Calendar for a Good Day - Planner 2019 printable for free

Annual printable weekly calendar planner

As promised, I am giving you (read on your printers) a calendar / planner for 2019 for self-printing. The calendar is free, and the downloads are prepared so that you can print them on both sides in A4 format according to the instructions below, and then cut them in half to A5 format, fold them, attach them to a binder and enjoy your own calendar made by yourself!

Advantages of the calendar

  • the calendar is from January 2019 to the end of January 2020, so you don't have to worry at the end of the year that you have nowhere to write down tasks for the beginning of the next year
  • the calendar has a weekly view - thanks to this you can look at the week as a whole, you can smoothly transfer tasks between days and you do not have to turn over 4 pages to plan these 7 days efficiently and evenly
  • under the date and name of the day there is a field for the priorities of the day - without these sentences, the day will not work!
  • hours from 7 to 20
  • a place to write down your daily menu - the perfect tool for monitoring the progress of your diet or checking healthy habits
  • a place to write down every day 5 things you are grateful for - my recipe for getting up from life crises and more pink color in everyday life

What do you need?

  • 30 sheets of A4 paper - preferably 80 g of good quality (standard paper) is sufficient, but if you prefer thicker paper, it will be more elegant, but also thicker. On 80 g paper, the calendar is about 1.5 cm thick.
  • printer - it can be ink or laser and does not have to have a duplex function, i.e. turning pages (of course, if your machine has one, it will be a bit easier for you, which will be discussed later).
  • guillotine or good scissors - as I mentioned before, we print A4, and the calendar is A5, so you have to cut the pages in half after printing. Of course, you can use scissors or a wallpaper knife, glass and a ruler - it takes a bit more time and care than slashing with a guillotine, but you can also.
  • punch - although the fastening technique is optional, I suggest you punch it and put it in an A5 file. A 4-hole binder option is a good solution, but it requires "more serious" equipment. For me, the puncher that we use to punch training materials on wedding planner coursewhich I lead - it's a universal quadruple buttonhole and each buttonhole can be moved left / right to obtain holes for both A4 and A5, I recommend it to fans of home documentation.
  • ring binder or other cover - look in stationery stores or on Allegro. I mocked this year the.
    I will reveal that I am preparing something beautiful for you in the subject of covers!


An alternative option

If you are not a fan of home printing, your printer plays tricks, or the ink has dried up in it, you can print the calendar and bind at once for a dozen or so zlotys in any copy center or printing house.


How long does the calendar print out?

The printing time itself will obviously depend on the printer, but it will be more time consuming to cut than to print. Punching depends on our equipment - remember, both the guillotine and the punch will be able to "grab" only a few pages at a time. For me it was:

  • guillotine: 5 cards max
  • punch: 10 cards max


How much is it?

I give you the calendar design for free - I designed it for myself and I will be very glad to know that my calendar will help someone organize myself better.

  • Project to download: 0 zł
  • Cover: from 10 PLN
  • cards: ~ 1 PLN
  • Ink / toner: uncountable, but close to 0 PLN 😉


2019 calendar for download

I divided the calendar for a good day into 2 versions:


  • 1 version: I have a printer with duplex function (automatic inversion of pages)
    • PDF for download - both sides, i.e. front and back are one behind the other
    • Instruction: When printing in the panel, you choose the "two-sided printing" or "automatic duplex" option, you release the file to the printer and go to make a coffee 😉


  • 2 version: Has a standard duplex printer
    • Download PDF Front
    • Customizable PDF Rear
    • Instruction: First you print the file "Front" and then you make sure that the pages that come out are sorted so that if you turn them over, you:
      1. printing will start on the blank side;
      2. printing starts from the first page.
        Both of these topics always depend on the printer model and how the sheet feeder is solved. I admit that I have had a mistake more than once ...

Lifehack, which can also be useful later: if the printout shows that the font is not the same as the view, check the "print as image" option:


As a result of printing, you should have a 30 file of cards printed on both sides, the last one contains a view of the middle week of the year, i.e.

OK, I have it printed, but what to do next?

After printing both sides according to the instructions above, the entire pile of 30 cards should be cut and folded in half. As the guillotine cannot cut all at once, it is important not to mix the cards at this stage. If everything is done correctly, after folding both piles of A5 sheets (we leave the front of the cover outside and fold it as if we were closing the book in the middle of reading it), our calendar is created for us. At many stages it may seem a bit strange and magical "how to put it all together" but joy and satisfaction if they succeed they are really great 🙂


I hope that your prints will go smoothly and you will share your experience in a comment or photo on Instagram. When uploading photos of your DYI, don't forget to tag your photos #calendarnadobrydzien - so that I can easily find you 🙂


This calendar is just the beginning - I fell in love with creating planning tools, and the fantastic feedback from you gave me wings, so it's just the beginning! If you would like to receive information on further tools for planning and organizing a balanced life that you can download for free, subscribe to this newsletter:


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