When there is no time for anything ...

February is a very important month in the life of our family. The changes have the fact that they take up a lot of time and steal it from all other areas of our lives.

Fortunately, we know well that change is good. They carry a lot of energy that is worth and even needs to be used for positive actions, changes raise the bar and give life a kick.

Yes, I am tired. Yes, I don't have time for my family, not to mention sleep and rest. But instead of worrying, I try to take advantage of every moment and do as many things as possible together. And so, when the child is asleep, I turn the furniture with Wojtek, and then he looks for photos for my presentation. We try to avoid divisions as much as possible - I take care of the child and you go to the bank, we only plan a trip to the bank together, we take a short walk along the way and time passes together.

Do you know what is the coolest in family businesses? That everything pleases double, and even triple or quadruple. That every success tastes better and failure is easier to swallow. Just. You look at Him and you know that something good will come of it, because failures do not exist. You look at Him and you know it. The fact that working after 12h daily does not necessarily mean that you see your husband once every few days, although sometimes it is unfortunately. The fact that working until late at night does not mean remorse that you neglect your partner, because if you share your responsibilities equally, he is sitting next to you. The fact that you do not end common topics, although I believe that it would be like that without it. Having mutual friends at home and at work further strengthens your bond. The fact that your private and professional life smoothly penetrates and although it has some drawbacks, I love our life.

I often hear that you would go crazy spending so much time together, but I think that as long as you don't try, it only seems so to you.

And how are you? Do you work, work or maybe you want to work together? Are you thinking about a family business? I highly recommend it from the heart.

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