How to prepare well for returning to work?

Has the decision been made yet? Or are you still hesitating? Terrible scenarios are multiplying in your head, and you can't sleep just thinking about going back to work? A year ago I was going through exactly the same, and today I will share with you my ways to make returning to work less stressful above all for you.

1. Child care

There was no child, there is a child, or there are more, so there is no need for this point. Well, unless you work "on your own" and the vision of working with a child "on your lap" suits you. I personally, although I work on my own, prefer to "do my own thing" at 100% and then be with the child also at 100%.

Whether you will decide on a nursery, kindergarten, nanny or grandmother, remember one rule - before entrusting your child with care, you must be sure of this care. Whether it will be a nursery or a nanny, grandmother or another aunt, you must know that this is the best alternative form of care for your child. Only thanks to this, your return to work will have a chance to be comfortable for the whole family, and you will be able to devote yourself to professional duties without shaking your child. Your calm head is necessary so that you do not project your fears on your baby when you go out and that you do well.

We started looking for child care a few months before my planned return to work. I do not regret a single hour spent searching for the perfect form of care for us, not one visit to the facility, not one interview and not even one trial day. I do not regret any hasty decision because I have not made any such decision. I waited for the perfect Nanny and today I can work calmly, devoting myself fully to my duties, and then devoting myself fully to my family.

2. Dressing room

Of course, I hope that giving birth to a child has not become an excuse for you not to take care of yourself (but is it really so?), But at least 90% of your wardrobe needs refreshing. Or maybe a revolution. What does it mean? After pregnancy, your figure has probably changed, and if not your figure, then fashion is partly for sure, your clothes naturally wear out. So I have two tasks for you. First, try on every single thing, stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself honestly, would you like your future customer to see you in this outfit? So what if it's a piece of clothing around the house, who said you have to walk around the house in a tracksuit and a stained blouse? After all, your family, which sees you every day, is probably not worse than the customer? 😉 Secondly, create at least 6 sets of clothes for work, so that you do not have to worry about whether you have anything to wear tomorrow. If you did not manage to create that many, think about what things you should buy and do it. Choose the most universal items that will fit into several sets and allow you to create new ones, and emphasize your character with original accessories.

3. Beauty

When was the last time you visited the beautician? After pregnancy, so much changes that it is really worth visiting a trusted professional in this topic. Behind you, huge fluctuations of hormones, there is a good chance that your complexion and skin have changed a lot, and so should their care. I waited 1,5 years after giving birth to my first visit to the salon and as soon as I left the office, I regretted being so late! I noticed a little more wrinkles, but I blamed it on stress and the following years, and it turned out that the main culprit is thin, dry and dehydrated skin! And I was glad that I was finally not shining. Now, thanks to the new care program, skin and skin receive the right dose of hydration and slowly rebuild themselves. What does that have to do with going back to work? If you work in an air-conditioned room, drive to work in a car or freeze in winter at a bus stop, your skin needs to be properly looked after. My husband always tells me that my Face is worth more than a million dollars! Do you know why? Because if I destroy her, even a million dollars won't let her come back. Nothing like your face creates your image, well-being and happiness. Take care of her and let your children see you always radiant and smiling.

4. Repeat

Do you deal with customer service on a daily basis? Or maybe you operate devices or complex graphic programs? Remember how it was all done! Guidelines, standards, regulations, functions. And if the software you work on in the company is expensive, look for free trial versions. Impossible to buy? Take a look at the user manual - you will definitely find it on the internet and for free, and I'm sure that it will unlock a solid portion of knowledge.

5. Science

If you deal more with tax law or interior design on a daily basis, do not rely only on the repetition of your skills, but also follow all the news - there are areas in which knowledge quickly becomes outdated, do not let yourself get left behind.

6. Language

If you come back to your old job, you already know whether you need a foreign language, and if so, it is worth just "talking" before such a return. If you are just looking for a job, make a foreign language you already know your advantage. Both the return to the old position and the search for a job are accompanied by stress, a tight stomach, and it is not difficult to "forget your tongue" in such conditions. Therefore, before returning to the career path, it is worth a bit of practice, learning and simply "talking" and "writing down". Here we will help individual learning of English via Skypeor any other language. When my friend, who recently left and lives in Italy, told me for the first time that she is learning Italian via Skype, I grabbed my head! And now I think it's a great idea. Without leaving home, without wasting time and money on commuting or caring for the child during this time, at a convenient time, you can expand your linguistic skills without thinking what to do with your child. It is enough to make an appointment during the hours when he always sleeps - be it during the day or already in the evening.

Although I speak and write fluent English myself, and I have a CAE certificate as confirmation, I know that it is not "papers" that count and skills that do nothing as well as practice.

What do you think about such solid preparation for returning to work? Be sure to write what you would add to my list to feel good?

I look forward to your comments.

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  • Vika

    I chose to work remotely for many reasons. It's easier for me to reconcile all responsibilities. I have 3 children so working full-time would not be easy. We also have no one else to look after the children, so there could be a problem with driving and picking up the kids.

  • Monika

    I am going back to work in September, I am just waiting for sales to complete my wardrobe. I hope I will lose a few kilos by then and come back with the shield, not on the shield 😉

    • 23.06.2016

      haha that we, women, often measure our success and make our well-being dependent on a few kilos to the right or to the left ... but I fully understand, I have the same 🙂

    • mariola & wojtek

      I had a hard time with it, especially that I have quite active work, and after pregnancy I had a hard time getting motivated, but my husband took me to the shooting range in Progun, and from that we started, then smaller and greater activities and I was much more lousy: :)