November Cravings

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I still dream about something, and you can buy some of these things. So it's probably time for another wish list. It was spring, autumn, kitchen ... and now it's time for a personal one.

First: color. I feel like metamorphosis of a few things on my shelves, such as a photo frame or a flower pot. I feel a great temptation to finally dare and introduce color to a large room. See how I feel with blue, pink or lemon toppings.
Secondly: Yankee Candles - I hear about them everywhere, recently I even drove past a store full of these perfumes. I have to go back there.
Thirdly: necklace. Mandatoryly large, with an elongated shape, ideal for upper garments with small neckline, this one is from Zara.
Fourth: a pillow. I promised myself that the next one would be colorful, that it was time to invite my beloved pink on our couch. I was already afraid that Marysia from Art Attack - Be Inspired she cast a gray pillow on me and I will buy something beautiful in Mint House. But maybe another time. Now I invite you roses and geometry, for which I may go to Empik.
Fifth: earrings. Big, dangling, beautiful. To buy in MOHITO.
Sixthly: candle holder, another departure from the usual silver choices, I feel like a great glow. To buy in H & M Home.
I can already imagine how I savor the scents of candles lying on a beautiful pillow and enjoying the eye with a fuchsia color frame.
But you know what is the most important? That all these are just things, really, with or without them, the day will rise tomorrow and my husband will welcome me with a cup of hot coffee. Have a nice day!
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