Loft style bathroom

bathroom in a loft style

A loft-style bathroom is a combination of a "male ground floor" and a "female floor" in our seaside office. You've already seen what our toilet looks like, so now find out about the compromise that allowed us to create a coherent whole of two different tastes. See how we arranged this interior together!



You've seen it already project and the final appearance of ours a small toilet upstairsI also showed you bathroom design on the ground floor. Are you curious what we changed in the final version?



Loft style bathroom

As you already know, our goal was to combine a heavy and dark climate with light colors so that the whole thing was light in its perfect consistency. We really wanted the whole thing to be beautiful it harmonized with the rest of our office.


When designing a loft-style bathroom on the ground floor, we had to consider each scenario for the future. Despite being an office, we wanted it the room was fully functionalboth now and in the future, for example, when for some reason we would have made up our minds turn our office into an apartment.


Guided by these thoughts, we decided to install a shower. This element of the bathroom is very similar to the loft wall on the first floor, separating the conference room from the rest of the corridor. Exactly that black steel profiles they helped us maintain this consistency and ... saved our guests from accidentally bumping into the glass ;-).


We had, however problem with the selection of a shower faucet. I really wanted the shower to be equipped with a round, black rain shower - and not an ordinary metal one, as in the visualization. To my surprise, this model of faucets with a thermostat in a specific custom color turned out to be a difficult thing to get - only square ones were available. Finally, I was able to buy my dream rain shower. It is a small element when looking at the overall interior, but it wonderfully emphasizes the loft accent in our industrial-style bathroom.




Loft style bathroom - tiles

Looking at the visualization, the planned solution did not quite appeal to me. I really liked the rusty color as well idea of ​​repetition herringbone on the floor office space, but I didn't like those rusty tiles all over the wall - it felt too dark and cold.


When we chose tiles, we were captivated by bold tiles in their style, perfectly matching the style of the bathroom
loft - Rust Stain Lap from the Tubądzin brand. Their color is a representation of a rusty and metallic surface, resembling an element of a sunken ship. The use of this material, as we assumed, gave the interior expressiveness and a strong male overtone. We used these tiles in two sizes, although we eventually changed the concept a bit you saw in the visualization.


As you can see, we have not given up the rusty tiles, but they are not on the wall anymore. Smaller found their place on the floor, while big on one of the walls in the shower area.


The fact that we gave up on the rectangular rusty tiles on the wall didn't mean that I didn't like the pattern, because I liked it a lot! That's why we decided to leave them on the wall, but… in a different color. We applied decorative structural tiles from the Brave collection created by the Tubądzin brand. The subtle pattern perfectly fit into our concept combination of a loft-style bathroom with a delicate, feminine touch of aesthetics. This makes the whole thing extremely light in the visual context, and at the same time has a strong male accent given by the use of tiles with a rusty color.



We also used it in this project black batteries and accessoriesthat she proposed to us Ewelina Balcerzakwe worked with on the bathroom on the first floor of our office.




Loft style bathroom - accessories

The whole was completed by a round - not as shown in the visualization, oval - loft mirror suspended directly above the cupboard with a washbasin on a strap made of ecological leather. It illuminates the entire room, reflecting the light that comes through the window. This, in turn, was decorated with wooden blinds. Initially, we considered using bamboo ones to warm the interior, but I was afraid to introduce another color here. Then Ewelina suggested to me the idea of ​​using blinds in a color matching the color of the walls.


loft style bathroom with wooden shutters

bathroom in a loft style with black accessories


We also decided to use other lamps - instead of geometric forms, we decided to hang two lamps at the same height. The glass shade gives lightnesswhile the black binding emphasizes the masculine loft accent.


There were dried flowers in beige vases, and wooden shelf above the suspended toilet - black letter B - like the name of the Wojtka company, Brainbox. Where did the wooden shelf come from?


Exactly. To warm up this seemingly cool interior, we decided to put up a bright wooden cabinet under the washbasin instead of a black metal one, no drawers or doors. Thanks to this, we also gained a place to store all bathroom adjoins, clean hand towels and toilet paper. The color of the cabinet corresponds beautifully with the shelf above the toilet, and the shelf with the cabinet.


A decorative element is also made of steel, black radiator giving the room a modern look. An indispensable piece of equipment for every bathroom, it looks perfectly in our loft-style bathroom.


There is a funny story connected with it. When the radiator came in we thought its color was more anthracite than black, so we bought it black radiator sprayto give it a more suitable color. Imagine our surprise when it turned out that the painted radiator… does not differ completely!


black radiator loft style bathroom



Loft style bathroom - our purchases

Tiles on the walls: light tiles with a delicate pattern - BRAVE PLATINUM STR brand Tubądzin

Tiles on the floor and in the shower: RUST STAIN LAP brand Tubądzin in two dimensions - smaller on the floor and bigger on the wall in the shower

Black matt flush-mounted mixer:  REA Lungo

Soap holder: Meraki

Adhesive bathroom towel hook black: Nuv

Toilet brush: MUGO

Toilet paper holder: DIAR

Vases: HM Home

Illuminated letter B: Allegro


bathroom in a loft style


What do you like the most about our bathroom?

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    Beautifully decorated children's corner 🙂 It has everything you need to play

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    It makes an impression, it is my inspiration before the next renovation. The loft style is wonderful.

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    Where did the sink cabinet come from?

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    A very nice mirror 🙂 I would like to hang something like that in my bathroom 🙂

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    This bathroom is gorgeous and so minimalist.

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    Well, I am delighted with this bathroom .. and your entire blog, family. And the dog - sweetness itself 😮 power of inspiration !!!

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      thank you - on behalf of the family, Zumka and your own, of course 🙂