Printable 2019 Calendar - Annual

2019 calendar for printing

Planning on the annual calendar was my best step towards work-life balance. Today, completely free, I share with you my annual calendar in a stand-alone version, in the A4 version, at home.


Before you download the calendar, I would like to invite you to mine fresh, literally just created Facebook group, where we can talk to each other about planning, but above all about positive thinking, and also have a positive attitude every day - I called my calendar for a reason:


Good morning!

Calendar for a good day


And here the promised calendar:

A4 Annual Calendar

Download the Annual Calendar A4 - PDF

Download the Annual Calendar A4 - JPG


And in the next materials I will tell you how I use it and how it allows me to implement small and large family and professional plans. I will also be happy to meet you live on a Facebook group, so I'll be glad to see you there.


In the next materials, I will provide you with an annual calendar - planner - also for self-printing, but in A5 format, i.e. notebook format, which you can attach to any binder.


I created it on the basis of mine 12 years of experience as an entrepreneur, and practicing the profession of Wedding Planner and Trainer, I hope it will be useful to you.


Today I write very briefly, because my Son is feverish again and I know that I need him more than you do today.


Looking forward to hearing from you! #kalendarznadobrydzien


This calendar is just the beginning - I fell in love with creating planning tools, and the fantastic feedback from you gave me wings so that this is just the beginning! Here you can download the planner - weekly calendar for 2019 year - perfect for attaching to a binder or binding and organizing your balanced life and my beloved ones monthly calendars on 2019 - perfect for hanging in the kitchen and organizing the life of the whole family.


And if you want to receive information about further tools for planning and organizing a balanced life that you can download for free, subscribe to this list:


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