How to become a Wedding Planner?

how to become a wedding planner wedding consultant

How to become a Wedding Planner - Wedding Consultant? The answer is a businesswoman with 14 years of experience in the wedding industry.


How to become a Wedding Planner?

You ask me this question a lot during Q&A sessions or live. The answer to this question is extensive, and it really depends on the choices you make - each one entails another, but the paths to achieving the goal may differ.



Answer the question: why do you want to be a Wedding Planner - Wedding Consultant?

What do you want give to each other and the world? How do you want to make your clients' wedding day better?


What do you want to achieve for myself? Do you dream about your own business or don't you want to have a boss? Do you want to create your own business or do you prefer to work on proven solutions?


It will depend on whether you run your business or look for work.



Check what predispositions you already have and what are still missing

Here you will find the list, but do not treat it as a checklist, but as a tool for long-term development. This is not a test, but a signpost.



Get Wedding Planner skills in organizing weddings

Do this by gaining learning and experience.


You can read in books and textbooks in the field of wedding organization, in podcasts and movies on YouTube (I recommend American and Australian items, because the wedding market is there at the highest level in the world). You can also opt for professional participation Course at Wedding Plannerwhere a professional and longtime expert will share with you his knowledge and experience in a complete and systematic way.


When choosing training, pay attention to Trainer's experience and educationand also exactly compare programs training available on the market.


Check also what brand on the wedding market built a training company because the trainer will teach you how to organize weddings and how to run a business based on on my own example and style of work. See the backstage of his work, and preferably also the lifestyle he leads - check out his private Instagram or account on Facebook.


Check if you confess in life similar values. If, for example, you believe that your reputation should be built based on ethical actions, because it is not appropriate to speak badly about competition in public, and your candidate for a Trainer builds his competitive advantage not only by talking well about himself, but also by belittling others - his Course and style of work may be a misunderstanding for you.


If you still have doubts, write down the questions and call the trainer - check if you are on the same wavelength, will you get a nice contact, will it answer your questions in an understandable way, will you feel that you have a similar approach to creating your own brand and wedding business.



Create a business plan for your Wedding Planner company - a wedding agency

Based on how you answered the question why you want to become a Wedding Planner, you need to build original offer on the marketwhich will be based on yours authenticity and individuality.


Thanks to this you will attract customers who resonate with you, and you won't have competition in this narrow market segment. I will tell you that on the wedding market competition imitation strategy doesn't work. If you will be like all agencies, you will have to compete with them primarily on price, because the customer will choose a more experienced or cheaper one.


If you do not stand out with anything, you will attract random customers and your development will be very slow. Therefore, your offer cannot be bland and addressed to everyone - because if something is for everything, it is for nothing.


When choosing training, see if the training company meets this condition: Does it stand out by itself? Does he have a strong personality? Is it expressive? And most importantly: Will he share business and marketing knowledge with you?



How to become a Wedding Planner? See if I can help you!


For 4 years under Academy of Wedding Studios I run the Wedding Planner Expert Course for Wedding Consultant - most frequently chosen Course in Poland, in which I trained over 3 people in 400 years. It sounds proud and it's true - I'm extremely excited about our Academy it's not just training, but a real community, based on the primary value that I believe in life - on relationships with other people.


That is why for so many years I could not imagine creating an Online Course, but when the waiting time for taking a full-time course has long exceeded six months, and recent changes in the world have allowed me to develop ideal solutions for working online, I thought I was ready to create an online course still based on relationshipsand what helps us build them?


  1. Interactive training panel - you can do any lesson watch as many times as you like, you will receive access to the course for up to 6 months, thanks to which you can record the material wonderfully at your own pace. Under each movie you can ask me questions - which only you and I see, and which I answer once every 2 days during the evening video conferencing - yes, it will not be live, only interaction and getting to know the whole group. Not only the relationships between me and you are extremely important to me, but I also care about those between you.


  1. Individual course of teaching - the program is divided into 8 days, 3-5 hours a day, but that's it You decide what time and where you process the material and whether you do it on your computer, tablet or phone. Thanks to this, you can take part in the Course even if you take care of children or work full time every day. See you live once a week at 21 p.m. - when nothing bothers us anymore, and thanks to the questions asked before, even if you are late for the meeting, you know that I will answer your question and you will listen to the answer when it is convenient for you.


  1. Are you worried that we don't know each other personally? Nothing could be more wrong - each of you receives 2 hours of individual consultations with me, which you can pick up as conveniently - online or in our office in Gdynia, where in private we will talk about your business.


Today I know that an online course is a great opportunity - to take it trainings from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night, and thanks to the Online Course, I don't have to limit myself to 4 days as in the case of the Stationary Course, so I was able to prepare a bit more.


Sign up for the Online Wedding Planner Expert Course:


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