How to change a room in a few hours? Wallpapering - DIY or do it yourself

how to wallpaper

The times when entire flats were wallpapered, each wall in each room, each room with a different pattern are gone into oblivion ... However, papering comes back into favor and very often appears in rooms as one distinct element, changing the whole, giving it character. I decided to choose such a solution by arranging my latest office, which I am arranging, and I want to show you that wallpapering is not that scary. And the effect? Judge for yourself!

Wallpapering - a list of gadgets that will make your work a lot easier

This list will change slightly depending on what kind of wallpaper you use. I ordered a non-woven wallpaper and I also recommend this to you - it lays down easily, does not require prior impregnation with wallpaper or soaking with glue, because this process is carried out on the wall. First things first.

what you need for wallpapering a shopping list


Wallpapering step by step


1. Wall preparation

It is good if the wall is painted before painting - apparently then the glue has better adhesion, but many of you advising me on Facebook said that even without it, wallpapers placed immediately on, for example, kartongips stick perfectly. However, the wall should be as smooth as possible so that the irregularities do not reflect the wallpaper:

how to wallpapering

2. Wall protection

In order not to soil the adjacent walls, we decided to protect them with paint tape and cover the liner with foil:

wallpapering interlining wallpaper


3. Priming the wall with glue

In the case of non-woven wallpapers, we only cover the wall with glue, and thus we only ground the wall with glue (with paper wallpapers, we ground the wallpapers). According to the information provided on the package, mix the glue with water in proportions suitable for priming and apply it to the wall with a brush, let it dry according to the time specified in the instructions - different products require different times.


wallpapering interlining wallpaper
wallpapering priming


4. Applying glue to the wall

To glue wallpapers, you need to mix the glue again - this time in proportions suitable for gluing. We are getting ready to stick the first wallpaper on the wall. Our wallpaper was 100 cm wide, so we applied a layer of glue on a similar width strip on the wall. Do not be afraid to apply the glue very solidly - if you apply too much of it, it will flow out of the side when pressing the wallpaper without leaving any damage, but if you apply too little, you will get unglued spots, stomachs, or the wallpaper will fall off - like the first strip.

wallpapering the application of glue


5. Sticking the first strip of wallpaper

The first strip of wallpaper is adjusted to the ceiling and the plumb line, which is defined with a spirit level, it may be helpful to stick a thread to the wall, which will mark the plumb. We dealt with the spirit level itself.


interlining wallpaper of Moroccan clover pattern


As I said - initially we didn't apply enough glue and after a while we had to start practically all over again:



The wallpaper stuck to the wall should be pressed against the wall - you can use a wallpaper brush or a wallpaper spatula for this purpose - a spatula worked better for us. It is important to press the wallpaper from the inside out. And don't worry about the glue that will flow out from under the wallpaper - just wipe it off with a kitchen towel or a sponge.


6. Sticking more wallpapers

When the first wallpaper was matched to the ceiling and the vertical, subsequent pieces of wallpaper on the same wall should be matched to the ceiling and pattern on the previous piece of wallpaper.

wallpapering by yourself
wallpapering pressing the wallpaper


And so until the end of the wall. If your ceiling is uneven it is good to leave a margin at the top of the wallpaper and finally cut the wallpaper perfectly to the ceiling.

wallpapering morocco


7. Wallpaper cutting

After gluing all the rolls of wallpaper to the wall, we cut it with a knife perfectly to the corners of the wall and to the floor strip.


8. Wallpaper gluing

All extreme elements of the wallpaper that did not stick perfectly should be glued with a special glue for gluing. Personally, I put it on my finger and glued the corners, as well as the entire upper and lower edge of the wallpaper and most of the joints.


Voila! Ready!

how to wallpaper
morocco wallpaper pattern


Our beautiful wall, which will give the whole room a distinct character, is ready! The next day it looked even nicer, although I admit that not all wallpaper joints are invisible, unfortunately in two places the effect could be a bit better, but the first cats behind the fences. After watching a few episodes of "Fault", I'm really satisfied!

And I have my wonderful selfie background 😉

background for selfie clover morocco

How do you like this way of changing the interior?

I am still waiting for the transport of the last ordered furniture and I hope that this weekend we will start moving into a new office. Keep fingers crossed!

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  • 10.02.2016

    It turned out great :) And the selfie background - first class! 🙂

    • 10.02.2016

      Thank you 🙂 only after moving out I am so exhausted that I don't have the strength even for a selfie 😉

  • 10.02.2016

    It came out nice 🙂 But I would be afraid of wallpapering, just because of the visible joints.

    • 10.02.2016

      Right, but it was more difficult for me to trust the "experts" from the advertisement, and I do not know anyone recommended.

  • 05.02.2016

    It promises to be very nice, and where does the wallpaper come from?

    • 05.02.2016

      Thank you very much, wallpaper from xwall store.