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Explaining to this two-year-old what Santa is about is not so simple. It won't help you either, if you named your son Mikołaj, just like me, then Mikołaj is just one, himself.

So I decided to prepare myself in advance for the whole Santa and gift madness ...

First, I went to buy the right, festive literature, which was not so easy, because most of the stories I came across in a bookstore do not explain to such a toddler who this gentleman is in a strange costume and what he has to do with gifts. The matter is so serious that in our family the Real Santa Claus brings gifts personally, so it would be nice to get used to it lightly in advance.

And then it hit our hands ...


A personalized movie from Truest Santa Claus!



In it, Santa Claus addresses our Santa Claus directly - by his name, he shows who he is and where he lives, what he does every day, and most of all during holidays - he gives gifts to the Children.

Santa Claus also immediately checked if our Santa was found on his list of good children - see how long it is! We waited in great tension - "Saint" can build emotions.



Fortunately, Mikołaj had his place on it!



Santa's face - priceless!



There were also dances with joy!



Santa Claus also assured us that the gift would be delivered to the right address - look! It's my room!



And he made a message for the next year ...

There is also a place for us in the film ...



Any day will also come to us a real letter from Santa Clauswhich will be a wonderful answer to the one we sent him a few days ago. We'll keep it as a souvenir for our new Project Life album, as a complement to Santa's story and a wonderful memory.

You can see our whole magic movie here:

And now I will tell you something - and you can give your toddler a Santa's adventure, you can order the movie herewill be ready literally in a few hours.



Because of this a very expressive gift to make without leaving home and a wonderful announcement of the upcoming holidays, I have one 5 movies from Santa to win, personalized and created especially for your child.

To take part in the competition, write me in the comment to this post what idea you have for a gift for a child of a certain age, and tomorrow at midnight I will choose five answers that I like the most, just like that 🙂

All you have to do is comment on this post you will write:
Child's age:
Your gift idea:

And it's ready!

How do you like our St. Nicholas adventure?

PS Will we watch again? 😉



Beloved, Wojtek and I are delighted with all your ideas for gifts for your kids, we are sure that all your children's dreams will come true in your home this Christmas. Full of emotion, with great difficulty, we only give away 5 awards and we regret that we are not Santa and we do not have a gift for each of you.

The videos will fly to:

Luiza Skrobich
Ania Szczesniak
Kasia Baranowska-Giza
Natalia Stefania Potocka
Magdalena Krawczyk

Dear, write me a quick e-mail to hello@agnieszkakudela.pl.

Wonderful Christmas and every day after Christmas for all of you from our family in Mołajka: *

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