Challenge: Healthy, active, happy!

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Do you know this feeling? You have a mess at home that you just don't want to deal with at all, but you are expecting guests, so you clean? Or you don't feel like wearing makeup, but you have a meeting planned, so you just wear makeup? I don't mean that we force ourselves to do something to do better, but that we would simply feel bad welcoming guests with a pile of dishes in the kitchenette or going to a meeting in a sautéed version.

And I intend to use this relationship!

As you know after me 6 weeks in plaster, no exercise, lots of buzzing and delicious food, then 2 weeks of paternity during which we did not regret anything ... and it is impossible to hide, even under bulky clothes ... 3,5 kg on the plus !!!

That I? That me? After all, I eat so healthy! It was just a few little sins ... a dozen ... several dozen?

Unfortunately, no activity, food at various times of the day and night and no disastrous effects.

So today I am telling you that I will lose these 3,5 kg! I do not know how much, because first and foremost, it is supposed to be healthy, but I must impose myself dietary habits. I am telling you so that in a week it would be stupid for me to tell you that I have achieved nothing!

I will not change too much at once, because such huge revolutions are unlikely to work for anyone - it's easy to get discouraged. So the changes for the first week of the challenge are as follows:

1. I'm going back to my goal 10 000 steps a day (Ouch!)
2. I drink 1,5l water a day (unfortunately I don't even get close to this number every day, I forget!)
3. I don't eat bread and cereals after 12:00 (i.e. I eat bread and cereals before 12:00 haha)
4. I don't eat after 20 (that's enough to start with)
5. I don't drink fruit juice (it will help at first)
6. I don't eat sweets (this week I will allow myself one piece of cake)
7. I don't sweeten coffee or tea
8. I go to bed before midnight so that in the morning I count on more energy (when I go to bed at 24:2 and Miki wakes me up at 00:5 I feel terrible until at least 30 pm ...)

I think that these few modifications will allow me to feel a noticeable change that will motivate me to continue my efforts and in a week I will add more healthy habits such as:

9. I don't combine meat with potatoes, rice or porridge

Or maybe you would like to join me? It's hard for a better opportunity than September 1, isn't it? So I invite you to the challenge and to mutual motivation in the comments!

I will write down my weight and fat measurements every day, so if you want to follow my actions and share yours - that's what comments are for!

It is worth it, because I am preparing a solid portion of health posts for you, no sophisticated recipes or recommendations, no changing your life by 180 ′ in 7 days, because I know that 3/4 of you are a mother or are pregnant, many of you are very professionally active and simply has no time or opportunity to go to Zumba or the gym every day, or spend half a day in the kitchen. And most of all because I don't like cooking in the world and I don't have time to exercise at the gym myself. And I want to be beautiful, healthy and happy, so pleased with myself! We will achieve our goal in small steps!


Probably many of you have heard that we should not weigh every day, or should not weigh only at all, while daily weighing is extremely motivating, so it is important that each of us finds what motivates her, regardless of whether they are are kilograms, centimeters or other percentages.

There must also be a reward: as soon as I reach 57 kg I will buy new pants!

I look forward to your support and support, as well as declarations who is with me, what changes you plan for the first week, what short-term goal you set yourself and what the reward will be for it! So I'm going to make tea, of course without sugar!

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