Autumn, wardrobe BASIC wish list

autumn wish list

It is impossible to deny that autumn chased summer away. It's high time to inspect your wardrobe, to delegate airy, summer dresses and sandals to the depths of wardrobes, and all this to bring warmer, autumn treasures to the fore.

In my wardrobe I diagnosed a few shortcomings: I could use a medium-thick coat, preferably with a hood - and here I have a problem, the hood takes away the elegance, but in my work there are not always enough hands to hold an umbrella, but wet, floppy hair seems to be an even worse solution.
Another lack is comfortable shoes, flat shoes - after taking my beloved sachets from previous seasons out of the wardrobe, it turned out that they are suitable for Sunday walks, not for the office. However, after breaking my leg in January this year, I will not risk walking in heels yet.
Of course, I could use an elegant sweater - I love the asymmetry, which, at a height of 162 cm and a size of 40, allows me to slim my figure.
Cap? Why not!
And the dress - there are never enough of them in my wardrobe.

Tadam! I present to you my autumn wish list. I chose basic cuts and colors - white, gray and black - always in fashion, they blend in perfectly with all colors and I can add variety to them. And most importantly - none of these items costs more than PLN 200.

Boots: black from ecological suede or in practice from material. Airy, perfect for cooler, dry days. I would put them on to dresses instead of the ballet shoes I used to wear.
To buy in H&M at the price of 199 PLN.

Coat: gray so it will fit everything, tied at the waist - I love it, with a hood - in case of wind or showers, perfect for running in it on the office-car route, etc.
To buy in the online store M at the price of PLN 179,99.

Sweater: gray, warm, asymmetrical - perfect for people wearing clothes larger than 36 😉, that is for me. Such a cut perfectly masks the hips and slims the figure, and thanks to the zipper and buttons it can be worn in several ways. You can also count on an artistic look 😉 Asymmetrical gray sweater turned out to be the most difficult thing to find. I will definitely go to the store to get him - I hope he will not disappoint me 🙂
To buy in the chain of stores MOHITO at the price of PLN 129,99.

Dress: Since I wear dresses instead of pants more and more often, I feel a few kg lighter 🙂
Pants optically cut our figure in half, not necessarily allowing us to maintain good proportions, and dresses not necessarily. By adding a strap to them, you can emphasize your leanest place, or without assuming that you cover up the lack of a waist. This simple, gray, casual dress seems to be perfect for going to the cinema or cafe on long autumn evenings. I can already see her in these black boots. Plus melange, warm tights and a woolen scarf. I also eat a muffin 😉
To buy in the online store at the price of PLN 59,99.

Cap: certainly not a duo with a coat but with a jacket.
To buy in the chain of stores Reserved at the price of 59,99 PLN.

How do you like my suggestions? Is your autumn wardrobe ready?


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  • 19.10.2013

    a great proposition for fall too, I have to make a list for myself
    because it got cold outside the window

  • 29.09.2013

    You inspired me! I really like these minimalist and oversized things, especially this coat. I discovered this online store thanks to you.

  • 28.09.2013

    I have nothing to go on now 🙁 every season is the same problem, I do not know what I went in spring and winter: /. I like this coat very much from your suggestions. I associate cut a bit with a bathrobe, but that's cool, because it's not very elegant and suitable for everyday walking.

  • 28.09.2013

    Beautiful coat and great sweater :)
    I greet warmly:)))

  • 28.09.2013

    I like your suggestions very much, especially this gray sweater looks very pleasant to wear and cover the shortcomings of the figure 🙂

  • 28.09.2013

    I am in the process of supplementing my 🙂

    • 28.09.2013

      (I'm not) I am already bad, because I am very unconscious, because about 3: 30 I got up on the plane, I start with pleasure, that is catching up with blog backlogs 🙂

  • 28.09.2013

    My wardrobe is already bursting at the seams 😀