We are not afraid of winter, i.e. our ways to resist everyday

how to strengthen immunity

We believe that immunity must be taken care of every day, when we catch a cold it is often too late. That is why we take care not to get sick every day. Today I will answer the question how to increase immunity every day.

Vitamin C

Preventively accepted daily. Necessarily natural. We all take it, without exception. In what dose? It's best to ask a good doctor what dose is right for each member of your family.

Vitamin D

Underestimating, formerly supplemented mainly for children, today more and more publications are alarming about the huge deficiencies of this vitamin in our population. I went and examined it. I have 6x too low! So I won't tell you how much to take, you have to check it yourself. We all checked the level of vitamin D and agreed supplementation with the doctor. We also buy vitamin D natural, on prescription, for a few zlotys.

Linseed oil

Since we start each day with a portion of vitamin D, we immediately wash it down with a spoon of linseed oil. After all, vitamin D dissolves in fats, but not only because. Linseed oil has amazing properties that have been written about many times. It is important that the oil is unrefined and cold pressed. Why? In the process of refining or purification, the oil is deprived of all valuable ingredients and becomes defective, not to say worthless.

Coconut oil

Another miracle of nature, which favorite applications I wrote to you here. We smuggle it in meals, or "raw". The same principle applies here as in the case of linseed oil - it must be unrefined.

Black lilac

Another miracle strengthening the whole body. Mikołaj cuts him in twice a day, together with porridge.


A teaspoon of honey. But not with hot tea, which destroys its bactericidal effects. On a spoon and straight to the mouth. Personally, I don't like it, but I like being healthy. Due to the high concentration of allergens in honey, special care should be taken when administering it to babies. We have not yet dared so we eat it ourselves.

Zero chemistry

While we adults sin in pursuit of duties, we do not make exceptions to Mikołaj. His diet does not contain sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, monosodium glutamate or preservatives. Instead of deep-frozen bread from the market, we serve home-made bread, for which I gave you the recipe hereInstead of instant porridge, which contains little porridge, and a lot of powdered milk, palm oil and artificial flavors, it eats ordinary 100% spelled porridge, which takes a few minutes to prepare - we just have time to start with fruit. Replace the sausages with homemade pate. We strongly believe that we are what we eat and it has a huge impact on our health. I know that I will not protect the Child for the whole life, but I believe that the longer I can provide him with wholesome products and not administer food chemicals, the better.

Daily walks

Santa spends at least an hour outdoors every day. Qatar is not an obstacle to walking. It shrinks nicely and relieves. The only situation where we would stay at home is a fever and a huge downpour.

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And how is your immunity?

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  • 23.09.2020

    It's great that you mentioned linseed oil. It is a product rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids with a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It is best eaten cold. You can add it, for example, to a salad or homemade sandwich spread 🙂

  • 13.02.2019

    I am digging up the topic a bit but I am looking for various articles written by mothers who, through their experience, can share tips on how to increase immunity in children. I have a 3 year-old daughter who gets sick very often. I don't want to stuff her with drugs and pills. I buy various lollipops and jellies at the pharmacy but this is only temporary help. I'm glad I came here. I will try the elderberry treatment when I was a child, even this brew helped me.

  • Paula

    Oh is coming back last year I was terrified - including the hope that I will be able to survive without infection. In January we were all - the whole family in Naturian's office for nls diagnostics and later for bioresonance treatment, as it turned out that we are all saturated with bacteria and viruses that constantly cause recurrences of various infections and colds. Fortunately, the bioresonance was painless, so the kids did not feel the treatment, but it paid off because we survived the spring and summer season without viruses.

  • 30.08.2018

    This hat is cute. 🙂 But otherwise a nice article, thanks a lot for such information, I will remember. 🙂

  • Martyn

    When it comes to resistance, in winter I reach for bee products. Recently, I have been taking concentrated feather bread in capsules, now probably the only bee pearl on the market. In addition, I changed my diet, I take vitamin C and I'm happy with the results 😀

  • 19.10.2016

    I also believe that we are what we eat. In summer, it prepares the preparations, e.g. elderberry juice, blackcurrant syrups or quince. In autumn and winter it is added to tea. In addition, we eat a lot of honey, take Wit D and dress warmly. A good jacket and hat are essential.

  • 29.03.2016

    Super pictures. You can see in them that you really are not afraid of winter anything and nothing! Vitamins of group C, D honey sensationally support our immune system. A very nice article. I don't have to wish much health 🙂

  • 25.01.2016

    Similarly, vitamin C and D, honey and coconut oil. In the evening, I always prepare meals for the next day (mainly for my husband to eat healthily at work) and honey, which I also don't like smuggled in cocktails, sometimes I add coconut oil to them, which I do not feel at all.

    • 29.03.2016

      cool! I am jealous of perseverance in preparing meals, unfortunately this is a limp with us, but we certainly try to improve it.