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I prepared a list of the basic mistakes that were the reason why I did not always complete the clothes for the day well. Check if you commit them too, because it is extremely easy to eliminate them and the effect will be visible immediately.


1. Choosing clothes in the morning in the dark so as not to wake the Child

Choosing the outfit of the day in such conditions meant that I usually chose any, fast, so as not to wake up the child. It didn't help to have the only mirror in the bedroom where the child slept. Often, only during the day when I looked in the glass reflection in my eyes appeared a blouse ending at the widest point of the figure, emphasizing what she should hide. Of course, such a mistake would not have been possible if I had taken care of the closet beforehand or knew that this blouse should be put in pants.


Tip: from today, make clothes every evening, be sure in front of the mirror, unless you're putting on a proven set.



2. Putting on mismatched clothes

When in the elevator at work I noticed the unbuttoned blouse she was furious that I put it on again. When during the day my shoes rubbed again, I regretted not having done anything to them. Do you ever wear something you don't like?


Advice: Every time you come home to something that made you embarrassed during the day, was uncomfortable or just made you uncomfortable in it, do not put it back in the wardrobe, just think about what you can do with it and decide whether you can convert it or give it to those in need (of course after washing).



3. Unsuitable underwear

Perfectly fitting underwear is usually not a thing for years. Plus or minus two or three kilos, and without proper regulation, underwear suddenly stops fulfilling its function. If you are pregnant, losing weight or a few kilos in the plus, be sure to check if your underwear still fits well. If you have always bought high-quality clothes, getting rid of expensive items from the drawer will be painful, but very desirable, because nothing like mismatched underwear distorts your figure and does not spoil the effect of even a perfectly matched outfit.


Tip: Set aside your sentiments and go shopping. At the beginning, perfectly matched flesh-colored, smooth underwear will do the job, followed by black. White, although often the most popular, unfortunately is not even suitable for white things, because it shines the most.


4. Cheap shoes

Two or three years ago, I got rid of my collection of ballet shoes in all the colors of the rainbow, which I bought for less than PLN 40 each. Actually, my mother helped me in this, throwing me the first pair without courtesy, saying - see how they hurt you!


This year, I will get rid of all sneakers and dubious quality shoes myself. Including those beautiful white sneakers, which after 3 months began to leak yellow glue and spoiled the whole effect, thus wasting 100 PLN that I spent on it. And those sports shoes that I bought for walks, but after half a year they cracked and I stopped wearing them automatically.


Rada: Buy only good quality shoes, definitely focus on quality, not quantity, because they are very often your showcase. For summer, instead of a blaze of colors in ballet shoes, choose flesh-colored ones that will match everything and will serve you for years. When no one notices that your blouse cost PLN 20, cheap shoes will quickly show their flaws and will look careless. Broken uppers and cracked fabric won't make a good impression. I put on my spring shopping list timeless white designer sneakers.



5. Complete the outfit with clothes, not shoes

This is my latest discovery - I came across an advice to complete an outfit for each day from shoes Primer Style (my review here) and I thought: EUREKA!

I keep my shoes in the hall and my clothes upstairs. Choosing the clothes for the day first and not thinking about shoes, it was often only in the hall that it turned out that only high heels fit my outfit, while I had a whole day of running and doing errands in the city ahead of me. So I had two options: go back and change or wear out all day.


Rada: from today, complete outfits for shoes that will be suitable for the day - every morning think which shoes will be the best choice and choose the right outfit for them.


I am curious if you found anything on this list? If you have any "golden tips" on completing an outfit, be sure to write about them in the comments!


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  • Marysia

    Very nice post, thank you

  • 25.09.2019

    An interesting entry, not everyone pays attention to what he assumes, especially in the morning when we have little time to get our clothes ready. In general, I always try to get ready tonight, check if everything fits together.

  • 19.05.2019

    I definitely agree with you! Quality, not quantity, especially if we are talking about underwear here. We should absolutely not save on such things.

  • 15.03.2019

    Perfect advice. Unfortunately, I must admit that I make the mistakes you indicated ... I also think that I have to change my wardrobe a bit because it is dominated by various types of shirts, pants and jackets. Now I have to buy some spring dresses. Best wishes.

  • 12.02.2016

    Very cool text and lots of good advice 🙂

    • 12.02.2016

      Thank you very much 🙂

  • 05.02.2016

    You wrote it well, I would add to the "golden advice" paying attention to the composition of the material of the clothes when shopping. We feel much more comfortable in good quality natural fabrics 🙂

    • 08.02.2016

      The clothes stores are something that I clearly need to start looking closely - thank you!

  • Magdalena "Sorridence" Winches

    Shoe accessories are my constant touch of the day 😀

    • 05.02.2016

      Gee, and I've lived in the unconscious for so many years 😀

  • 02.02.2016

    I agree with everything, but when it comes to ballet shoes ... It's the only thing that I insist on so far, that I prefer the cheap ones. Because they deteriorate very quickly! I have a change of driving shoes in my car, but I destroy ballerinas anyway.

    • 02.02.2016

      I thought so too, until I bought Geox ballet shoes - they are wonderful and I will easily wear them for the second season, they do not hurt me anywhere, they do not rub and they just look good, although I drive a car in them every day. I will probably buy a second pair next season to have some variety. And your opinion is only proof that there are no universal advice 🙂

    • 02.02.2016

      One of my brides bought Wojas ballet shoes for the wedding for 170 zlotys. I saw them after 2 weeks. They looked… very bad 🙂
      Besides, these cheap, soft ballet shoes never rub me. Shoes from the "decent" and heavier category - always 🙂

    • 02.02.2016

      For weddings, leather and "decent" shoes are often not the best choice, because, unfortunately, leather usually requires breaking up so that the shoes start to fit us perfectly, which is why I recommend special editions of wedding shoes, which are usually made of much softer and more delicate leather or just fabric. I was also rubbed by many "decent" ballet shoes, until I found "the only ones" and would like to buy a few pairs 😉 while those from H&M or Stradivarius completely crush me and after removing them you can see exactly where the shoe ended, my feet are red and impressed.

  • cosmomama

    Great advice 🙂 I have to clean up my shoes myself, but these are the only things I have a problem throwing away 😉

  • 02.02.2016

    Very cool advice. I have to comply with these shoes 🙂