How I set up the living room in spite of sorrows

It would be stupid not to tolerate a quarter of my life, so I had to do something about it.

At the thought of autumn, I do not have beautiful golden leaves before my eyes, which does not mean that I do not see them. I just get so much more bothered by days so short that I watch the sun mainly through the office window, and my mood just falls like the leaves.


Autumn lasts 1/4 year, it would be stupid not to like 25% of your life, so I decided to fight for myself, for a fantastic atmosphere.


I love sunsets and warm light. I love the warmth and atmosphere of the campfire. Warm summer evenings and chatting until midnight. That's why I decided to create a positive climate this fall.


If you are with me every day you know that I implement a minimalist plan on myself, so it would be foolish to fly to the store now and buy a lot of autumn decorations that would decorate the house, that's why I decided on natural decorations, which I can throw into the garage on Sunday and cook with them delicious, warming cream soup. And I created this space for myself.


Warm light, soft fabrics, live flowers, calm music and a good book make me look forward to the evening and this moment for myself, even 10 minutes. After which I love to sail to the land of positive affirmations that prepare me for another good day. See how at a low cost you can decorate an apartment, tame autumn and enjoy the rainy weather outside the window.








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Dear, I hope you are well this fall, and if not run for a positive book, light a candle and thank God or other Higher Power in which you believe for everything you have. Name 20 the things you are grateful for and life will become more beautiful immediately. I promise.


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