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To explain everything to you, I have to start from the beginning.


I've always known that I want to run my own business. I also knew that I had to earn the money to start it myself. This is why, after going to Paris for six months, instead of devoting myself to full Erasmus fun, I found a job as an au-pair, with a nice salary and my own room with a bathroom in the attic of a villa in the richest, XNUMXth arrondissement of Paris. For the whole half a year I did not even try to buy a perfume or shoes, I ate only one real French pancake (it smelled so much that I baked it myself), and I put all the money I earned for my future, which I had always believed in.


15 June 2007 - at the age of 22, after almost two years of preparation, I set up my own company. Since then, so much has changed, and my career has developed in several directions.


First, in 2007, there was a Wedding Portal PobieramySię - here I took my first business steps, renovated and rented the first office in the basement, proudly called basement by my family, hired my first people, achieved my first successes and made my first mistakes. No, there were also failures. Today, after almost 10 years, I know that it is what I owe to DownloadSia, a lot of wonderful contacts, a solid portion of business and interpersonal knowledge, as well as a springboard for further activities. What's more, PobieramySię is on the market to this day and it is doing very well, and I still make sure that it does not fall out of this market, funding it with facelifts and new functionalities.


About in 2010 I decided that enough sitting behind the computer screen and it was high time to leave my comfort zone built behind the computer screen and meeting with clients whose dreams of a wonderful wedding I began to fulfill under the brand Wedding Studios. Working as a Wedding Consultant has given me the most positive emotions and experiences in my life, as well as true friendships, which is not easy in business.


At the peak of my earning, in May in 2012, in secret from the whole world and my husband, I published first blog post From under the blanket. It was after I was very involved for two years on the Deccoria portal, where I created galleries of my interiors and inspirations, around which a large group of recipients gathered. I wanted to collect them in one place, and that's how this blog was created. And although the name Spod kocyka is associated today primarily with "parenting", which I became a part of only over 2 years later, its genesis is completely different. In my busy world, I loved to find a moment for myself in the evening, drink my favorite tea, sit with my laptop under a warm blanket and write ... literally from under the blanket.


The next step was together with my husband creating a business network in 2015 - the Wedding Factory franchise network, thanks to which we cover almost all of Poland today. See for yourself what a wonderful team we are able to create. And mutual support, common priorities make our brand grow stronger every day.


At the very beginning of 2016 year I made my next business dream come true - I created Wedding Consultant Academy, where I prepare future Wedding Consultants for the profession using business courses and trainings, and all this is recommended by the Polish Association of Wedding Consultants.


Today, this blog is almost 5 years oldand I know it's high time for another change. I would like to continue to combine everything I do on a daily basis, i.e. my family, home, taking care of health, beauty and myself, my own, broadly understood "business", in which there is room for personal development, career and home, personal happiness and fulfillment.


Maintaining the recognition of several brands is not easy, so I decided to clip them with what they have in common, so my name and surname and from today welcome to the blog AgnieszkaKudela.pl. Yes, it is here that only my address has changed, I stay. Although different every day, and I owe it to you and the fact that you are giving me what you have the most precious - your time you spend here. I really appreciate it and I thank you for it with all my heart.


Like any change, this one also brings with it anxiety, and this feeling certainly accompanies me today. No doubt I'm saying goodbye today to a piece of something that I have been creating for 1667 days. However, I believe that at any moment what I feel will turn into excitement and will only drive me positively to further action.


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