair VIBY cream adjustment


Childhome floating gray armchair, Hauck Metal Glider Rocking nursing chair with footrest, HUNDSLUND armchair with footrest black


Rafał Klupś feeding chair, wicker rocking chair, hanging chair
1. FINNTORP / DJUPVIK, Ikea, 319 PLN, Rattan, white armchair, (price with a pillow)
Certainly fits perfectly into most children's rooms. As for a rattan armchair, it turned out to be surprisingly comfortable, but for comfortable use I would always have to have a blanket and a pillow under it. When a child grows up, I'd love to see him on my balcony or garden. Unfortunately, it does not provide support for the head or swing.
2. EKTORP JENNYLUND, Ikea, 699 PLN, Upholstered armchair available in 7 colors
Upholstered armrests and a comfortable backrest will provide adequate support for the back and hands, and when a child grows up, he'll be great in our bedroom by creating an intimate reading corner. There will probably be a place for it in more than one salon. An additional advantage is the removable upholstery, which can be conveniently washed. Unfortunately, it does not provide head support and does not swing.
3. STRANDMON, Ikea, 899 PLN, Upholstered armchair available in orange, gray and navy blue
Upholstered armrests, high backs for comfortable head support and great design make this armchair one of my favorites. I will gladly use it in the living room or bedroom, I think that it will perfectly fit into any interior. The downside is the lack of a rocking function.
 4. Rocking chair, Pinio, 629 PLN, available in white or pearl and 5. Rocking chair rocking chair white, Bellamy, 555 PLN, available in 3 colors: white, wenge and warm cream
Made of solid wood painted in one of the available colors. It fits perfectly into idyllic, Scandinavian or Provencal rooms, being their beautiful decoration. The rocking chair will let you rock the Roo, and will awaken childhood memories in many of us. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem comfortable enough to sit at least 4 an hour a day. Using it I would need the assistance of a blanket under the back and pillows under the elbow. Certainly works great if we have an alternative place to feed your baby.
 6. Eames Rocking Chair, PLN 225, 
Visually, it is the perfect armchair for me, adding rocking to it, unfortunately, is the end of its advantages. It will not provide us with adequate support for the back, head or elbows. After all, I dream that one day it will replace a feeding chair and will be a great toy for my children, as well as a decoration of their room.
7. POÄNG, Ikea, 449 PLN
Upholstered armchair that provides great support for our back and head, sufficient for the elbows, because here a pillow would be needed for full comfort, while the armchair is so wide that there is certainly enough space for it. It's rocking perfectly - not too much. Its color can be matched to our interior by choosing from 3 frame colors (brown, black-brown, birch) and several fabric colors. As for me, the model is a bit old-fashioned. Despite this, in my eyes a strong favorite of this list.
8.  PELLO, Ikea, 119 PLN
A poorer version of the armchair POÄNG. It doesn't rock too much, you can't change the color of the frame or upholstery, but it's still very comfortable. For this price - it's on my favorites list.
9. VIBY rocking chair adjustable / cream, JYSK, PLN 399, often at a promotional price of PLN 250
The rocking chair is very similar to one of my favorites, i.e. the POÄNG model, available at a promotional price almost half the price, and also with a comfortable footrest. Unfortunately, you cannot choose the color of the frame or the upholstery. Not for me.
10. Metal Glider Feeding Armchair, Hauck, PLN 1189
I probably would never have found this product myself. Checked and recommended by a friend who assures me that if she and her whole family lived in only one room, she would definitely find a place in it for this piece of furniture. Apparently, all friends who visit her and sit in an armchair are delighted, and many of them buy the same. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to sit in it, but apparently it is convenient. Of course, it provides perfect support for the back, head, arms and legs, the leather-like upholstery is very easy to clean, and the chair swings and turns. Unfortunately for me, its huge disadvantages are price and appearance. I would be reluctant to use it after the end of the feeding period, because I just don't like it at all. After all, due to the fact that in the category of convenience he collected all possible points, I add him to my list of favorites.
11. HUNDSLUND armchair with footstool black, Jysk, 699 PLN, often at a promotional price of 550 PLN
The armchair reminds me of one of my favorites - the Metal Glider model, only at a much lower price, which of course comes with less functionality. Unfortunately, it does not convince me.
Another product dedicated and created for feeding a small child, combines the function of swinging, swinging and swinging. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to sit on it, and quite a retired style and high price do not convince me. For now, because I'd love to try it out.
Another curiosity among the chairs designed especially for children's rooms.
I associate such a chair with a feeding chair the most. High backrest in many models high enough to provide head support. Rocking, of course, and what! Unfortunately for me too strong. Although I know that I will not fall over, I do not feel safe in it. It is quite narrow so we have little space to put a pillow under the elbow. It takes a lot of space in the room, but it has a great price. I'm sure it's a well-deserved favorite for many parents. Unfortunately not mine.

Hanging chairs are gaining more and more hearts, they can be hung from the ceiling or on special stands. Available in many versions, I like the rattan ones the most at auctions can be found at attractive prices. Such an armchair will definitely stay in the children's room much longer than during feeding. Once immersed in the cushions, it is very comfortable, unfortunately, climbing on it and going down with the child on your hands is very demanding. That's why he wasn't on my list of favorites.


Long list, difficult choice. And in the next post in which I will show you how I arranged a room for our little son, you will see how our new purchase looks like. Also read about it how to arrange the perfect feeding corner.

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  • 26.10.2018

    From my experience, I can say that it is great to feed a child on a suspended armchair. It works like a swing, it is for my parents. For example, an older armchair is mounted on jute ropes, with swing clamps (available at various accessory stores) and voila. Only someone clever has to mount it to the ceiling to be safe for the mother and the baby. And how beautifully a toddler calms down ...

  • Aneta Jasińska

    I bought a Poang IKEA armchair (No. 7 from the list above) and after 2 months of use I sincerely advise against.
    When feeding, the baby should lie flat on the pillow, so as not to roll over on the mother. Unfortunately, with such a sloping seat it is impossible. The result: I am forced to use additional 3 cushions, which straighten me and the child against the ground, but ruin all the other advantages of this chair (armrests, cross support, high back).
    Bottom line: Poang is very suitable for relaxing, feeding at all.
    Look for a chair with a horizontal seat!

    • San

      I agree! I bought it too and hated it a few times. When I get into my second pregnancy I will look for a new one with a vertical back to the ground, and not so tilted back because with Poang I was still leaning forward to the child myself because the back was too far for me. But now we are in the salon, so the purchase was not wasted 😉

  • Agnieszka Grabowska

    My thoughts after feeding: the chair should have, above all, a straight back. Armchairs that are used for relaxation are not suitable for feeding because they lack support for the back. When feeding, you need to lean slightly forward, even when the baby lies on a feeding pillow.

  • Iwona eM

    Ikea armchairs are not suitable for feeding, too deep - I had a massacre. In IKEA I tried numbers 7 and 8 are too low, you cannot get up without using your hands, and how to do it when you have your toddler in your arms? 1 I was feeding Ikea at my friend's and it's a tragedy - the armchair spends so much chalasu that the child wakes up with every small movement. No. 6 is the best solution, I have used it several times in the shopping center and it is perfect. You can rest comfortably, not too high a seat, it's great that you can rest your elbows and it is easier to hold the child, you can also rock a little. I want to buy something like that because, fortunately, I got rid of the armchair….

    • 07.09.2017

      And I feed the second child on armchair No. 3 from Ikea and I love it, there is no more comfortable one for me, although there is a second earhook in the bedroom, I choose this one. And I have armchair No. 6 in the living room and maybe it's okay to sit down and feed while shopping, but in the long run it is not suitable for feeding at all - no support for the arms, head, it is uncomfortable to sit on such plastic for longer, and the plastic armrest it puts pressure on the hand in the long run - I do not recommend it, although as a piece of furniture to sit down or sometimes to play with the child, it's nice.

  • 15.02.2016

    It would seem so simple, you like it you take. I was dreaming of such an ear from Ikea as you have in the picture, but it was too big for my corner and I was falling into it that it was hard to get up with my tummy and what to say with the baby 🙂

    • 07.09.2017

      and I am feeding the second baby in my ear and I get up much easier with my baby than with my tummy 🙂

  • 09.05.2015

    This suspended one is great and I think that not only for feeding, but also for ordinary relaxation - perfect.
    A lovely Owl pillow. In London they have a lot here and everything that has an owl theme :)
    I greet you

    And in my free time, I invite you to me - without any pressure just like that ...

  • Anonymous

    from practice I will say that it must be based on the head and neck, I have no 1 ikea myself and I do not recommend it, now when I am pregnant I am looking for something more comfortable where I can freely resist

    • 07.09.2017

      exactly - shoulders, head, neck, it all needs support. With us, earhook no. 3 is perfect for the second toddler.

  • Anonymous

    Ikea did not work for low seats - a nightmare with getting up. On the other hand, hanging approx.

  • 12.10.2014

    pillow with beautiful owl

  • 07.10.2014

    if it wasn't for me, I would choose the suspended one!

  • 02.10.2014

    If I had to choose a chair, I would definitely choose one of the "soft" options. Convenience while feeding is of great importance, I know something about it and it only seems that choosing a feeding chair is such a trivial matter, and in fact, in order to choose well, you have to consider many solutions.

  • 27.09.2014

    These rocking chairs are great and the hammock chair stole my heart!

  • 25.09.2014

    3 and 10 positions have fallen into my male eye, but what can I know about the feeding chair there;) I think every mother should choose herself, because it is for her and the child, and in this case daddy should come down to the role of a payment card: D

  • 22.09.2014

    I will tell you from experience (I have two sons - I breastfed both of them) that the rocking chair is not as comfortable as it might seem. Contrary to appearances, sometimes you have to get up with your baby at your breast (when you forget to drink, eat, wipe something, bra pads, newspapers, books and a million other things, and there is no one around to give it to you) and getting up from a rocking chair with such aggregate is not entirely pleasant. For me, the key thing was that the armchair should either have a wide backrest on which all the utensils mentioned above would rest, or that there was a table top / table next to it, on which to put it 🙂

  • 22.09.2014

    Lovely owl pillow, where did you buy one?

  • 20.09.2014

    I can only tell you about 3 - STRANDMON, I do not know what armchair you need for feeding, but this armchair, apart from its design, has, in my opinion, quite an adequate price to quality ratio. It is very convenient for me and my friends. In my opinion, it relaxes the spine and allows you to rest on it. I don't know how to sit on it with a child.

  • 20.09.2014

    I like the 3 number from Ikea 🙂