Industrial style bathroom - design

industrial style bathroom

The industrial-style bathroom that we dreamed of in our office turned out to be quite a challenge meet the demands of two different tastes. A male-female compromise was achieved, which resulted in a beautiful design. It sounds impossible, but we did it! Check what it looked like on the project unique combination of feminine and masculine style in one room.



Industrial style bathroom - design


A vision and a compromise in making your dreams come true

We started the technical design of this room with a joint decision to continue the consistency of styles in our office. We faced the difficult task of combining our two different tastes - mine, that is light freshness of bright colors and Wojtek's dreams of living clearly marked male accent throughout the project.


Functional solutions for the future

Both me and Wojtek wanted the whole thing to be as functional as possible, in case we wanted to convert our office into an apartment in the future - after all, that was his original purpose. There may be many reasons for this - our company may grow and turn out to be too small, or its character will change and become too big. It will then be easier to sell or rent them. As a result, we decided to make connections to the washing machine and in the office bathroom we wanted a shower in our office!


Due to the office nature of the interior, we decided not to use a traditional shower cabin. We wanted this element to be only an addition, and not play a major role in our industrial-style bathroom.


Together with Wojtek we focused on a subtle but modern design. The linear drain installed in the floor is covered with a glass pane, which, for safety reasons, we decided to cover with black muntins. It allowed us be consistent with the industrial glass wall with black metal profiles in our conference room upstairs.


The first problem I encountered during the implementation was the place where our dream shower is to stand. On the one hand, we were limited by a window, and on the other - a gas stove that kept us warm - both of them impossible to move at this stage. The only possible place had an impact on both the size of the shower and other solutions used in our industrial-style bathroom.



Industrial style bathroom - tiles

When it comes to choosing the right tiles, we had several concepts, but we knew almost from the beginning that we would love to use rust tilesthat fit our idea of ​​an industrial-style bathroom, which we fell in love with during visits to the Tubądzin factory a year earlier.


industrial style bathroom


We collected our ideas together and sent a set of inspirations to our architect -  Ewelina Balcerzak, shifting her feet to the thought of what she can design out of it all.


The number 1 project of a bathroom in an industrial style


They were to decorate the wall behind the mirror tiles in dark tones from series Brave Rust STR by Tubądzin stacked herringbone - in this pattern the floors are arranged throughout our office, which gave a beautiful visual continuation, while Ewelina proposed light tiles on the floor and the shower wall.


industrial style bathroom


The herringbone stole my heart, Wojtek bought this idea right away, but I - I admit - I was afraid that such a large and dark element would overwhelm me - after all, I love bright interiors. So Ewelina proposed to keep this color proposal, but to reverse their share in the room.


While if you are not afraid of this color and you love copper - see what a magical bathroom you can conjure up of these Brave Rust STR tiles by Tubądzin!


industrial-style bathroom with copper accessories

Tiles: Brave Rust | Photo: Tubądzin



Design of 2 bathrooms in an industrial style


Fortunately, these beautiful, textured tiles came in several colors and we were able to turn the whole concept around. Lay our beloved rust-colored tiles on the floor and in the shower Rust Stain Lap by Tubądzin. Their color is a representation of a rusty and metallic surface, reminding us of a sunken ship, a herringbone tiles choose in a bright - available for this model color version - Brave Platinium STR - Tubądzin.


I had to see under the sink cupboardin which you can hide all hygiene products, as well as fresh towels or toilet paper - all this so that our guests can find what they need in it.


industrial style bathroom


We planned on the opposite wall the toilet - if we were to live here mainly, a bidet would probably also appear here, but in the office we decided not to install it.
A wall-hung toilet with a built-in flushing system is my must-have - it helps a lot in getting clean every day.


There is also a place for the aforementioned washing machine (in the wardrobe) and a built-in wardrobe where you can store supplies, an ironing board or household chemicals.


industrial style bathroom design



Industrial style bathroom - accessories

They were an obvious complement black batteries and accessories such as a flush button, hangers, a toilet brush or a garbage can - matching the faucets in ours black kitchen and the toilet on the floor. To all this, we have also added a wood-colored cabinet to make the interior warm.


Ready for the end result?

There is a completed bathroom here.

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  • Natalia

    This is exactly what she wants in her home! beautifully decorated bathroom!

  • Ania

    Great idea with a shower. It seems to me that I would miss shelves for cosmetics, just for the sheer convenience 🙂

  • Ania

    Agnieszka, from which store is there a black and gray cabinet under the washbasin? greetings

    • Martyn

      If I associate it correctly, black is from Ikea. At least my friends have the same / very similar one and that's where they bought kup