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According to our plan for 2018, a year of implementing work-life balance into our lives, we managed to get another free, extended weekend, which we decided to spend in the family and test another hotel. Relying on your instructions, we again chose the seaside direction and went to Ustka, where we tested the Hotel Grand Lubicz. Is this a place? #dzieciolubne?


First impression

When approaching the hotel, each guest will feel special - at the hotel we were greeted by a bell boy with a luggage trolley, who took care of all our belongings and did not leave us until we came to our room.



Huge. We stayed in a Lux Family type room, which in my eye was at least 40 meters! I'm afraid to think how big the apartments in Grand Lubicz must be ... 🙂 We felt really comfortable, and apart from a lot of luggage, we also had a pram with us. If we were to stay in a standard room, which I also had the pleasure to see - there would certainly be enough space for our family of four.


There were separate beds for our children - a folding sofa for Mikołaj, a travel cot for Maks, small and charming white bathrobes for both of them. I was very pleasantly surprised that the staff thought about it - Mikołaj could feel like a real hotel guest, wearing the same "adult" bathrobe as his parents ... 🙂


The room was absolutely Housing clean, with additional armchairs and a work corner, maximally comfortable.


Restaurant room and kitchen

There are two independent restaurants at the Grand Lubicz Hotel in Ustka.


Our stay included accommodation and full board: breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Breakfasts and dinners were served in the form of a Swedish buffet in the "FALA" restaurant located on the first floor - it provided a great variety of dishes and kitchens. The life cooking station was a great complement to the buffet breakfasts, and during the dinner an additional variety to the buffet menu, as there was a different topic of live cooking every day: Thai or Italian cuisine suited us perfectly.


The restaurant has a separate area for children, where the kids could take up drawing and coloring, and nearby there was a children's menu prepared especially for them.


However, dinners were served w a'la carte restaurant "Chapeau bas"which was divided into two table zones: the one for à la carte orders and the one for people with lunches in the stay, which - like breakfasts and dinners - were served in the form of a buffet.


Each restaurant was very tasty and very clean, as well as very elegant - cotton or textile tablecloths in each of these places made this time even more special. You could also use high chairs for children everywhere - there was enough of them, and each one always had a clean, disposable bib.




Due to the fact that Mikołaj and I were on a dairy-free diet, I should have reported it while booking the hotel, but I completely forgot about it. When during the first dinner I asked the waiter to select dishes that do not contain milk, the head of the room came to us from time to time, who took care not only of our dairy-free dinner, but also for every single meal until the end of our stay. We received dishes selected by us served on plates straight from the kitchen, cooked especially for us, according to our dietary preferences. At our disposal were also plant milk or rice bread, as well as dishes from the life-cooking station. All dietary dishes were absolutely delicious, in quantities unbearable for us.

Panorama - Cafe 360 ​​′

A unique place was also a two-level restaurant on the top floor of the building, which on the top floor… rotated along with the tables around its axis!


Aqua Park

The Grand Lubicz Hotel has an Aqua Park - it is a swimming pool complex, which has a total of 1143 square meters! It includes:

  • three pools (including one salt pool, the only one in Pomerania)
  • paddling pool for toddlers
  • three 12 hot tubs
  • Wellness center with various saunas

and inflatable toys are also available for children.


Brine pool

However, the greatest amazement in me was that brine pool, which was built on the first floor - throughout the trip I was wondering how it was possible that such a large pool was built with such a capacity on the first floor of the building! It was a big surprise for me.


Children's playroom

This is my favorite room in the entire hotel. A huge room full of toys, with a ball pool and a climbing wall above it. In addition, with snacks for children and constant access to water and juices - this is a place where you keep an eye on your children with one eye, and with the other you can read or just talk to your husband, because children are almost maintenance-free here.


Room with game console

The hotel does not even lack an x-box!


Indoor playground for children

Also called the monkey grove, i.e. installations, slides, obstacles and a ball pool. A paradise for every toddler.



Cooking, playing with little scientists or learning to dance - there is no end to attractions for children, classes are intended for children from 4 years of age and provide comprehensive care for the child - parents do not take part in anything.


salt Cave

We also liked the salt cave very much. At first I thought it was not for us - what will I do with the Children there, apart from disturbing others? It turned out, however, that I was wrong - not only did the service lady bring us a bucket, spatula and molds for playing in salt, but also a special hour was set for children to enter the grotto. It is a perfect solution, thanks to which we could spend time together without disturbing other hotel guests.



On the first night, while feeding Maks, I fell asleep with him somehow so unfortunately on my own that I woke up with a pain in my shoulder. So I left the boys under the care of Wojtek and went to the hotel's SPA & Wellness zone. This is what I needed ... in the SPA I was pampered with an excellent massage, and in the Medical Resort zone, my aching shoulder was warmed up with the fango treatment - it was a compress made with such a large patch made of mud made of volcanic rocks, which freed me from pain and allowed me to relax, thanks to which I regained my fitness and strength to continue chasing with children and for children.


The gym

If you practice a healthy lifestyle and can't imagine a day without exercise, there is of course also a gym in the hotel.


For adults

Lobby bar or nightclub or Night view of Panorama 360 ′ are the attractions that we hope to take advantage of on the next occasion - this hotel is the perfect place to go not only with the family, but also with a larger group, for example with friends.


And this is exactly our room.



We couldn't help but check the access to the beach - that's what you asked most often. It was important to you whether it is not far away and whether in summer there is no problem to walk and go down to the beach with a pram. So I answer: there is no - the beach in Ustka near the hotel is completely flat, there is no cliff here and after a 10-minute walk on the pavement, you will drive your trolley straight onto it. Just like us.



There is no doubt that the Grand Lubicz Hotel is an outstanding place #dzieciolubne - created for children, for children and their usually tired parents. This is a fantastic opportunity for the whole family to relax. The hotel itself is not only wonderfully located and decorated, despite the enormity of attractions, numerous corridors, stairs, sofa zones are attractions in themselves, where you can experience many children's adventures. The only aspect that, in my opinion, could be improved is the lack of toys in restaurants. Unfortunately, Santa is not a big fan of drawing, so the corner with tables, crayons and coloring books did not quite appeal to him.


Undoubtedly, Hotel Grand Lubicz receives our recommendation #childish - we will be happy to return there at any time of the year and in any weather, because it is a hotel for any occasion, with children, with friends or just for two.


All photos were taken during our stay at the hotel Grand Lubicz in Ustka


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  • Lila

    Beautiful pictures and report! Until you want to immediately pack your suitcase and go back there 🙂 With the kids we were also in the childish Grand Lubicz and I confirm everything you wrote! The hotel offers such a huge amount of attractions that it is not clear what to decide first. It's nice that there are places on the map of Poland 🙂 Greetings to you!

  • 22.06.2019

    From what I can see, there were a lot of attractions at this hotel. 😀 Great that there is a place for children to play, even with snacks! I haven't seen it anywhere yet. 😀

  • 05.10.2018

    I have to admit that the hotel looks beautiful :))

  • Agnieszka Szostak

    Hello. Is the trolley from the pictures cybex priam lux ?? I could ask for a general opinion, I hesitate between cybex and joolz day 2. Regards Agnieszka

    • 17.04.2018

      Yes, it's a Cybex Priam. I am laughing that it's good that I haven't tested it before buying our Dubatti, because it is absolutely the best stroller in our ranking and I don't know which one I would choose for the second time. Great quality, large gondola and perfectly protected from the wind. the booth in the gondola and the stroller is enormous with numerous functions, the stroller seat folds flat, the wheels with wonderful bearings glide on every surface, the cushioned wheels select unevenness, and in addition it is in my taste visually. The only drawback I could point to is the poorly built-up stroller seat, but in the winter I had a sleeping bag that completely eliminates this drawback 🙂 Joolz Day 2 is very functional, but it must be liked. After my first love, Xplory, I now focus on the classics 😉

    • Agnieszka Szostak

      Thank you very much. Personally, I was for cybex, my partner liked joolz more. In the latter I know that the cushioning is better, but I could not convince myself of the bucket stroller. I think your opinion dispels all my dilemmas :))

  • 29.03.2018

    Hotel great, but unfortunately prices are prohibitive.
    For this Ustka is a sensational place. I recommend 🙂

  • 21.03.2018

    we were in Grand Lubicz in January 🙂 brilliant hotel where you can not get bored 🙂

  • Adrianna

    Mrs. Agnieszka, from a different barrel - why this lovely blouse with gray and white stripes with a frill <3?