How to prepare for returning home with a newborn baby?

returning home with a newborn baby

I knew that the day when I would come home with the longed-for child for the first time would remain in my memory forever. So I decided to prepare well for it.

1. Layette and corner for the child

We started preparations for accepting a child around the 5th month of pregnancy. I believe that the second trimester is the perfect time for preparation, which we feel like doing and usually feel the best. Personally, in the 9th month I only dreamed of… giving birth.

Therefore, around 8 months I had almost everything ready: a room, clothes and almost all children's accessories and gadgets. At that time, I also prepared and organized everything in the Children's room and in our bedroom as if the Child were already living with us: nappies, clothes and cosmetics at hand, everything washed and ironed. Wojtek could not understand it at all. But it is thanks to the first time Mikołaj and I entered the house, to his room, when I put him on the changing table, I had everything at my fingertips. Then Wojtek said that it was all great for me to think up and prepare. It saved us a lot of unnecessary stress.

You can find my advice about the layette here.

2. Order

There are two things that I love hotels for: hotel cleanliness and hotel breakfasts. On the day of returning home from the hospital, I really wanted it to be as clean as a hotel. With all due respect to Wojtek, I knew that when cleaning up, he did not pay attention to the fact that he would spend the days of my stay in the hospital on the umbilical (of course!), Work and daily visits, so he would not have much time for cleaning. I would like to add that we moved 2 months earlier and many things have not yet taken place, and in the last months of my (at risk) pregnancy I did not have the physical opportunity to clean up. We even considered hiring a cleaning company once, but completely unnecessarily. My mother and sister made an amazing surprise for me and when I was in the hospital they came, their sleeves rolled up and they cleaned everything perfectly. thank you <3

3. Bedding

For the birth of my child, I bought a beautiful satin cotton bedding, which I washed in baby powder before giving birth, ironed it and asked Wojtek to wear it on our return. Mmmm, now it was better than a 5 star hotel.

4. Visit

More and more of my friends do not want any visits on the day they return from the hospital. And I, the old Polish custom, when a woman, mother, was welcomed at home by other women from the immediate surroundings, on the day of return with Mikołaj, I invited women closest to us and to Mikołaj, my sister with children, mother and mother-in-law. Of course, they didn't stay with us for 3 weeks, or even for dinner, but it was a very nice experience to have them with you at such an important moment.

5. List of numbers

As the older sister told me, I prepared a list of necessary numbers, and it contained contacts for people from my area:

  • lactation midwife arriving home
  • environmental midwife
  • pediatrician doctor commuting home.

Thanks to them I felt much safer.

6. Paternity leave

We wondered for a long time when it was worth taking advantage of paternity leave. Our decision was made in the first two weeks after coming from the hospital with the newborn and I believe that it is the best decision in the world. Thanks to this, we were able to learn and care for the baby together, support him and get closer to each other. When everyone asked how I felt, if I had "Baby Blues" I didn't know what they were talking about. Two weeks later, when I was alone with the newborn, I already knew. But I remembered these absolutely wonderful 2 days in a full family 2/14. I wouldn't trade them for any other.

(Eventually, when I left the hospital, I received a leave of absence for Wojtek to look after me, because I was after the surgery and we did not have to take paternity leave at that time. We used it when Mikołaj was 11 months old and ... there is nothing to compare! paternity right after giving birth and returning home.)

And how was or will it be with you?

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  • Basia Giętkowska

    Just congratulations on such a good organization. We have everything ready for the baby. Clothes, toys and cosmetics are waiting in a specially reconstructed wardrobe. We have a good two or even three weeks left. There is still some kind of "spring cleaning" waiting for me, which I put off because of the exams. Today the last one is passed and we only have this. We don't have to worry about vacation. My husband is not at home once or twice a week and it still is. Janek is going to be on an inter-semester break, so Dad will be at home for at least a whole week. My family is mostly from Wielkopolska, so we will see her only at the baptism. I would not wish anyone a 6-hour drive in one way so that I could spend a few hours with us :( and I already know that I will miss them, but my husband's parents live very close, they will help us when I am in the hospital and if necessary it will be after my return. 🙂

    • 08.02.2016

      Oh yes, such a distance must be difficult for you, it's a pity that you can't teleport 😉 I wish you all the best !!!

    • Basia Giętkowska

      Thank you :))))

  • Carolina

    You have planned everything perfectly. Nothing disappointed you and didn't beat the rhythm is the most important thing. The day of returning home is probably very important (consciously writes confidently because there is still everything ahead of me). As for visits, parents and in-laws will appear in the coming days but I would like to wait for visits of extended family and friends :)))

    • 08.02.2016

      Great, the most important thing is also not set too much, you may find that you miss friends faster than you thought, phone in your hand and invite for tea 🙂

  • 15.10.2015

    Perfect post for me. We are getting ready, we finish shopping tomorrow, we are organizing a corner in 100% next week and then we are just waiting 🙂

    • 15.10.2015

      Wonderful, it will be perfect for you at 100%, so at 200% 😉 I can't wait for the final result 🙂

    • 15.10.2015

      We'll see 🙂 I don't know yet how the visit will go. I think I would like us to be alone, but I know that grandparents expect that they will be able to come and stay with us, especially since we are separated by 50 km. I hope they will be understanding 🙂

    • 15.10.2015

      My mother and sister have some 35km and they came back home calmly, so I think it is good to suggest it to them as soon as possible 😉 for me it was really nice, short visit, but wonderful.

  • 15.10.2015

    It was the same with our preparations. I had planned everything in advance and prepared a corner for Hania. As for the visit, I was one of those who did not want to go to the hospital or just after returning home. Only one and the other grandparents visited us in the hospital, similarly at home. The visits of the rest of the family and friends started when the little girl turned 2 weeks old. I wanted this first period to belong to only the three of us. Well, my husband also used his paternity when Hania was 11 months old. Is it better or worse - I don't know. It was good for us 🙂 After returning from the hospital, he had 2 weeks of regular leave, then he returned to work and somehow we didn't need to take the extra leave right at the beginning. Best Regards :*

    • 15.10.2015

      But that's what I meant - the three of you spent the first two weeks 🙂 Miki was born at the end of September, so there was no trace of the vacation 😉 but I think that you remember this time wonderfully only in the third right after giving birth? For me, it was probably the most beautiful time in my life. Probably it would be completely different if your husband went to work the day after returning from the hospital for 2 hours + commuting ...

    • 16.10.2015

      Yes, it was a wonderful time 🙂 Our Hanula is just like your Mikuś from 26
      September, so we had exactly the same situation when it came to
      vacation leave. Although, in total, I would not even like to
      go nowhere. Somehow I can't imagine this time differently than in
      in the comfort of home, where we could learn the three of us. I had a lot
      worries about how I handle my newborn baby because I didn't have one before
      special contact with children, and such babies, at all. But
      instinct, however, does its job 🙂 And I agree that this is the most beautiful time in
      life. It is a pity that our little ones are growing so fast… 😉

    • 19.10.2015

      This beautiful date I see 26 September 🙂 time is rushing relentlessly, I am trying to catch it with a handful!