How do you drag her home?

how to bring a christmas tree home parenting blog

Three years ago we did it on our back, two years ago by bus, one year ago by car, but it got the whole headlining dirty and the high heels on the seats showed up in the spring, but this year we did it perfectly!

And so a short guide on how to feed a Christmas tree home was created!

1. Stump

The Christmas tree could be cut many days or even weeks before you buy it, so its stump may be naturally clogged or not easily obstructed and prevent the Christmas tree from drawing water. Therefore, when you choose the one, ask at the stand to cut the stump.

how to bring a christmas tree home parenting blog

2. stretch

It's like a food film, only on a much larger roll, much longer and more durable. It is perfect for packing packages, wrapping glass objects or decorations carried out to the attic. To buy in every DIY store. Worth having at home.

You will most likely get a purchased Christmas tree tied with a net, but this does not make it suddenly clean and the needles do not sting and fall off you, and scrubbing it on the car upholstery or carrying it on the jacket will leave it unscathed. So it is ideal to wrap such a Christmas tree in a grid with stretch. When Mr. Choinkarz saw us with this invention, he announced that he would market himself next year!

how to bring a christmas tree home parenting blog

3. pruning scissors

Every guy dreams of such a dream, and each of us is quite skeptical about buying another one, you don't know what and why. However, it is worth having a pruner so that you do not cut your finger off when arranging the Christmas tree with a knife or scissors. The secateurs will allow you to trim unnecessary, even thick branches with one hand. If you do not have it yet, just like a Christmas gift for a guy, buy a secateurs and you already have both.

how to bring a christmas tree home parenting blog

Here she is, completely naked, beautiful, though not perfect. Just like you and me.

Christmas tree parenting blog

And you, as usual, bring Christmas trees home?

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