Printable 2019 calendar - monthly

2019 calendar for monthly printing

A calendar with a view for individual months hangs in our kitchen and helps to orientate each household member in family life. I print it every year and hang it on a pad with a clip - thanks to this the calendar costs me a few pennies, and in case of mistakes or a big change of plans, I can always print another page.


The version that I have prepared for myself and I make it available to you today absolutely free of charge on all already entered holidays i non-working dayswhich I emphasized for distinction double line. All you need to do is complete it with your family events and start planning 2019 of the year, according to your priorities.


Well, do you even know what yours are? In the next post I will tell you what I was guided by when choosing mine, and these are FAMILY, HEALTH and SAFETY. These are my overarching signposts and I refer to them when making every important life decision. However, their choice was not so simple or obvious! Like I always had them in my head, but until I verbalized them, in practice they did not set my direction in everyday life.


Before you download the calendar, I would like to invite you to mine fresh, literally just created Facebook group, where we can talk to each other about planning, but above all about positive thinking, and also have a positive attitude every day - I called my calendar for a reason:


Good morning!

Calendar for a good day


Want to see what the calendar looks like before downloading? Here are two sample months:

2019 calendar for printing January2019 calendar for print April

Here you will find the calendar:

Printable monthly calendar 2019 A4 - PDF

Download the Printable 2019 Calendar January-December - PDF


Printable monthly calendar 2019 A4 - JPG

Download the Calendar 2019 for print January - JPG

Download the Calendar 2019 for print February - JPG

Download the 2019 Calendar for printing March - JPG

Download the Calendar 2019 for print April - JPG

Download the Calendar 2019 for print May - JPG

Download the Calendar 2019 for print June - JPG

Download the Calendar 2019 for print July - JPG

Download the Calendar 2019 for print August - JPG

Download the Calendar 2019 for print September - JPG

Download the Calendar 2019 for print October - JPG

Download the Calendar 2019 for print November - JPG

Download the Calendar 2019 for print December - JPG


How do I use this calendar?


I print it on my home printer on A4 sheets. It's black and white so I don't need colored ink to make it look nice. I hang the calendar in the kitchen - I use a plywood pad with a clip for this.


At the beginning of this calendar I write all birthdays, name days and anniversaries as well as other important dates for our family. We are planning trips and holidays here. The view of the whole month allows me to keep work-life balance not only in the year but also in individual months.


Here you will find all the events that take place on a specific day at a specific time, for example:

January 21, 2019 - 16 p.m. Dentist Aga

December 28, 2019 - 13:15 Balance of the four-year-old Mika

February 1, 2019 - 20 p.m. Aga going out with friends


Thanks to this, each of us knows what is going on in our family's life outside the standard schedule.


I hope you like our idea for a family calendar. We can't imagine life without him anymore. And if you use it, I will be pleased if you mark me #kalendarznadobrydzien - thanks to this, we will be able to find ourselves in social media.


This calendar is just the beginning - I fell in love with creating planning tools, and the fantastic feedback from you gave me wings so that this is just the beginning! Here you can download the planner - weekly calendar for 2019 year - perfect for sticking in a binder or binding and organizing your balanced life, here annual calendar for 2019 - to plan strategic goals and tasks.


And if you want to receive information about further tools for planning and organizing a balanced life that you can download for free, subscribe to this list:


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    Great article, but I want to go shopping immediately 🙂 Friday today 🙂

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    I use a block of sticky notes, but such a calendar is, however, a greater order in planning. You convinced me, I print, greetings.

  • Lena

    I am happy to read your entries. I have not met such a calm, balanced and cultured person like you for a long time <3

  • Fakirka

    Downloading because I can't embrace myself this year. I'm enrolling in a language course, I want to finally get a driving license, my master's degree is waiting for writing, I will get lost without proper planning. I admire you doing so much and looking great. And tell me, do you have any patents for learning English? But that would be learned once and for all? I think about this course: because learning in small portions, and regularly, and I read that it was a good idea. Maybe write about learning languages?

  • Małgosia

    thank you very much

  • 08.01.2019

    A solid calendar in the new year is the basis 🙂

  • 08.01.2019

    There was nothing left but to print the calendar. I like that I don't need a printer with color inks - perfect! I'm getting started!

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    I browse, look and see a lot going on here. appetizing photos. the calendar will probably come in handy good work pis I have already written but a beautiful Christmas tree! I'm going to browse further. have a nice day asia