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Sometimes life is ahead of our plans. I just shared with you my Wedding Consultant officeand I'm already moving to the next one. Reason? We are developing and we are slowly stopping to fit in it, we have no space for any additional desk, and we still need hands to work.

The breakthrough of the year brought many changes - the franchise of Wytwórnia Ślubów was launched, and I became a trainer and my next project was launched - Training for wedding consultants, which are accredited by the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants, the Wedding Portal is also developing, and all this requires a larger area for work.

The decision has been made - we are changing the office to a larger one, we have already rented it, it is literally in the building next door, in a completely renovated tenement house in Gdynia, now only the renovation team has to leave the building so that we can move there, but we have already received the keys and start finishing works.

Due to the fact that you liked the previous office so much, I will show you step by step how I will arrange a new office. I hope that these posts will appeal not only to those of you who run or plan your own business, but maybe they will inspire you to create or organize a computer corner at home. I believe that a place where you can easily sit down and even deal with home bills or other current issues allows you to manage your home more efficiently. Just thought you'd be glad to see our home office?

Perhaps many of you will think at first that you do not have enough space in your home, but then you can use, for example, a folding laptop table - I have one myself, you can use a closed secretary - I also used it when our apartment was less than 32 m2, behind us even the option of a home office on a shelf attached to the wall in the living room.

Where should you start designing an office?

I love how everything fits together, although I don't stick to one style - I like to combine them. However, in order to follow a predetermined path, not to spend money on things that I do not need or those that will not fit the whole, I start designing each room by creating a so-called mood-board. Only when at the sight of him I feel this peace and joy in my heart, I start shopping and arranging.

office idea

So yeah ... can't wait!

Our office consists of two rooms - a larger one, where our fantastic team works, and a conference room, where my desk will stand. I spend a lot of time during the day working in concentration and thanks to this I will be able to stop working in headphones, and when I have a need for teamwork, it is enough to move the laptop to a large room.

There must be a place in my office for:

  • conference table and 6 chairs - here I decided to combine a glossy tabletop, gray matte glamor style legs and my beloved DAR-inspired chairs, whose legs resemble the Eiffel Tower
  • desk and comfortable armchair to work - I am still wondering whether to choose a desk that is all white or with silver legs, so only when I put everything except the desk into the office, I will decide to buy
  • document shelf - my personal office is not large enough for me to want to block it with tall furniture that limits the field of view at eye level, so I am thinking of placing the famous Expedit / Kallax shelving from Ikea in a horizontal orientation to gain both storage space and display top beautiful wedding accessories and gadgets
  • curtains and cushions - I will have a huge, low window sill again, which I want to arrange on the couch - there is nothing like a moment of relaxation before an important meeting or gathering thoughts before creative work, all with a view of one of Gdynia's main streets
  • wallpaper - to give the room a unique character, I decided to wallpaper the recess in the wall, yesterday we spent half a day on it, but more on that in the next post in this series; I decided to use a gray pattern on a white background to make the patterns look hand-painted and blend in with the room with white walls
  • picture frames and decorations - I love to mix different metals with each other: gold with silver and copper, so I plan to hang frames in various metallic colors in the office, and in them posters and photos from various wedding projects
  • barges on wheels - with drinks, glasses and napkins on it to always have everything at hand when guests arrive.

And how do you like it? Would you like to come by?

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