August Insta Summary

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August was a real holiday month ...

First of all, because the weather spoiled us.

garden white umbrella ikea summer

mother goes back to work

lemonade lemon lime
10 baby for months

Secondly, we also got along, which resulted in the end of August The challenge: healthy, active, happy!

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Blueberry raspberry jelly


The #mamawracadopracy campaign has started with us


And the boys sent such pictures from my house!


We were at a wedding - and this time not at work!

from under the blanket at the wedding

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It was in August that for the second time in our lives we decided to leave for a weekend without Mikołaj, who was under the best care of his Grandma, at whose sight he neighs like a little horse! And we went for a great weekend with our friends Ania and Kuba from the blog Fashionable. It was a wonderful weekend spent in Giżycko at Hotel St. Bruno is about relaxation, walks, spa, swimming pool, bowling and board games. Although we like each other so much, we are sure that we could be locked in an empty room and we would still have a million activities and topics to talk about.

Giżycko lookout tower

hotel st bruno giżycko

spa hotel st bruno Giżycko

And at home our Beloved Son was waiting for us - you must have missed him too, because this photo won the most of your installments from all August photos!

children's photography

Exactly - you ask, how is Mikołaj? Huge change in the way you move - the rolling stage is over for crawling!


Miki has already completed 11 months, but it does not bother him to sleep all night! He can still ask for 1 milk at night and arrange for us a few more reasons.

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And on the same occasion I did to boys Photo session!

photography of Gdynia children

And I shared a session with you 4 absolutely unique women!

family photography Gdynia

There was also a huge change in August that I didn't expect at all! Instagram already allows you to add vertical and horizontal photos! Something has ended ...

instagram horizontal photo blog

A lot has happened on the blog. At least two personal and important texts have appeared, but after the comments, your e-mails and the number of page views I know that they were also important to you.

Will you have a emperor? Just don't tell anyone about it!

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And, maybe most of all "Waiting interrupted"In which I summoned up my courage and told you about how a Woman who lost a Child may feel. I am sure that if you are very lucky and you have not experienced it personally, then unfortunately Orphaned Moms are among us. By breaking the taboo, I wanted to show you how you can help Orphaned Parents, or at least not add pain - and that's a lot.

interrupted waiting book

And finally, I asked you to complete a survey about the blog, its results soon, although in fact every day I implement them in life. Thank you for your help in creating this blog and its supplement.

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If you love Instagram as much as we do, leave your logins in the comments, everyone will visit. And don't forget about the survey! Thanks to her blog will be more OUR!

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    An empty room with you would be a wonderful challenge;) it is a pity that this August passed so quickly!