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how not to be late

Punctuality is unfortunately not the competence with which I was born. However, I quickly realized that this is a skill that people who want to succeed in life simply must have. So learn about my proven ways to fight late arrival that interferes with both late-life life and the entire environment.

Wear a watch - on your wrist

I myself got the impression that the watches are everywhere - on the phone, on the computer, on the oven, in the car, and I put my watch on my wrist less and less often. How many times have I stared at the place where I don't have a watch? With morning hair styling in the bathroom or morning makeup at the dressing table? A million, I think. That's why one of the first things I do after washing my hair is to put on the watch.

Set your alarm clock to different times during the day

Personally, to get to work I have to get up at 6: 00, at 6: 15 to get out of the bathroom, to 6: 25 to have breakfast, to 6: 40 to paint myself, to 6: 55 to dry my hair and finally to 7: 00 to leave the house. For strategic hours like 6: 45 and 7: 00, I set alarm clocks and thanks to them I know that the strategic time is over when I should finish one activity and start another. Of course, I do not set them every day, I use the Alarm Clock Xtreme application, where I once set myself alarm clocks for all working days.

Set the alarm clock before an important exit

It is not uncommon for me to "sit down" or "work hard", which is why 15 minutes before an important event, for which I cannot be late - whether it is for a weekly music session with my child or for a visit to the dentist once a year. Depending on the nature of the exit, I set up periodic or one-time alarm clocks.

Calculate travel time

To best estimate the travel time to a given place, I use various websites or applications such as Google Maps if I'm driving a car or When I arrive when I use public transport - thanks to them I can best estimate the travel time and multiply it according to the time of day by my own multiplier - this is my margin of error for unexpected traffic jams or looking for a parking space. In the case of Google Maps, if I have the opportunity, I check the travel time at a similar time when I will have to go somewhere - this application takes into account the traffic volume, which will show a different travel time at 10 am and another at 16 pm.

Create a list of daily essentials

My mother implemented this point in my life. Very often I was late because I was in such a hurry that I forgot half of the things I had to come back to. That is why I have two checklists in my head that I have to leave home.

Private list:
1. watch
2. phone
3. wallet
4. proof of registration
5. keys and keys
5 things in total, like 5 fingers - my mother is a master of associations and she always teaches me to remember numbers.

Business list:

1. watch
2. phone
3. wallet
4. proof of registration
5. keys and keys
6. laptop and laptop charger
7. organizer
total 7 things like lucky seven

Finally, state that to change your life and fight bad addictions you need a new watch and go shopping - just don't be late for the bus 😉

And how are you? Do you have a problem with being late? Or your proven ways of dealing with the problem of tormenting yourself and others being late?

I look forward to your comments.

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