Happy 7 for the third time

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I wonder if any of you still remember this series of blog posts?

I decided it was high time to come back to it, after all, practicing seeing goodness is so important in every person's life. In this series you will find a mix of things, photos and memories that have made me a lot of fun recently. The variety will be huge. From quite small to quite large ...

1. Course for a Wedding Consultant

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I feel more than honored to organize Courses for a Wedding Consultantwhere I can meet fantastic people who share common passion and interests. Two editions are behind me and by the end of the year I have already planned dates for the next ones. But all this would not have happened if I hadn't summoned the courage, wrote down, and started making my dream list come true.

2. Franchise Wedding Consultant

franchise wedding consultant

This is another dream on my list, which I put off from year to yeark. After all, exactly 5 months ago I wrote in this post that I'm starting to create franchise networkand. I have opened two branches so far and I am in talks about new ones, so it can't be more beautiful. Our dream team is growing beautifully, and I have anotherAsia to visit tomorrow beautiful Krakow and the new office of the Wedding Factory in the very center of the Old Town.

3. A surprise gift

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I love receiving gifts, and classic, timeless jewelry is at the top of my list ... These onyx earrings fit my taste and love for black and white accessories perfectly. I love how my husband pampers me ...

4. Baptism

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This great day in our and our Child's life is behind us. We have a good sense of doing something very important and joy fills our hearts.

5. Spring

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Spring outside the window, spring at home and spring at heart. Ever longer days and more and more sun make me feel happier day by day. Just.

6. Garden planning

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Our garden has "the entire" 36 m2, but you don't even know how much I am looking forward to the season opening! Last year I welcomed him with his leg in plaster and it felt as if summer had never existed at all, so I'm planning something completely different in this. A place to relax, a place to play, live flowers, bare feet running on neatly mown grass (maybe I exaggerated a bit with this running) and a lot of laughter. So far we only have grass, but it's high time to change that! The very thought makes my heart happy and on weekends I dream of a trip to a DIY store.

7. Rocking chair

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A dream for my tired back. Sometimes when Mikusia is tired of runny nose, he falls asleep best when I rock him in his arms and sing his favorite lullaby. This rocking chair is my best purchase in recent months!

How do you like my COME BACK for light, lifestyle posts? But most of all, please share this j with meWhat is your lucky three, five or seven?

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  • Hania

    You don't even know how I was waiting for these posts, although I don't have a child yet, I really liked reading your posts as a mother, because I just like you very much, but now it's full of happiness! Waiting for another 🙂

    • 05.04.2016

      But I am pleased to welcome you