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When I got pregnant, these provisions did not yet apply. Later, no one told me about these changes. Ignorance of my rights cost me a lot of stress and money, so you must know them.


My history

The terrible results of my thrombophilia in the first weeks of pregnancy meant that almost from the very beginning of my pregnancy, I should be under the care of a hematologist. When I called the clinic, it turned out that there are no records for this year anymore, and for 2018 they will start at the end of the year, long after my termination. So I decided to go to a hematologist privately. I checked a few known names, the registration of which, by calling, it turned out that admitting new patients is suspended… until further notice! Then I started looking for any hematologist who would consult me ​​and make sure that I was pregnant and that the treatment was right. I have not found. Fortunately, I found an immunologist - also privately, but the doctor with the title of professor did an excellent job of consulting the treatment of my pregnancy with thrombophilia.



Private visits to a specialist

I had visits to the immunologist once a month on average, sometimes more often. The cost of such a one-time visit is over PLN 200, plus a set of tests confirming whether the treatment received is sufficient and ensures that the markers of the disease are at the appropriate level, which does not endanger the health and life of not only the child, but also mine. Added to this were the costs of testing the height of NK cells. The price of a single set of tests was therefore on average from 400 to 600 PLN. Of course, neither the Child's life nor mine have a price, so I covered these costs myself every month. I was lucky that I could afford such expenses, many Polish families could exceed such a cost.



It was December 2016. Did you know that from January 2017 this story should be completely different?



One day, looking for information on a completely different topic, I came across new regulations that say that:


From January 2017 pregnant women
are admitted to a specialist doctor and pharmacy
without queue!


Usually, however, only if they know about it.


A woman with a referral, e.g. to an endocrinologist, hematologist or immunologist, is not put on the waiting list, but is admitted on the same day or within a maximum of 7 working days from reporting.


The change is introduced by the adopted act "For life"Whose art. 18 para. 2 modifies Art. 47c paragraph 1 of the Act of 27 August 2004 on health care services financed from public funds. After the change it sounds like this:


"1. Pregnant women, beneficiaries up to 18 years of age, possessing the certificate referred to in art. 47 section 1, persons referred to in art. 43 section 1, war and military invalids and veterans have the right to receive health care services out of order and from pharmaceutical services provided in pharmacies. Children without a queue will be admitted to specialists and in the pharmacy who have a severe and irreversible impairment or an incurable disease.


- If it is not possible to provide the benefit on the day of application, it should be made at a different time, except for the order resulting from the waiting list. However, in the case of outpatient healthcare services, the benefit should be provided not later than seven business days from the date of notification - we read in the act.


In order not to wait for a visit for months, a woman should have:

  • certificate confirming pregnancy, issued by a primary care physician, health insurance physician with 2nd degree specialization or obstetrics and gynecology specialist,
  • referral to a specialist doctor.


What has changed in practice?

It was the end of April 2017. At the next private visit, I asked my pregnancy doctor for a certificate confirming that I was pregnant and for a referral to an immunologist. I called the University Clinical Center in Gdańsk to arrange a visit. I have received information that in the event of a shortened registration deadline, I need to appear in person with the original certificate and referral in order to register. I went there the next day with a certificate that I was pregnant and a referral from a private doctor.


I was accepted without a queue for registration at UCK and I was offered to see a specialist within 5 days (I came across a long May weekend).


I have an appointment for a specific day and specific time. The only problem I encountered was when presenting the referral - I was informed that for the purposes of registration it would be enough, but on the day of the visit, I should present a referral from a clinic that has an agreement with the National Health Fund, and not a referral from a private office.


So I went to my family doctor as part of the care provided by my clinic, I received the necessary referral with whom I appeared on the day of the registration visit.


The visit took place as part of my insurance at ZUS - free of charge, I also received a referral for a set of tests, for which I also did not have to pay. It is also not without significance that the visit took place at the same doctor who used to see me in a private clinic.


Can you? You can, usually as long as you know the rules.


If you came across problems and health centers that hide behind ignorance of these laws, I have prepared a law for you to print - relevant parts are marked in yellow >> click. Now nobody will be able to refuse you free visits to specialists during pregnancy literally "on the spot".


Beloved, like and share - let as many pregnant women as possible enjoy free, best specialist care in Poland. Our pregnancies are the greatest miracle, but sometimes also the most difficult. Myself, without the support of the best specialists, daily injections and medications, I was not able to carry on any pregnancy.



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  • 05.12.2018

    I'm trying to make an appointment with a diabetologist because the results of my glucose tolerance test are above the norm. There are no deadlines wherever I call. And nobody cares if I'm pregnant. In the provincial hospital I was told that I could come over at 7 am and ASK the doctors if one would see me, but there was no guarantee that I would be successful. Then I have to come every day and ask…. So that's enough of the powers for pregnant women. Privately, the appointment for the diabetologist is in mid-January and nobody cares that it is gestational diabetes, which may have consequences for my child. To be honest, I am broken.

    • Ola

      Hey, if it helps someone… From experience…. If you have a problem with appointing a doctor in accordance with the Act, just call the National Health Fund and describe the situation, they contact the facility that refused admission up to 7 days. Additionally, they search for the nearest facility that will meet the admission requirement up to 7 days. There was no problem with subsequent visits. The ladies from the reception and the entire clinic were instructed. On new regulations.

  • 05.10.2018

    It's good that you inform about it, because we suspect that if women do not know about it, no one is in a hurry to inform them ... It's great that such valuable posts appear in the Polish blogosphere. Best regards and we wish you a lot of inspiration. 🙂

  • Monilip

    Calling the ophthalmic clinic (for pre-delivery consultations) I found out that they have a free date for May ... 2023. Great, but I have a termination date for July THIS YEAR. I referred to this law, but my grandmother dismissed me in the registration, saying that it did not apply to them because they are not an ordinary clinic (only a special clinic (I did not understand it here), but I signed up for a gynecologist in this clinic ... to my regular district clinic. However, I do not see anything in the act that only "district clinics" apply. Was my grandmother rightly dismissing me?

    • Teresa

      Hello, from which week of pregnancy can you take advantage of this opportunity? I am 5 TC my 5 pregnancy and 3 starts behind me. I have an appointment with an immunologist on 20.03.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX.

  • Alicja Gryska

    I had a similar situation with an ophthalmologist today. She grudgingly said that pregnancy was not an indication for an ophthalmological visit (having my referral in hand) and made an appointment. I had time to ask: "when? After giving birth?"

  • Hanna

    Everything is fine, great act, but so what? In my opinion, nothing. I went to the doctor today. I was referred to an endocrinologist. I called another health center (there is no endocrinologist in mine). I referred to the act and informed the registration lady that I had a referral. I was offered a term in 5 months, i.e. one month before termination of pregnancy! When asked if I could not do it earlier because I am pregnant, the registration lady said that if there is no information on the referral, it is not written that it is urgent, it will not be available sooner. So I went to the doctor again (of course, no one wanted to let me in for literally a second after adding the word "URGENT" to the referral). When I finally got a note and went to that center to make an appointment with an endocrinologist, I found out that I can get in in 3 months! And what about this law? Unfortunately, I can wipe my bottom with it. I can also submit a complaint, and someone will put this complaint on a pile and that's it. Fortunately, my husband found the endocrinology department at the hospital and in 8 days I am going to the endocrinologist.

  • AGA1473

    This week I tried to sign up to a gynecologist at the National Health Fund. I am in Tc 13 of twin (dual vocabulary - that's quite important). As I would like a parent to Starynkiewicza, I went to the clinic there. I learned from the midwife that a double vaginal pregnancy is not a risk pregnancy and that I should visit a local clinic. I also went there. And there the lady at the reception said that she could sign me up, but at the end of September, but the doctor will send me to the hospital clinic anyway, because a twin pregnancy is usually an increased risk pregnancy.
    Do you have any idea what to do about it? Or maybe one of the readers was seeing something similar?

  • Lady Butterfly

    Great news. Please, can you tell me where to find an excerpt in this Act, except that the date of the visit to a specialist is to be on the same day, and if it is impossible, then within 7 days?
    because I don't think these words are in the bill you put in. or I'm blind.
    Thank you for the advice.

  • 23.07.2017

    Thanks for the information, I will pass on to my wife. Fortunately, the pregnancy is going well, but we do not know what can happen, because it is only the third month

  • Magdalena Maleszyk

    Agnieszka, I wanted to ask if I could apply for an earlier appointment for a nfz to a dermatologist and an ophthalmologist on the basis of this act (I would like to point out that this is a private facility which has a contract signed with nfz for performing these services)? And do I need a 2x certificate of being pregnant to sign up for them? Thank you for the answer 🙂

  • Natalia Wyszkowska

    I do not quite understand on what basis the visit to a specialist is to be free? The act only mentions the admission of pregnant women outside the queue. I understand that free visits take place without queues in facilities that have a contract with the NFZ? The Act does not stipulate that visits to private facilities become free for pregnant women? I am asking for clarification, because I am a bit lost. 😉 Thank you in advance and best regards

    • 18.07.2017

      Yes, of course, I mean the state health service, which until now I could not use during pregnancy, because the dates were for a year or two, so I had to go privately where I waited much shorter. Now I go to the same doctor, but not to a private public clinic anymore, and I am waiting for my visit even more.

    • Natalia Wyszkowska

      Thank you for the info 🙂

  • Ewa

    And can a pregnancy certificate be considered a certificate of pregnancy?

    • 18.07.2017

      In my opinion, yes - it is a document confirming the fact that the patient is pregnant, but I presented a separate certificate. I do not see the act regulating the permissible form of this certificate. it's best to call a specific facility and ask.

  • Małgosia

    and do you know (or any of the readers) what it looks like when I want to get to a specialist who is not required to be referred? Specifically, I mean a gynecologist who says he wants to see me in 3 weeks and the lady in registration tells me that this is not possible and makes an appointment for 6 weeks knowing that I am pregnant. I tried to get some information by phone from the National Health Fund, but there they either could not answer me and sent me away, or simply hung up. I ran out of patience.

    • 18.07.2017

      I would personally ask the lady from registration for such a refusal in writing - in accordance with the law "Pregnant women (...) have the right to use healthcare benefits out of sequence" and if she refused to issue a refusal in writing, I would write down her name and surname and inform her that I submit a complaint to the Ombudsman for Patients' Rights - it should help immediately 🙂 you can also ask to speak with her supervisor. Unfortunately, we still have to fight for our rights 🙁

  • Monia

    In infectious in Gdansk, I shortened my date of visit from 2020 to a month. After being reminded, the ladies asked who told me that I had this right 🙂 Surely we have to wait for the practice of this right in 100% but everything is on the right path 🙂

    • 11.07.2017

      Oh man, and I got the deadline for 5 days at UCK. But I had a bill printed in my hand 😉

  • 08.07.2017

    I'm not pregnant but I consider this post very important! I worked for a long time on the registration of an outpatient clinic that was admitted to the National Health Fund and for a fee ... The practices used there were quite outrageous ... Often, not knowing about your rights and obligations results in unpleasant consequences.

    As for the need for a referral from the NFZ, this is an absurd rule for me, artificially driving the number of visits to NFZ doctors.

    Aside from the topic of the post, you are gorgeous!

    • 09.07.2017

      Thank you very much for all kind words 🙂
      And with the driving force behind artificial visits, you are 100% right….