Hallway metamorphosis in one afternoon

hallway metamorphosis

Although it will be 3 years in July, since we live in a new place, as always, we subscribe to the proverb that if you do not do something at home immediately, it is almost certain that you will not do it at all. And so it took 3 years for us to arrange and insulate our hall in one afternoon so that we would like to move the dining room table to it and if it could fit in, I would probably write today's post there.


This is how our hall looks like - although the door at its end is an external door, there is actually a vestibule behind it, but when choosing it, we wanted it to be warm and safe, and to let some light into the vestibule. At the end of the hall, there is also a recess, perfect for building in a spacious wardrobe, still undeveloped. Most of the jackets and shoes are kept in the vestibule to this day. But take it easy and we will manage to develop it, still in one afternoon.


You can't hide, the hall is just empty and cool.




The only thing that I really missed in this hall was a mirror in which I could see my whole figure. I only had the closest ones in the upstairs bedroom, so I practically never looked at it after putting on my scarf, coat or shoes. So it is probably the idea for the mirror that initiated the entire metamorphosis.



In order for the mirror not to look sad on such a large wall, I decided to also put on it shallow cabinets, thanks to which I will be able to better organize our family to go out.



I chose cabinets in which I can customize myself shelves height for current needs And in this way, we have "earned" shelves for sunglasses - it's the lowest one on the top left. Umbrellas, shoe care accessories and gloves will also find their place here.



choosing fronts I opted for the high gloss ones - they reflect light and act a bit like a mirror, thanks to which the narrow hall is not optically narrowed or crowded. We decided to give up the legs and hang them at the same height as the mirror, thanks to which our hall also gained lightness.



I decided to use the space above the cabinets photo gallery with the most important moments and people from our lives. There is not a single frame with a photo in our entire house, only a few decorate the window sills. So far, I have supplemented all the frames on the walls with posters, and I have kept my photos in albums. In fact, the unexpected departure of my Dad this winter made me wonder how to make sure that Grandpa would remain in the memory of Mikołaj, and I thought that such a wall gallery with photos, suspended in a central and everyday place in the house, would allow him to keep memories. The hallway seemed to me to be naturally one of the best zones to create such a gallery. I wanted to try it and so I decided to hang a collage of frames in all sizes and forms next to the mirror.

I knew that such a gallery full of frames in various sizes and forms is a real challenge. Here he came to help me template with ready unfolding of frameswhich I bought in accordance with the guidelines. We glued the template to the wall and with a punch, using a hammer, marked on the wall the places where the fixings to the frames should be placed - nails, pins or other inventions.


Initially, we decided to attach the frames to the wall with nails, but it turned out that it does not work with thick frames - our nails turned out to be too short to reach the fastening on a large frame and so we decided to replace them with pegs in some places. On the other hand, the pins also did not prove to be a universal solution - for some frames the screw head would be too big, so mix of nails and dowels worked best with us.



It was enough now hang the frames according to the schemeto enjoy the almost finished first wall of our new hall.



It was time to develop our niche. We used in it two spreader bars - one for hanging clothes, under which stood a rattan mini chestI couldn't find a suitable place anywhere before. Now it will perfectly accommodate our basic accessories or home slippers - yes, yes, we still wear slippers sometimes. We also hung in the recess a few hookswhich I can hang up, for example, handbags. Two hooks also found their place at the height of Mikołaj.



It hung on the second strut cover with a Moroccan pattern that covers the entire niche, while also serving as a decoration - here I used a curtain that once hung in the room at Mikołaj's.


At the end it turned out that the paper lamp started to annoy us and we hung here industrial lamp from our attic to complete this room. At the end, Wojtek invented a sidewalk that I once ordered online, but it didn't fit me anywhere, I just forgot to send it back. As you can see - nothing happens without a reason, because it fits perfectly here.




At the end of the day I ordered photos, I am waiting for the courier and as soon as it appears, I will show you the effect with our family photo gallery.

And how do you like this afternoon hallway metamorphosis?

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  • 08.06.2020

    Wow 🙂 Great idea! The hall looks much better 🙂

  • ania


  • 29.08.2019

    It's amazing that you only need a few properly selected accessories and the interior becomes expressive 🙂 a quick and simple way to liven up the hall - good job, congratulations 🙂

  • 21.01.2019

    You have a great style. I love bright interiors 😉

  • 17.12.2018

    I was surprised by the idea of ​​hanging photos, and exactly how you arranged their arrangement on the pages. Great idea! I also have to do that 🙂

  • 12.11.2018

    Wonderful interior, I made my apartment in a similar style, but a little more budget. The only thing I can stick to is the photos, a little white balance flew, but the house lady beautiful liczna

  • 09.10.2018

    It seems so simple, but it makes a difference! It looks great, I will definitely try something similar at home 🙂

  • Emilia

    Super metarmorphosis!
    I am at the stage of arranging from scratch and I am looking for such a shallow cabinet, hence my question - Where can I get one?

  • 27.09.2018

    True, temporary solutions stay with us for far too long 🙂 My temporary fence has been around for three years and it has changed only because I heard my husband planning to replace its parts with another "temporary" 🙂 Beautiful interior! Best regards.

  • 19.09.2018

    Very nicely decorated. 🙂

  • Ania

    Beautiful! I have a question about the door. What are the companies like?

  • 28.07.2018

    And this is the magic of additions. Just a few pictures and changing the interior beyond recognition 🙂

  • 27.04.2018

    It's beautiful! 🙂 you are right, I would not like to leave it and I could admire such work for a long time d Greetings!

  • How To Decorate A Small Apartment

    I like it very much! A great idea with a curtain :).

  • Małgosia

    wow! beautifully. It got cozy immediately 🙂 and can I know where the cabinet is from? 🙂

  • Anita

    Changing the room came out really great! Can you know where the rug was bought? 🙂

  • 14.07.2017

    My theory is this: you have more life at home, home takes on character 😉

  • Wioleks

    In fact, it was a good decision because for me, before the metamorphosis, the corridor looked like… hospital 🙂 and now it is much warmer. best regards

  • Ania

    Great change! 🙂
    Is it possible to know where the black wire lamp was purchased? I've been looking for one for a long time, but I haven't found the perfect one yet ... 🙂

  • kingastaszewska

    I have a question of a different nature;) your hall is so bright and visible is it the merit of filter / photo editing? I am asking because when I look at my own now it is some dark and the lighting is yellow; (I would like it to look like your photos. Metamorphosis is great!

  • 19.05.2017

    A very nice idea with these frames. Each of them is slightly different. Pictures, photos, graphics…. whatever he puts in them, they'll look good. Have you thought about putting on-color posters in them? Black and white + accent in the color of, for example, scarves, blouses in the following colors: red, yellow ... probably the most suitable olive green.

  • Papillon Children's Bedding

    A wonderful metamorphosis 😉

  • 08.05.2017

    A wonderful metamorphosis. I love to make furniture myself, give expression to interiors and breathe new life into old furniture. Your hall is a great inspiration. I cordially greet and invite you to yourself

    • 08.05.2017

      Thank you - metamorphosis should be my middle name - I finish one, start another 😉

  • 06.05.2017

    Beautiful! And with this postponement, it's like reading about us. We also made the hall metamorphosis at the beginning of the year. I'm starting to publish this post like a hedgehog. Probably because it is not finished as I would like. Anyway, it was a very low-budget undertaking with us and basically it was only about painting wall panels in a different color. We regret investing more in our tiny 37m2. Looking at your beautiful transformation, you can immediately see how much additions they give. A beautiful hall and a beautiful house 🙂 Regards 🙂

    • 08.05.2017

      Karolina, painting the panels sounds like a huge undertaking! I look forward to the photos before and after 🙂 Thank you for your kind words 🙂

  • KaroDeco

    Much more cozy, but I know perfectly well how it is to postpone some home things for later. 😉

    • 08.05.2017

      hihi - if you don't hang the toilet roll holder right away, it will stand on the floor all your life 😉
      And you have the chance to do everything perfectly right now 😉

  • andotka

    such a change! like nothing, and immediately cozier 🙂 and Mikołaj is already such a big boy… gosh Julek! when you write about him, I still have a boy in a sailor outfit before my eyes 😉
    You also grow beautifully 😉

    • 04.05.2017

      Exactly - like so little, and the reception of the room is so different 🙂 oh yes, we are growing, Mikuś is stretching beautifully, and I am only 6 months old

  • 03.05.2017

    Wow, the metamorphosis is really impressive. Like a few small trinkets, and what's the difference 🙂 And this white <3

  • 03.05.2017

    Beautiful ❤️ You have a talent for interior design: *