Holidays with children - Primavera Jastrzębia Góra #dzieciolubne

The first thing I did when the new 2018 year calendar came to me was to plan family trips throughout the year. As you know from our Instagram, I have already returned to work, and keeping work-life balance is my absolute goal for 2018 year. So I invite you to the account of our first vacation, on the occasion of which we will check if the places we visit are #dzieciolubne and are suitable for relaxing with small and absorbing toddlers. We went to Hotel Primavera in Jastrzębia Góra in January. Has it turned out to be a good place to stay with the kids, and we managed to get some rest, or did we come back even more tired than we went?


Due to the fact that we planned a four-day trip and Maks was only 5 months old, we decided to look for a place to go somewhere nearby, by the sea. There was one condition, however - we will not be bored despite the winter! What's more, we can even relax a bit. When choosing a hotel for a family trip, we were guided primarily by the amenities for children, available attractions and the availability of dishes for allergy sufferers.


First impression

Our choice fell on Hotel Primavera in Jastrzębia Góra, which surprised us from the very first moment. The hotel is XNUMX% prepared for the needs of families with small children, such as our sons. You do not have to carry a cradle with you, the baby does not have to sleep in a stroller or with you in a large bed - you can rent wooden or tourist cot. There is absolutely no problem if you need it too bath tubs, non-slip shower mats, footrests for more convenient use of the wash basin, potty, toilet seat cover, contact protection or even an electric nanny! All this will be provided by the hotel staff.




Room reservations were made literally a few days before departure, and despite the fact that our stay was in January, the choice of rooms was already small. So we decided on a room type Premium Studio, in practice a two-room apartment, equipped with a bathroom with shower, two TVs (separate in each bedroom), terrace with garden chairs (ideal for summer), towels, bathrobes for adults, two air-conditioning systems (separate for each bedroom), cordless kettle with tea and coffee making facilities and bottled water. A travel cot with bedding, ordered when booking the room, was waiting for us.



These rooms are available in two layouts, but when we booked the object, only this transitive was available:


The studio, although small, turned out to be very comfortable. We immediately unpacked ourselves to the wardrobe and chest of drawers - a dresser with drawers was a huge help for me in the organization of our stay and all children's clothes and accessories, almost like at home, I could arrange everything so that the trip with two children, one of which is 5 months, was organized as well as possible.



Two separate bedrooms allowed us to play and talk with Santa both during Maksinków naps and until really late hours, because Maksio-Awakens-Me-Everything could sleep well behind the glass door.


Originally our double bed consisted of two single beds, but one call to the reception desk was enough for the service ladies to show up and cover our beds in the double bed version, putting an additional mattress on both - now we could sleep without worrying that one of us would fall in into the gap between the mattresses, and also if one of the children lands with us at night, they will not slip between the two mattresses.


Restaurant room

Not only the rooms, but also the restaurant room is equipped with many amenities for children - chairs, toys, plastic dishes and cutlery, straws, bibs. The restaurant is also located corner with toys and coloring books, thanks to which, after dinner, Wojtek and I could quietly drink coffee while Mikuś was playing nearby. To sum up: you don't have to take a bag full of toys with you from home. Unless your toddler has a toy or a cuddly toy he can't imagine his life without, you have no choice.




Both our sons are allergic to cow's milk protein, and since Maks is breastfeeding, I also have to absolutely avoid such products. I had some concerns about food - many times in restaurants I meet with service unfamiliar with the dishes served, I have to ask about everything or ask for a special preparation for me, which often no one agrees to, so sometimes I just close the menu and look for another place .


Hotel Primavera stood up to the task. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in a form Swedish buffetwhere all dishes, indeed very diverse, are precisely described. If there was milk in one, this important information for us was on the card next to it as "lactose".

When I asked the staff if there was milk in the batter, the waiter immediately suggested making by the kitchen cakes specially for us, as well as other dishes, e.g. scrambled eggs, without the addition of butter or milk. So every day for breakfast or dinner we could enjoy delicious pancakes with the whole family, which for Santa is a lot of fun, not shed tears when all children eat pancakes, and he can just look at it, as it happens on our vacation. Such a toddler often understands that he cannot eat certain things, he is just sad.




Every day Mikuś ran to the hotel room with a squeal Water Parkwhere they are located not only swimming pools and low paddling for the little ones (and for me - there is wonderfully warm water!), but also slides and climbing nets. We forgot to bring with us dmuchańców for the pool - balls, wheels, swimmers - but it turned out that everything can be rented on site, which was a nice surprise for us and a considerable simplification.


A playroom

Older children will also be happy to use the playroom - we have received a detailed one at the reception animation schedule for every day - several times a day, children are engaged in various types of games and workshops, singing, painting, playing and cooking together. In addition, there are many different toys and attractions in it, such as blocks in the XXL version or construction with slide straight to pool with balls.



Inner playground

Playland is a paradise for children: labyrinths, slides, fittings, toys and of course spheres! And all this available throughout the day for the price of the room. And moreover corner with couches for parentswhere you can order drinks and snacks for children and for yourself. Live, don't die!


Older children, no longer interested in playing with the animator or ball games, will be interested games room and exhibition of mockups dedicated to the history of the fishing port and former battles. Although it was extremely nice to remember playing table tennis!




Before we left, we also went to the hotel together bowling - I admit, we went there with (adults) in mind, and here we met with facilities for children in the form of light bullets, covers for side gaps and a special slide for balls in the shape of a dragon, after which the tip of the tail was extended, the bullet went straight to the target. Santa was so happy! And also a note of rivalry gave us.


What for parents?

Not only Toddlers will find a job for themselves, attractions for parents have not been forgotten either. For me it was the biggest yet exit to Bar Lobby for coffee and dessert. The bar was up to the challenge again and prepared something delicious, sweet, nutritious and of course no milk for me.



Of course, as with children, it's a fun attraction Water park with a rushing river, hydromassage, swimming pools and jacuzzi. Hotel guests also have unlimited access to Saunas, where there are dry, steam, infrared sauna, cold water tub and Relaxation Zone. We also liked the possibility of playing water polo and water basket.

Hotel Primavera owns SPA with wonderful massages! Treatments are very diverse, tailored to our needs - also safe for future mothers! Massages, beauty treatments, beauty services, manicures and pedicures ... A woman and a man (yes! They have it here beer body treatment!) they will find something for themselves. There is even a chocolate or fruit massage for children, so here you can also spend time together!


For people who cannot imagine going without a little bit of exercise, classes are the perfect choice fitness - zumba, TBC or aqua fitness, or going to gyms or nordic walking.


If you have older children or you have come to the group and take care of them in turns, a very nice option for the evening is live music in a cafe or Lobby Bar, as well as a disco in Night club with Latin music or radio hits.


Throughout my stay I saw two minuses in the hotel. The first is the link between the two hotel buildings - walking along it from our room to the pool in the middle of winter, it was much too cold for us. Luckily, we discovered this before going to the pool for the first time and put on long-sleeved pants and blouses under our robes. The second is the stairs - both the connector and the bowling alley are not accessible by elevator, so we had to carry a stroller - special ramps have been installed in the connector on the stairs, but they are quite steep. In the summer, I would just walk outside with the pram and skip the passage.


When you have small children, you know: you have to have eyes around your head. However, we may not always be everywhere, and there may be some unpleasant surprise. The hotel is ready for such an eventuality - let the staff know, and they will arrange a consultation with a pediatrician, indicate the nearest hospital, clinic or XNUMX-hour pharmacy. Fortunately, we didn't have to use it.


I don't think I can imagine how fantastic Primavera must be for a summer vacation - then there is beautiful and warm weather, and with it the possibility of using the external swimming pool or playground next to the hotel (this time it was too cold for that) - Santa would gladly climb the ladders if he finally wanted to get out of the water. There are more attractions outside such as animal corner, where different types of animals can be found depending on the season. Surely you know how great attraction for small children, especially those living in the city, to see not in the picture, but in reality, for example, sheep or chickens. We just want to go back there, both in winter and summer, and we will certainly do it.

You probably wonder as it seems, the hotel in the full season in full occupancy - we took all the photos just when the hotel was 100% occupied! It's just that there are so many attractions that despite the fact that the residents of the hotel do not sit on the beach (when there is no weather) but mainly in the hotel, they manage to get distracted so much that you do not feel it at all. There is no question of waiting to be seated or showering by the pool.



We are very pleased with our short holidays. If you have small children and you dream of a trip where you will not cook, clean, wash, chase after children and go out of your own, inventing new attractions or drive packed like camels in the desert, this is the perfect place for you.


Our recipe for rest?

Every morning we get up and go to breakfast (zero purchases, cooking and washing up). If we have not managed to make the beds (horror, it happens to us not only on holidays), after breakfast we often have a cleaned room waiting for us, and we go to the playroom and animation. Saved, we go for a small walk and return to the hotel for dinner. After dinner we go to the indoor playground and when the children go crazy on the slides and constructions in the ball pool, we sip (warm!) Coffee and talk like in the old days, sometimes and hours! After playing, we run through the corridors, play games and laugh. We go to dinner, after which we race to the pool, where we stay, as long as we have enough strength. Tired but satisfied, we return to the room where we fool around, watch a good night and fall asleep together in a great bed. In fact, the children fall asleep because we don't waste the time to sleep, we have so much to tell each other, after all, there is no time for that every day!



Can you relax? No cooking, washing, cleaning, shopping, washing up, having everything so served on a tray? Even with two children you will not be able to get tired here too much. Even though the teething season is about to start and your older child will not fall asleep until midnight because of the excess of emotions 🙂 This is a perfect place with attractions for children by the sea - regardless of the season. Each of our days was filled with various games for all of us, you can see that parents with children had to take an active part in arranging the Hotel, because often, before I could even think about a facility, it was already there. I have a feeling that 4 days is not enough to enjoy it all or even use it all.


All photos were taken during our stay at the hotel Primavera Jastrzębia Góra



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  • Ola

    I am just considering a trip to Primavera with three children (2,5 summer twins and 4 summer). What does the descent to the beach look like? We are looking for a place by the sea where we will make everyday walks by the sea for health purposes.

  • Agate

    I was with my children and my sister during the holidays in Krynica Zdrój. We did not live in a hotel and in the mountain mountain residence, thanks to which I had all the children under my eye. I am satisfied with the stay and the standard of the house. All good plus and a great washing machine. We know how it touches something with children, or when something falls on their blouse and dirty clothes, so she put laundry in. As for the attractions, there were a lot of them from the pump room to the slope. The price was not high, so you do not need to save after leaving.

  • Carolina

    Last year, we spent a week of summer holidays at this hotel. It was my first holiday at the Polish seaside for some 20 years, and we decided to take this course because of my different state (31 pregnancy week at the time). We chose the place very carefully - the older daughter (then five years old) never ceases to be a very busy and absorbing child, so we wanted to have entertainment in bad weather and let us rest. And we are lucky that we chose it so well, because the weather was not good. The price for the stay was of course adequate, but it was still the best price on the entire coast probably considering the baggage of the offer. We dream of coming back sometime, but out of season.

    • Carolina

      Can you say about what the cost of the holiday was - I hesitate between this hotel and abroad - does a week's stay cost more than 4000? The hotel does not have a holiday offer yet.