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wedding consultant course

I am very happy that the fresh department Career has already got a group of fans on the Blog.


Very often you ask me about the next steps to become a Wedding Consultant, and that completing the appropriate course for a Wedding Consultant it is necessary here, you ask what course is worth investing in.

Then I always remember the course I finished myself, which lasted about a month and consisted of several sessions. Today, there are practically no such courses on the market, of course because Candidates for Wedding Consultants, having a choice, simply decide on much shorter forms of training, mainly weekend ones. From my experience I can say that the length of the course is certainly positively correlated with the knowledge you will learn from it, with the relationships you will make and with the problems you will solve.


Due to the fact that I myself stand before creating the offer of the Course for Wedding Consultants, I would like to ask you for help - please answer 8 short closed questions:


Thank you!

PS mine has already started Course for a Wedding Consultant.

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