Glossybox - special edition - Say yes

Glossybox Say Yes
I said "yes" for the first time over 3 years ago, and the second time in early October. Fortunately, the same person twice.
On a slightly different occasion, but I had the pleasure to receive and test the well-known Glossybox from the special edition - wedding - "Say Yes".

It's obvious that I love receiving gifts, especially when they are surprises. Here's what was in my wedding Glossybox.

1. Illuminating body lotion
The particles are very delicate but effective, and the balm is great for moisturizing. It also has a very intense and specific, slightly warming scent - I am always afraid how it will blend in with perfumes, so for me it was perfect for warm summer days when I gave up using perfume.
2. 2w1 lipstick and lip gloss
Very good color, although the lipstick is quite brown, with lip gloss they give a great, very natural effect. At my wedding, I had it in my purse. And how beautiful it smells!
And it's a mirror - you can discreetly check if the lipstick has not been left on, for example, on your teeth
3. Make-up sponges
I didn't know that sponges can be that great! These are sensational, I'm slowly finishing this packaging and already looking around where it would be best for me to buy more. They spread the foundation very well, are quite compact, so they do not absorb the entire foundation into themselves, they also work well when applying a brightening concealer under the eyes or covering for imperfections. As for me, together with lipstick they are the greatest success of this box.
4. Lip liner
The color of this crayon scared me and I must admit that I haven't tried them to this day.
5. Mascara
I love heavily mascaraed lashes and I don't manage to get that effect with it. I gave him two chances and ... it is at the bottom of a drawer.
6. Nail polish
Very delicate, pink color. Unfortunately, I was able to paint my nails with it only once, because despite its good storage it thickened terribly.
And what do you think about these little, mysterious boxes?
I am tempted to buy another one - this month we will find Kasia Tusk's favorite cosmetics in a classic box. It sounds inviting
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  • 29.10.2013

    Somehow I'm not convinced of boxes, but this one is cute!

  • 27.10.2013

    total average content, I think only balm would make me happy 😉

  • 26.10.2013

    So lipstick recommendable? Does it enter the natural color Dear? 🙂 Very cool HONEST review, great. Best wishes and welcome to me! 🙂

  • 26.10.2013

    I have a box Kasia is successful 🙂

  • Anonymous

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  • 23.10.2013

    I was tempted by these boxes but unfortunately I observe that I wouldn't use many cosmetics.

  • 23.10.2013

    As a rule, I prefer to buy cosmetics one at a time. Otherwise, too many are missed.

  • 23.10.2013

    Nice idea with this box of surprises;))
    Color and ribbon charming

  • 22.10.2013

    My lip gloss ends and it saddens me a lot, because with my aversion to this type of cosmetics, it worked very well!
    And I still use the mascara - maybe not perfect, but it's not bad either 🙂