Women's office, our command center

This is where we pack wedding parcels, come up with decoration concepts and Planners for a good day. I've already shown you the first installment of my assistant's office, while almost a year of work verified our plans a bit. I invite you to the latest version of our creative space.


Initially, there was an armchair and a glass-case with a glass door - a beige Billy bookcase however, it did not meet our storage requirements - it was too shallow and the things we need to store. too unattractive to display behind glass. We've got to keep parcel fillers, cartons and binders somewhere.


Initially, I wanted to remake it and replace the glass with a Viennese braidso that the cardboard boxes stored inside are not visible, but the binders do not fit to the depth, so the bookcase lived in our house in the attic, and here we focused on a proven solution - a 100 cm wardrobe PAX from Ikea with mullion doors. We are only waiting for the brass handles that will beautifully complete the whole, perfectly matching the patterned wallpaper.


how to arrange an office



There are lamps on the desks (one is still waiting for recruitment) - although the room is bright, on long winter evenings, when it gets dark at 15 p.m., additional lighting on the desk makes work much easier. We bet on Markslöjd lamps - the same color, but two different models to give the interior a dynamic.



The first - tall and slender with adjustable diffuser setting - is a model Gray POSE on a brass legwhich goes great with our accessories in this color without being too sweet.





The second - lower and visually heavier, this is CAEN, also in gray on a brass legwhich will also work great on a bookcase.





Here you can see how nice they correspond with each other.





When choosing interior accessories, I follow the principle that they also fit other roomsbecause it allows you to easily change interior styling - everything fits together. See how beautiful this lamp looks against the stucco background in my office.




We are still missing something on the windows.




I decided a year ago on blinds in a delicate champagne color, but unfortunately the supplier does not have this color in stock - it quickly turned out that the Swedish company produces in China. I considered changing to white wooden ones, but the 25mm ones will take too much light, and the 50mm ones will make it difficult to open the window - due to the slant on the wall, we have to mount them to the window, not to the wall.



Now, when I look at the inside, I'm not so convinced of this champagne anymore and I search my inspiration for something perfect. I was thinking about bamboobut I didn't feel them 100% either.



Above the radiator I would like to mount a drop-down tablethat will naturally perform the function heater coversand when unfolded it will also create an additional worktop - when we prepare Course for Wedding Planner each table top is worth its weight in gold to place manuals on it or pack wedding parcels.



Let me know how you like it with us. Would you like to work in such interiors?

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  • Karina

    I like this pink armchair, it looks cute 😀 I have a dark blue one in my room (from Pushman, it's called Metro, I read this book on it, I remember it: D) ​​and it's nice to lean on it, I can't imagine having a chair without a soft upholstery today .

  • Bogumil Hajdas

    I really like your arrangement, I am impatiently waiting for new ideas, best regards 🙂

  • Leszek

    You really have a beautiful taste 🙂 envy you!