Baby changing and nursing corner

baby changing and nursing corner in parents' bedroom

How did we arrange the changing and care corner for our second son? What could not be missing in it, and what did we give up?


You can see Mikołajka's caring corner, which I arranged over three years ago here.


It consisted of two basic elements: a high dresser for clothes and a changing table with two shelves underneath. Why didn't I use the same elements again?


I consider a separate, designated scrolling place a bull's-eye. For me it is extraordinary comfort to be able to swaddle the Baby at the right height, in the company of all necessary accessories, having diapers, swabs or clothes always at my fingertips, which is why I knew that I would want to repeat this solution with the next Child.


I also knew that a separate changing table with shelves is not quite what has worked out perfectly with us. Why? The exposed shelves for storage were so high and deep that I found it impractical, because no matter how I put supplies or toys on them, it always felt like a mess. It did not help to organize myself in white cardboard boxes specially bought for this purpose, as using them was very inconvenient for me. In practice, a chest of drawers and a changing table with ... empty shelves stood next to each other, taking up quite a large area.


This time nursing corner, i.e. a corner for changing and storing clothes, I decided to arrange it in our bedroom, and not in a separate child's room, and therefore the space they were to occupy, I wanted to minimize. Because I put on a chest of drawers with a changing pad and in this way I replaced two furniture - one.


Care corner I arranged it to fit our white and gray bedroom, after all, is its integral part. So I wanted it to be an extension of it, and also that the chest of drawers should come from the collection of children's furniture, so that in the future I could choose a matching wardrobe and cot and decorate the children's room.


children's room elk headchildren's room clothes hangerchildren's room white-gray children's room children's room elk antlers


About how I organized the whole dresser, a drawer by drawer will be created a separate post, but I will tell you immediately that I was unnecessarily afraid that I would not fit in it - experience after the first child allowed me limit the number of clothes so that they all fit in one drawer nowand we wash once, maximum twice a week.


children's room chest of drawers quaxchildren's room chest of drawers quax muppetshop


I love solutions that will not only work for many years (I will be able to remove the scroll cover and the dresser will be left alone), but above all they are practical and make life easier.


This is because in basket, next to the changing table, I hid stock of organic diapers, swabs and clean water in the bottle, and coconut oil in a jar - my favorite changing kit. I must put on the changing table by the wall rolled up diaper - my little one loves to push off with his feet up. The observers will see that it is hanging behind the curtain gray organizer for extra trinkets, we are still empty.


newborn baby changing corner baby changing table chest of drawers with changing table, children's room gray baby room


I put an extra on the windowsill organizer. On the one hand, I keep all of them care accessories: hairbrush, comb, scissors, thermometers and cosmetics.


beaba organizer


The other - nappies and wet wipes, but not chemical, only 99,9% soaked with water and 0,1% with fruit extract - thanks to this, when I want to change my baby's nappy in a different place in the house or in the garden, all I need to do is take this organizer with me and I have everything at hand.




I hung over the dresser elk head i shelveson which someday photo frames or other decorations will stand. On the right side of the dresser I hang bath towel.


And since the scrolling, there could be a special one a nappy basket, which stands on the left side of the dresser and which you can read my review here.


white-gray children's room


And how do you like our baby care corner?


And that's not all, because next to I created a comfortable corner for breastfeeding or a bottle, you will see it here.


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The post featured:

Chest of drawers with changing cover - Quax Camille Milk
Organizer for accessories and diapers, scissors, hairbrush, comb - Beaba
Basket for used nappies - Sangenic Tec white Tommee Tippee
Changing pad upholstery - Ceba Caro Szara
Lamp and basket for storage - Roomee Decor
Towel - Dear Eco
Gray hanging organizer behind the curtain - H&M Home
Plush moose head - gift
Shelves - IKEA


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  • Agnieszka

    Wonderful, minimalistic style compatible with nature! After reading this entry, I no longer need to read other rankings for ointments, oils, lotions, etc., only nature and simplicity, I am delighted and I take an example! 🙂
    Which tissues do you recommend to make them as natural as possible, with the fewest ingredients and as much water as possible?
    Thank you in advance!

  • Marta

    Agnieszka, thank you for a lot of valuable information! A wonderful blog!
    I have a question - does this Caro changing pad have a stiff bottom and pegs attached to it to prevent sliding? From what I read, this type is mounted on cots. And what about such a frame on a dresser? These pegs are not in the way? Or maybe the overlay should be without? I will be grateful for your help 🙂 regards!

  • 05.02.2019

    Nursing corner for a child - brilliant <3! Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

  • Anna

    I warmly welcome,
    where can you buy clothes hangers from photos?

  • 10.10.2018

    It's nice to have such a comfortable and safe corner. It is a pity, however, that reality forces skilful scrolling in all conditions 😀

  • Marika

    Is this a changing table from the Ceba Caro collection in gray? greetings

  • Ola

    Ms Agnieszka, but you are inspired! I am asking you, can you give me the dimensions of the changing table itself? I plan to do this commode with a carpenter to size and it would be a great help. The second point that I was interested in your comment about the changing pad cover. I understand that on a chest of drawers with a changing table, I put such a soft ala changing table and on it Changing mat upholstery - Ceba Caro Gray .. I'm sorry I have no experience. Is this upholstery washable? Because you wrote something about it in one of the comments. Thank you

  • something

    I have a few questions 🙂 What coconut oil do you use for childcare? Are there any special coconut cosmetic oils? I didn't find it in the pharmacy. And where can you buy such nice baskets with gray material? 🙂

  • Monika Wajda

    Hello Mrs. Agnieszka, amazing BLOG !!! Thanks to you, I have a lot of lightening my head and a lot of advice 🙂 I also have a question, I like your clothes hangers very much and I am looking for similar sets but I can't find anywhere 🙁 Could you tell me where to buy such hangers? 🙂


    I warmly welcome! At the beginning, I would like to congratulate you on a beautiful blog and an ideal (both aesthetically and practically;) organization. I have a practical question about the changing table. I want to buy one like this. which you have, but I am wondering about its functionality. To the point;): should these "covers" for the changing table be replaceable and should I have a few of them (because I have to wash them all the time?), What should I put on the changing table (or should I put anything at all?), E.g. underpads (disposable / reusable) , tetras diapers - I will be grateful for an example of such pads.
    Best regards and good luck and all the best in the new year! 🙂

    • 03.01.2018

      Dear Ola, thank you so much for such kind words.
      My changing cover is made of a washable material, on which I don't have any cover. If I only change the baby's diaper, I put a disposable liner on it or I don't put anything else on it, because the baby is dressed, he has a diaper under his bottom, or he will touch the material with his heels, which will not be discomfort for him, and I wipe off any dirt with a cotton pad and water. If I put my baby down after a bath, even though I put him on a towel, I like to put a clean tetro diaper on the changing table beforehand, so that after wiping it dry, hang a wet towel, and the baby is not placed on this washable material, which could be unpleasant when lying on it. Personally, I did not decide on a pad with a fabric cover - I had one with my Elder Son, the one from Ikea and in practice 3 sheets were sometimes not enough to wash and change on a regular basis.
      All the best and for you!

    • HELLO

      Thank you very much for your answer! I have one more doubt: is this white "casing" of the changing table (which I believe is part of the furniture (?), Although I have seen that many companies offer separate overlays for chests of drawers, in which the changing table is placed)? Or is the changing table enough for me? Best wishes!

  • 08.12.2017

    Agnieszka, how many centimeters does the changing table stick out from the dresser? On the page you gave, unfortunately, there are only the dimensions of the dresser itself, and this specific length is also very important in my case :) Regards

  • DagmaraN

    Agnieszka, beautiful photos and a very interesting series of articles. I have a question, in the background I think I see a towel or a dressing gown, what is it made of?
    I am asking because I am testing a bamboo towel now, I got a layette as a gift, the company is probably Cuddle Dreams. It is very absorbent and incredibly soft and has a cap but I'm also wondering whether to buy a robe for this?

    • 13.12.2017

      This is a towel from Dear Eco - the nicest we have, we love it 🙂 personally and I do not see the need for a bathrobe, only when we sleep in a hotel, the Elder Son has a towel put on over his head with a hood on the way to and from the pool 🙂

  • Aga

    Hello. Inspired by every blog entry, I also want to bet on baby's natural care methods. My son is just finishing 5 a month and we started to deal with the rash - we are currently looking towards AD. I already use a starch bath to spread coconut oil from a private compressor plant in 100% without any additives and unrefined - it's extra! The rash goes away but I wonder what to do it on a daily basis - I will leave the starch to the eventuality of subsequent skin changes. Why don't you tell me what to use for washing? Do you buy expensive emollient / olive .. I do not know what mild will be suitable for the bath. I want to find something natural and proven. I will be grateful for the hints. 🙂

    • 13.12.2017

      Aguś, for washing I use either clean water or Babydream from Rossmann or Momme Nourishing bath cream.
      I am against emollients if the child has healthy skin and there are no indications - emollients can laze healthy skin and disrupt its proper functioning by providing the skin with what it should produce by itself. In the same way, if the skin does not require it, I do not lubricate it with anything, and possible changes only locally.

  • KaroDeco

    Beautifully! 🙂

  • Kasia Skrzyniarz

    Is beautifully! I will not hide that I am going to take advantage of many of your advice 🙂 I have a question - do you use coconut oil instead of olive / lotion?

    • 15.11.2017

      I am very pleased and thank you 🙂 I use coconut oil for everything, i.e. for the body and the ass, if needed. If the skin is ok I do not use anything for the body or the ass. I also use Bepanthen Baby Extra for pupa, but I also use it only if the pupa is irritated or chafed 🙂

    • Kasia Skrzyniarz

      Thank you for your reply 🙂 now I am waiting for the post with the organization of the baby dresser 🙂 greetings!