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Do you dream about your own business, but you still lack the idea for business or courage? Get inspired by the stories of women, mothers, who caught the wind in their sails and today run their own business on their terms. My first interview was given to me by Bogna Bojanowska, editor-in-chief, but above all the owner of the printed Magazine for Mam Mint.


Bognuś, we know each other for a long time, but I still don't know where the idea for a printed magazine for mothers was born in your head. I have always thought that large corporations stand behind printed magazines, and when I met your Magazine, it turned out that the Mint publishing house is a small mother of three children, supported by her husband.

When, after many years in Paris, I returned to Poland as a mother of twins, I felt a little unsatisfied in the parenting press. But it wasn't until I lived by the sea that I felt it was the moment to create something special. Little time passed from concept to implementation. At the beginning an electronic magazine was created, it was published once a month. Over time, the website developed. Feeling the wind in my hair, I had an appetite for more. And when readers began to ask about the printed version, which could be a real moment of relaxation for them, away from devices, screens and distractions, I realized that I was acting now or never.


Today, MINT is not only a quarterly magazine, but also a portal that provides mom with a daily portion of inspiration.


For years, I admire how you act and I look at your work with disbelief more and more often, which looks perfect even with three children!

I would be lying if I said that publishing a magazine is easy as a piece of cake. Despite the good organization and plan, I made a lot of mistakes. But I learned from them, drew conclusions, I paid dearly for my mistakes many times, but I don't go to the same river twice. It took me a long time to sort out the plan in my head, which I translated into action in the next step. Today I'm not trying to please everyone, but to pamper the group of readers by providing interesting topics that drive to action.


Who is Mint Magazine for?

Mint is a magazine for a mother like me or you. I really wanted it not to be a guidebook about raising children. Mint is a magazine for a moment of relaxation with your favorite tea or coffee. We invite inspiring women for talks, take them to interesting places, teach them how to play with fashion, encourage them to make their dreams come true, we recommend recommendable productsthat will help in everyday life. Every mother will find something for herself in the magazine.


Mint Bogna Bojanowska magazine


This is true! It was in Minta that I found my hit snail cream! And tell me what are the biggest challenges you face at work?

The ninth issue of the magazine has just been released, it is a huge success for me, but I never rest on my laurels in my activities. Today you can't stop, I am still looking, implementing and testing. I am not afraid of competition, good competition is not bad but motivating. Readers are also demanding and good, because it does not allow stagnation, but systematic development. You see in my work is never boring. Anyway, you know that I have a thousand ideas per minute, but I realize only the promising ones, and MINT certainly is. I have always laughed that this is my fourth child and that children are cared for, appreciated and give a chance for development.


Everyone says the press is over, were you not afraid to enter this business?

I hear it too, that's why The Mint magazine can also be purchased in an electronic version, although I personally deeply believe that it will be soon in this busy world, the more we will begin to appreciate the moments of peace and respite that gives us a moment with good reading, nice paper under your fingers and the smell of printing, so every day I try even more to not only keep the group of readers, but to expand them.


I am happy when they appreciate paper, articles not overloaded with advertisements. We are not a typical editorial office, our editors live not only in Poland, but also abroad. Editorial colleges are held virtually, luckily in the age of modern technology, staying in touch is child's play. My challenges are purely organizational, I have learned to efficiently combine all my responsibilities to give 100% of myself in each field of activity - at the highest level. I can also say no, I've learned that I don't have to be everywhere, delegating is easy for me because I have a good team.


What gives you the greatest satisfaction at work?

Not so much as last week, a letter from the reader came to the Editor, with a drawn poster for the magazine. I was touched that she went to so much trouble. Flowing news about a good job, an interesting article is proof to me that MINT is going in the right direction. When the heroine of the article calls, delighted with the session and conversation, I am glad that the MINT Editors give their best. And although each issue is associated with a lot of stress, small gestures, nice words from readers after the magazine's publication make me want, I have the power to act.


Mint magazine Agnieszka Kudela


Tell us who creates the Editorial Board?

Each new issue of the magazine is the result of the work of several dozen people. Editors, photographers, reporters, proofreaders, graphic designers, co-creators, partners, thanks to the joint work, we have such a final effect. And although we do not sit in one office every day, we managed to develop an efficient work system. Our editors do not live only in Poland, we care about a diverse view on motherhood.


What does the editorial work organization look like and how is the magazine created?

The magazine's editorial office is located in Gdańsk. The sales department is stationed here. Everyone has their own plot and that's why, for example, we have separate editors dedicated to the flavors department or reportages. The issues of the issues are planned one year in advance. Each issue is a separate project to which editors contribute their contribution. During the editorial college, topics are separated over time for implementation. The next stage to proofreading, acceptance, composition, final proofreading, and finally printing. The whole process takes two months.


How many times do you read each article before going to print?

I can confidently say that it is read by me at least 5 times! I care for every stage of the implementation of the release project myself. I appreciate the cooperation with the printing house, I have my own, I know that I can trust them. I am not the type of omniscient Zosia samosi. I appreciate the professionalism of my colleagues, I respect and value their opinions. I also don't like jumping from flower to flower, but building long-term relationships.


business idea own magazine press


That sounds fantastic! Can i enlist (laughs) So is MINT looking for new editors?

We have a permanent composition that has been with us for a long time, but I always have eyes and ears wide open. I read a lot, I am looking for, I always invite those women who feel mint to MINT to cooperate with me. But I also gladly support mothers who have something interesting to say. My door is always open and I am flexible.


What are your biggest lessons from working on the magazine?

There are no perfect people, I am constantly improving the operations of the magazine. They say that the further into the forest, the more trees. I encountered many difficulties, but I learned to overcome them, today I am not afraid of failures, because each gives me valuable learning and allows me to aim higher.


What areas did you improve during the warehouse?

First formalities - during the day I answer many calls, meet many people to ensure the smooth functioning of the magazine after experience, I always have everything in writing. Maybe sometimes I exaggerate, but I assume that first there is time for formalities, and then for action. A well-run Editorial Office means efficient operation of the entire magazine.


exclusiveness - based on experience, I always determine the exclusivity of a material or topic, I value uniqueness very muchso that the readers do not have the impression of "reheated chops." Today I can give up the top topic if it is to be repeated. It's a matter of informed choices.


Cooperation - I went through the stage of unwritten companies, business partners, but the best form of operation for our magazine is a family company, and my husband is my best companion and friend.


And tell me how do you deal with childcare? Both my husband and I run two companies, your boys are 10 years old, go to school and also train football, and little Zoe is only 2 years old. How do you share responsibilities?

It's a matter of good organization again. I plan every week with a calendar in my hand. We set the plan of the day depending on the needs, meetings and priorities. We are lucky that the boys are independent and resourceful. They can also look after their younger sister if needed. We don't just think about work, we take the opportunity to relax whenever possible. Every opportunity is good, the boys train, we play next to the playground. They have a tournament, we visit a new city and we visit. I'm not saying it's easy, it's our conscious choice of working in our own company. Michał's mother also helps us a lot, when she deals with Zoe, I know that she is in good hands, and boys always enjoy treats for dinner or afternoon tea. From September, Zoe goes to kindergarten, it will change our work plan. We finish a certain stage and go further.


What should we wish for you and Mint magazine?

Readers are our driving force, if they come back to us and reach for more, we will be the happiest in the world.


And what would you like to ask Bogna Bojanowska about?


Business idea. Magazine for Mums


You can buy Mint magazine in paper version at Empik and on the website - also in an electronic version, which will immediately reach your e-mail address.


And in the last issue I have the honor to be a guest in person, so I recommend it twice 🙂

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    I went in e-commerce - I really didn't think it was so hard to break through. After three months I am already very demotivated ...

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    Of course, it is worth taking the trouble and opening your business. The more so because today it's not as complicated as it used to be. And we can take advantage of many amenities. For example, we can find many good accounting offices or modern software that will help to improve the business.

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    Very interesting 🙂

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    Congratulations! I am also thinking about opening a company, but the thought that I may fail and the fact that there are already several companies in my region are effectively inhibiting me. Maybe next year we will be able to stand on our own.
    Thank you for a little inspiration 🙂

    • 14.10.2019

      It's great news that there are already several companies in your region - you have just made your first market analysis and you know it is there! There is a demand for these services in your region. And since there are several companies on the market, you have a much better chance that you will also succeed than if you were the first - it usually means that the market is "too young" 🙂 therefore the first does not mean better here - when analyzing the existing competition, take a look at their strengths, but also look for weaknesses - find your opportunities and threats and - don't wait - act!

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    A great article. You have to be persistent in pursuing your goal 🙂 I decided to open my nail salon a few years ago and today I can say that I was able to make this dream come true 😉 Want to be able to!

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    Very good and interesting interview! Continuous improvement is even required in many industries 🙂

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    A very inspirational interview. I am glad that women can realize their dreams and climb to the top! 🙂

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    Great conversation! It is very interesting to learn this second page of the editorial work 🙂

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    Agnieszka, it was a nice conversation. It's always an opportunity for me to make a summary, stop and analyze. I am happy to share knowledge and help other women make their dreams come true. The magazine gives me the opportunity to write, recommend, speak and show the world bold, verve women who reach for the stars. Thank you for inviting me to a conversation.

  • Magda

    Although I am not a mother, I always stop at Empik for a moment to touch the wonderful paper on which Mint is published and see the effects of beautiful photo sessions 🙂 I keep my fingers crossed for further releases!

    And what is this beautiful interior? Is this a cafe in Gdynia or Gdańsk?

    • 27.08.2019

      Thank you Magda, I have a lot of faith and energy, and even more ideas and a cool team that co-creates MINT and gives it such a cool character.

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      I was looking for a short name that is catchy and has good associations.