How to change a bathroom in one day?

bathroom metamorphosis

I have 3 tips for you that will change any bathroom.

1. Cosmetics in baskets

Cosmetics spread over the sink, bathtub, washing machine and bathroom shelves in the bathroom always create a messy effect. Just bury them in baskets of the same series of different sizes.
It is worth assigning a separate basket to each of the household members, thanks to which we will also save time during the daily morning and evening care - instead of looking for your cosmetics all over the bathroom, you just need to take your basket from the shelf, and after finishing the care, put all your cosmetics back.

We used the following division:

- with skin and skin cleansing and care products - including cosmetics that I use every day after leaving the bath or shower
- with bath products - shampoo, shower gel and other essentials
- hair styling articles (foam, varnish, dryer and straightener)

- as my husband only uses a few products, such as a razor or
deodorant, they all fit in one basket, and the bathing ones live in mine.

And after bathing, brushing or makeup, I throw all the used cosmetics into a selected basket and put it on the shelf, thanks to which I always return to a clean bathroom, and unexpected guests in my bathroom do not give me a headache.

I also moved this way of storing cosmetics To the bedroom, where in the desk I will always find baskets with:

1.  make-up products - I use it every morning and also before going out
2.  care products hands and feet
3.  rarely used cosmetics for make-up, so as not to search through the pile of too flashy or seasoned cosmetics on a daily basis


2. Towels neatly folded

I grouped the towels in my wardrobe by color, and in the bathroom I displayed nicely folded towels from the same color group, matching the color of the bathroom.

Our bathroom is beige and brown, so white, beige, cream and brown towels have worked well here. I arrange them from the lightest to the darkest. Thanks to this, I always have a fresh towel at hand in the bathroom, and unexpected guests can always use clean and fragrant towels 🙂

bathroom metamorphosis

bathroom metamorphosis

3. A little joy for our guests

More or less unexpectedly, are you staying with us for the night? Don't worry about a thing.

In our bathroom you will find the necessities of every guest, including apart from the aforementioned clean towels, a new toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, razor - so that every guest, even unexpected, can feel clean and fresh with us.

I didn't buy all these things at all - they are mostly free mini-products or cosmetic samples. Just a note - it is worth checking the guest basket carefully once a year to use and refill the cosmetics with the expiry date.

And how are you in the bathrooms?

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  • 10.08.2020

    Order in the bathroom must be perfect for everything.

  • 09.02.2019

    Bathroom accessories can also spice up the bathroom. E.g. shampoo dispensers. You can find ones made of stone 🙂

    • 10.04.2020

      I use them myself, the bathroom looks wonderful thanks to them.

  • 16.03.2016

    Excellent use of small space. You beautifully arranged the bathroom.

  • 06.06.2013

    Beautiful. The action of decorating the bathroom has started. I folded the towels. A bowl with seashells and a candle from a jar. Thank you for the ideas and I stay for longer.