Challenge: Healthy, active, happy!

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Do you know this feeling? You have a mess at home that you just don't want to deal with at all, but you are expecting guests, so you clean? Or you don't feel like wearing makeup, but you have a meeting planned, so you just wear makeup? I don't mean that we force ourselves to do something to do better, but that we would simply feel bad welcoming guests with a pile of dishes in the kitchenette or going to a meeting in a sautéed version.

And I intend to use this relationship!

As you know after me 6 weeks in plaster, no exercise, lots of buzzing and delicious food, then 2 weeks of paternity during which we did not regret anything ... and it is impossible to hide, even under bulky clothes ... 3,5 kg on the plus !!!

That I? That me? After all, I eat so healthy! It was just a few little sins ... a dozen ... several dozen?

Unfortunately, no activity, food at various times of the day and night and no disastrous effects.

So today I am telling you that I will lose these 3,5 kg! I do not know how much, because first and foremost, it is supposed to be healthy, but I must impose myself dietary habits. I am telling you so that in a week it would be stupid for me to tell you that I have achieved nothing!

I will not change too much at once, because such huge revolutions are unlikely to work for anyone - it's easy to get discouraged. So the changes for the first week of the challenge are as follows:

1. I'm going back to my goal 10 000 steps a day (Ouch!)
2. I drink 1,5l water a day (unfortunately I don't even get close to this number every day, I forget!)
3. I don't eat bread and cereals after 12:00 (i.e. I eat bread and cereals before 12:00 haha)
4. I don't eat after 20 (that's enough to start with)
5. I don't drink fruit juice (it will help at first)
6. I don't eat sweets (this week I will allow myself one piece of cake)
7. I don't sweeten coffee or tea
8. I go to bed before midnight so that in the morning I count on more energy (when I go to bed at 24:2 and Miki wakes me up at 00:5 I feel terrible until at least 30 pm ...)

I think that these few modifications will allow me to feel a noticeable change that will motivate me to continue my efforts and in a week I will add more healthy habits such as:

9. I don't combine meat with potatoes, rice or porridge

Or maybe you would like to join me? It's hard for a better opportunity than September 1, isn't it? So I invite you to the challenge and to mutual motivation in the comments!

I will write down my weight and fat measurements every day, so if you want to follow my actions and share yours - that's what comments are for!

It is worth it, because I am preparing a solid portion of health posts for you, no sophisticated recipes or recommendations, no changing your life by 180 ′ in 7 days, because I know that 3/4 of you are a mother or are pregnant, many of you are very professionally active and simply has no time or opportunity to go to Zumba or the gym every day, or spend half a day in the kitchen. And most of all because I don't like cooking in the world and I don't have time to exercise at the gym myself. And I want to be beautiful, healthy and happy, so pleased with myself! We will achieve our goal in small steps!


Probably many of you have heard that we should not weigh every day, or should not weigh only at all, while daily weighing is extremely motivating, so it is important that each of us finds what motivates her, regardless of whether they are are kilograms, centimeters or other percentages.

There must also be a reward: as soon as I reach 57 kg I will buy new pants!

I look forward to your support and support, as well as declarations who is with me, what changes you plan for the first week, what short-term goal you set yourself and what the reward will be for it! So I'm going to make tea, of course without sugar!

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  • Ewelina K.

    A very nice challenge to which I would like to join. I am 8 weeks after giving birth and the weight is 61.5 with an increase of 160 cm. I want to do something about it because I love to exercise And even eat healthy, but my loss is sugar ... To my misfortune, I love to eat sweets, but I even love to make them hehehe baking cakes and cookies I have loved since I am with my happy wife ... But now, no sweets ... Healthy cooking (steamer in motion) And necessarily physical activity only with two kids, time is limited, but only sport gives me such joy and fulfillment and if I achieve the goal of 57 kg, it is a reward that is a fantastic motivation kick. Therefore, thank you very much for this challenge, because I used to visit you for such decorative curiosities and information about the baby and now I am counting on motivation to change my appearance. And good luck to you and everyone here !!! To work…..

  • 02.09.2015

    With pleasure! Honey, what can I say - we're in the same boat !!!
    I also have 162 cm tall and I started the challenge 2 days ago with a weight of 61 kg or BMI we have identical !!!
    To work by car, at work mainly behind the desk or car, my leg is broken and I have ZERO condition. Unfortunately, all my walking and enthusiasm were absorbed by lying with my leg in a cast. Dinner time, drinking water, everything is correct. I may not eat sweets every day, but I have other sins.

    So strength is our motivation! I write here every day how much I weigh, so you can follow my progress and I am waiting for your little successes!
    And I'm ashamed as hell I'm ashamed! But I told myself that every day I would be getting thinner, more active, healthier, and therefore happier, so what is ashamed here? Because I can not give up, then I would probably have to close the blog because I would burn with shame! 😉

    • Paula

      Agnieszka, 2,2kg in 5 days? Either you are starving yourself or someone is cheating on us 😉

    • 04.09.2015

      I wouldn't dare! I wrote that I pumped 3,5kg very quickly, and such kilos are easier to lose because in truth it is not only fat, but also e.g. residual water. The days of the cycle also affect our weight, so it's worth looking at the level of fat, which is not so accurate to calculate, but gives you some view. I certainly haven't lost 2,2kg of fat because it's probably impossible even on starving. But excess water, accelerated metabolism can give this result calmly.

    • 04.09.2015

      How are you doing?

    • Paula

      It doesn't go at all: (((

    • 08.09.2015

      I also have a weekend breakdown, I will complete the measurements soon because everything was a plus. I always like the first days of the diet because the weight goes down, but unfortunately the fat doesn't move so fast, the weight also often rises and then you need double motivation.
      Imagine your goal = beautiful photos from your birthday, make small changes to your daily menu and fight with me 🙂

    • 28.09.2015

      It's also worse for me ... but nothing today I accept the week-long challenge because I can see that such short-term plans are the best for me!

    • Paula

      I was just asking last week how it goes because I see a stop in measurements.
      Unfortunately, I am weak. I limited sweets very much, I even started going to 3x weekly for fitness classes, but after the third class there was a dangerous knee pain. On 4. and 5. I practiced half the whistle during classes, and gave up the sixth. Now I am looking for the golden mean. I want to exercise, but I don't want to break my knees for the rest of my life.
      However, I know that without changing the diet, the results will not be - and this is difficult ...

  • 01.09.2015

    I keep my fingers crossed, I do not push myself in such actions, because when I fall from 55 kg at 167, I look bad 🙂

    • 01.09.2015

      Dream! Only envy! 🙂 You better bake tart at this time 😉

  • cosmomama

    I keep my fingers crossed 🙂 I unfortunately can't live without sweets 🙁

    • 01.09.2015

      dear, how can I live without Cola without which I once could not, you can do without sweets - if you want, of course.

  • 01.09.2015

    Good luck! For drinking water, I recommend the Muszynianka phone application - drink water. Maybe I don't drink exactly at the times suggested by the application, but it certainly reminds me to drink water. And there are also cool applications for counting calories, the husband uses them and eating a little less calories than he needs, kilograms fly without much sacrifice 😉

    • 01.09.2015

      Thank you Anna! Now I remember that someone told me about such an application, but I completely forgot about it! I'm just afraid he'll call at the least appropriate moment, as Miki falls asleep 😉

    • 01.09.2015

      For me, this application does not ring, it lights up, which sometimes annoys me, because if I don't have a phone, I don't pay attention to it 😉

    • 01.09.2015

      Oki install it 😉

  • 01.09.2015

    I keep my fingers crossed 🙂

  • puffa

    High five! I've also been able to support myself with the revolution since yesterday! No sweets or salty snacks since yesterday. In addition, I modify the diet a little and introduce exercises. And I walk with the band! Oh, and I have a 10 monthly toddler 🙂

    • 01.09.2015

      But wonderful! I saw in you that you can be keen on exercises, I somehow can't ignite, but I believe that everything is ahead of me!

    • puffa

      Lit during the exercises, I was but before pregnancy, and now you know how it is, but I started everything again. It will be on the blog tomorrow My weight: 56 kg, height 164 cm, I want to go down to 53-52 kg. I feed all the time, so I'm afraid that when I leave the baby it will be a sudden BUM and the weight will increase. Slowly less and less feedings during the day, which is why I have to get used to smaller portions of food, which is not easy after stretching the stomach.