Garland with stars for a child's room - DIY or do it yourself

A dozen zlotys for small purchases and two episodes of the series. That's all you need to make a beautiful decoration for a children's room.

What you must have

  • star-shaped template
  • 3 felt sheets
  • mouline threads
  • needle
  • scissors
  • pen.

And to work!

1. I found a drawing of a star on the Internet, printed it and cut out a template



2. I drew the template many times on felt sheets



3. I cut out the stars


4. I sewed two stars together, sewing them around with mouline, and put the filling inside (I used an insert from an old pillow)



5. I connected the stitched stars with a cross stitch.

6. I hung up - and the beautiful decoration is ready! And most importantly, I put a lot of my heart into it, and such accessories are the most enjoyable!



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  • Hanna Małysz

    Good morning 🙂 Could I ask for the size of the letter above the bed (along with its thickness), and what size are the stars? 🙂 I fell in love with this decoration and I would love to do something similar with my son in the room 🙂 Thank you in advance and best regards !! 🙂

    • 08.05.2017

      Please - it's birch plywood, height about 42 cm, thickness 12 mm 🙂

  • Paula

    What thickness of felt did you use? Because I see on the website that they are very different and I do not know what to choose, so that it is not too thin or too thick 🙂

    • 16.01.2017

      I bought it in haberdashery, it was in sheets and the thinnest they had. They actually had two kinds - one very stiff and thick, the other thin and soft - this is the other.

  • Dana Kavala

    Agnieszka, where did you buy these yellow curtains or material for them?

  • Life and chill

    Great, maybe I will use this idea in decorating my child's interior 🙂

  • 14.10.2015

    beautiful :) I'm enchanted with them 🙂 So simple, but they contribute so much :)

  • Magdalena Wieniawska

    Let me start with the fact that I have been following your blog Agnieszka for a long time…. when I have time… almost every day. It is an amazing inspiration for me, a cure for a bad day, and for the most part - a reflection of my personal life. I have never written any comments (because I just don't like it) but I decided to leave a few words of appreciation because I am really impressed with what you created "here". Often I take a lot from this blog for myself, almost all the topics discussed interest me and are a good read, which starts or ends my day :) also sincerely, wholeheartedly congratulations, admire and ... keep on going :) You have a great family :) and I admire you know for what? mainly because more than one woman with so many responsibilities would not cope with it like you… and most importantly…. not with such a beautiful effect :) CONGRATULATIONS !!! :) That's it :) greetings Ciepło from Wrocław. Magda

    Ps. If I may ask. ... the door in the flat of what company do you have? Because I like them very much and I'm looking for something like that? :)

    • 12.10.2015

      Magdo, you don't even know how much pleasure your comment gave me. I am very happy and thank You even more for Your words. I smile thanks to them all day 🙂 Nothing motivates me more than people like you and words like yours, so thank you once again.
      PS We have a door from PORTA 🙂

  • cosmomama

    Beautiful! Sometimes it takes so little, and the sensational effect 🙂

  • 07.10.2015

    Beautiful, I like it like this <3 I will probably give up such decorations because of the dust, because I am allergic myself, but I like them very much.

    • 07.10.2015

      Oh, I understand and that's why I don't have pompoms, which I like so much, but I couldn't let go of the stars anymore 😉 I'll sew clouds for a change, when the stars wash - we don't like dust either.

  • Natalia

    Simple, fast and effective, which is perfect for everyone I have 🙂