How not to get back to form before pregnancy ???

how to get back to shape before pregnancy

The words to get back into shape before pregnancy mean little to me ...

Why? I quickly regained my pre-pregnancy weight, actually a few days after returning from the hospital with the newborn baby, I weighed as much as before pregnancy. Unfortunately for me this is not a sign of success. Because for a few years before pregnancy, I was gaining kilos regularly - living at the highest speed, running two companies, mainly sedentary work and stress meant that I ate absolutely irregularly, mainly in the city, the sooner the better. Of course, faster was usually throwing in fast food and caloric frozen food. I did not have to wait long for the effects of this lifestyle, but to regularly change my wardrobe… for a bigger one. With a height of 162 cm, I went from size 34 to size 42!

I tried to use different diets, stuffed myself with supplements, and the weight went crazy. Each such action ended with a yo-yo effect, and after a few years I changed from a small girl weighing 50 kg into a fat woman weighing 66,7 kg! That's almost 17 kg in the plus (or if you prefer + 33% 😉)!

This is why for me the words getting back to the pre-pregnancy form mean little. They absolutely do not mean a figure in which I feel good. After pregnancy, I used the miraculous effects of hormones and breastfeeding, and still sticking to healthy eating, I decided to fight for myself. How did I feel in the new size 42 at the height of 162? Awful. The thought of vacationing in warm countries made me feel weak. But the kick was giving me professional success, so I worked more and more, taking care of my health and figure less and less. I lacked motivation and strong will.

Only the thought of a future child gave me a kick of positive thinking and motivation. Getting ready for pregnancy, first of all, I began to eat healthy and already then I lost the first few kilos. The beginnings were not so difficult, and finally the responsibility for a new life allowed me to persevere in new resolutions.

Now, when my Son is 8 months old, and I still have "only" 8 kilos to lose (out of the excess 17) until my return to the form from before, I cannot give up. I realized that I love my life too much to treat my body like a "garbage can". Old habits are still trying to overcome new ones, I still don't like cooking, so fast food and semi-finished products are very tempting to me.

What helps me survive?

1. Care for your own health

Ever since I wanted to be a mother, I began to be interested in the best I can give my baby. I read labels, so I don't buy GMO products, flavor enhancers, I choose those that contain as little food chemicals as possible. I do not fry in olive oil or sunflower oil since I learned that to fry healthily you can only do it with clarified butter, coconut oil or lard. I am lucky that my whole family has started to take great care of their health. Our mother helps us a lot because she bakes the bread herself. We start each day by drinking a tablespoon of a mixture of ecological oils.

2. Small child

Exactly! A small child is a move. When planning our days, I try to spend as much time as possible actively with my Son in the open air, and long walks are the best opportunity. I activate the Endomondo application on them to keep track of my actions and motivate me.

3. Better mood

The hardest part is to start. But nothing gives such motivation as the loss of the first kilos, the size of smaller clothes and a cool picture in the mirror.

Looking for motivation to persevere in the resolutions, at the urging of a Friend, I decided to order a very personal gadget. What? I will introduce him to you on Monday!

And what are your proven ways to take care of your figure?

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  • 18.06.2015

    I have the same problem. I had a few pounds before pregnancy. I looked after my pregnancy and there was only 10 kg in the black, but if you add the earlier, the sum is unsatisfactory. My challenge is also: to lose those that are fatal to me! The plus is that while breastfeeding many products are still banned for me so they also tempt less 😉

    • 31.08.2015

      Oh breastfeeding is a huge help! Unfortunately, I don't feed anymore, holidays for me and temptations attacking me from all sides, a few kilos in the plus (I didn't think so much !!! but I got on weight today) so my challenge continues. I keep my fingers crossed for us!

  • Wing

    I subscribe to the whole story before pregnancy, unfortunately after pregnancy I returned to old habits, so thank you for the motivation!