How to make stucco on the wall?

how to make stucco on the wall

How to make stucco on the wall - see step by step how in one afternoon you can change your interior by installing stucco on the wall.


I have always liked stucco. When I was arranging my last Office of the Wedding Consultant, I decided to add elegance to this interior and use simple tools, with Wojtek's help, to make stucco on the wall.


While preparing to write this post, I saw that… I didn't even show you my previous office on the blog. But you could have peeked at them in other photos and on my Instagram, which if you like interior atmosphere, be sure to like it.



How to make stucco on the wall?



List of things you need to do stucco on the wall yourself:

  • decorative strips
  • little ball
  • miter box for cutting at 45 degrees
  • stucco glue
  • stucco glue gun
  • paint the same color as the wall (or intentionally in contrast, if you want to achieve such an effect)
  • laser level



The first thing I did was choose molding molding on the wall. The choice fell on 25 mm wide slats - I decided that they would all be of the same width. I saw various strips in several supermarkets, at a good price, but they felt polystyrene to the touch, so I was not enchanted. Fortunately my friend Kasia is an architect and always helps me in choosing good finishing materials - You too can take advantage of her advice, which she shares her own Mo Home blog.


Kasia once recommended a Orac Dekor company to my home and office. The difference between the strips from the market and those was so visible that the slightly higher price did not matter.


stucco wall


Stucco design on the wall


First, I measured our wall so that the stucco was evenly distributed. Me yours I made the plan in Photoshop, but you only need a piece of checkered paper.


I started with the size of the wall - mine was 315 cm wide and 257,5 cm high.


In turn, I decided that:

  • I want 3 columns of stucco separated by a horizontal strip
  • I want a horizontal strip at a height of 90 cm
  • there will be 15 cm gaps everywhere - both from walls, floor and ceiling, and between windows.


The rest was calculated almost by itself - I marked 15 cm from the above-mentioned points, and then I divided the rest of the wall into equal intervals.


Although I chose three windows - I might as well have decided to two larger or one large. My idea was that the stucco would be the only decoration of this wall - that's why I wanted to make it more dense.


The finished plan looked like this:





Thanks to my plan made earlier, I knew what length of the strip I had to cut.



How to cut stucco?



A very simple tool: using miter balls and boxesj for cutting at an angle - it is not expensive, it costs about PLN 7-10.


I cut the slats  to the correct length. I cut the slats that were intended to be installed on a horizontal line straight, and those that would create "windows" - at an angle of 45 degrees.


stucco how to do

how to cut stucco


Another thing I did after cutting the slats was to scrape the cut to eliminate any inequalities - here I used a wallpaper knife.


how to glue stucco


The most important device without which I cannot imagine this work is laser level. On an empty wall with a spirit level we were throwing a picture of the line in the right places (15 cm from the wall, floor and sides), and from the line we only drew the spaces that were to be windows. So from the wall 15 cm, then another 85 cm window, again 15 cm gap, 85 cm cm second window, another 15 cm gap, 85 cm third window and 15 cm to the next wall.


stucco wall how to make

stucco how to assemble

stucco on the wall

wooden stucco



Gluing stucco on the wall


Once we had the lines, we started to stick the stucco on the wall. We had a gun for the gluewhich made it easier for us to attach. We applied mounting glue on the slats and pressed it to the wall in the right place long enough for the glue to hold tight - it was not more than several seconds.


how to glue stuccostucco wall

stucco in a modern living room

stucco wall


If there are any slits between the slats, in the joints, they can be painted before painting fill with acrylic. Fortunately, we did without it.


Painting stucco

When we received the office, it had freshly painted walls, on which we stucco moldings. After sticking the slats themselves, we painted the brush with the same paint that was painted on the wall. We did this job twice for good coverage.


Can you believe that that's all? It only took us one afternoon! Is stucco in the salon already being created in your head? Or maybe in the bedroom?

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