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Step by step makeup

We women have it that if we manage to find the perfect cosmetic, we are reluctant to change it for something else. If it happens that your favorite product is withdrawn from sale or we are looking for a cheaper substitute with equally good quality. I also had to make changes to my beautician.


When in autumn 2018 I wrote a post for you about how I do my work step by step makeup, lots of comments came, also about the fact that you can't get any of the products. I came back to it recently and checked what had changed in my beautician, and a few things changed, among others because some cosmetics were unavailable, and the other was replaced by another product.


What changed?

Make-up base

The Organic Series cream remains my base for makeup, but I changed it to the one for couperose skin - I apply it all over my face, also under the eyes.




I still use the same foundation, Revlon ColorStay No. 180 (Sand Beige). I tested samples of various other sleepers and I'm glad they were just samples as none of them deserved to stay with me longer. I know that Revlon is not the best for the skin, but it's the only one that makes my skin look good, also after removing makeup. Opinions about him vary, but apparently I don't mind, so he stays with me - at least for the moment.



Make-up sponge

I wrote then that if I find something cheaper and better than the original Beauty Blender, or at least comparable, I will let you know. However, nothing has changed in this topic. I went back to the original Beauty Blender (I have it in black). Unfortunately, no other blender, also silicone, not original, has worked for me. I tested a lot of them - I did not find the perfect replacement. If you found it - let me know!



Eye concealer

In the aforementioned makeup post, I showed that I had used Yves Saint Laurent (1,5 color) and Bourjous (Ivory 01 color) concealer so far. I tested both and didn't see any difference between them, so I was buying the cheaper one - in this case from Bourjous. However, I was interested in Instant Anti-Age Eraser by Maybelline, which is popular in makeup videos on YouTube - I have the color Ivory. Also, I don't see a difference compared to Bourjous or YSL, and it has a more convenient application: the tip is twisted and the sponge releases a small amount of concealer. Then I spread it under the eyes with the Beauty Blender. I have already bought the second package, I think that it works as well as the two concealers mentioned above, and it has a better price.




He remained the same - Kryolan in color D7. This cosmetic is really reliable when you wake up one day when you have an important meeting scheduled and an uninvited guest appears on your face 😉



Stone powder

This is a cosmetic that I was forced to change, because the Revlon powder I have not used so far is no longer available. I bet on Vichy Mineral Blend. It's nice that part is meringue, part is pink with flecks, and part is dark brown. Each time I can adjust the amount and type of cosmetic applied, depending on the effect I want to achieve. For a stronger look, to get a more vivid skin color, I add more brown. If I want to be more pale because I have an idea to get the effect of a porcelain doll, I only use flesh color. When I want to shine a little, I add a little pink. Sometimes, when I am in a hurry and do not want to pull out another cosmetic just for contouring, this dark powder allows me to quickly emphasize cheekbones.




Exactly the same - SAY Make Up - work great and are still in perfect condition, even though they are still in use.



Eyebrow cosmetics

I have completely changed the way I care for my eyebrows. It seems to me that the previous ones were not natural enough, a bit exaggerated. Because I focus on naturalness, I chose the Longstay pencil by Golden Rose - I use the color 102.

If I want a natural effect, I use Catrice Lash & Brow Designer eyebrow gel to finish it, and if I want a stronger look, I use Longstay Brow Styling Gel with Golden Rose - very holding. It's perfect if - like me - you have a problem with drooping eyebrows. It has one disadvantage - it comes in only one, slightly dark color. So if you paint your eyebrows with a crayon and underline them with a colored gel, they may appear dark. I am blonde and have dark eyebrows, so I have to be careful not to overdo it.

At Instastory, I laugh that during quarantine I take "eyebrow plugs" from my fellow make-up artists. I also recommend that you devote this time not leaving home to make-up studies 🙂



Eye makeup

beauty blog

You ask about it less often! Unfortunately, my beloved shadows are over, Sephora no longer produces them and I had to look for others.


After numerous questions to my fellow make-up artists - after all the drugstores were closed and I needed online advice - I decided on a palette BareMinerals Gen Nude in Rose colorwhich I bought online at Douglas. They are less pigmented than the ones I have had so far, but I do not consider it a disadvantage: it is a very good solution for people who are just starting their adventure with makeup. They blend very well, beautifully penetrate layer into layer and gently paint over. Due to the fact that they do not have strong pigmentation, beginners will not "hurt" them - I admit, it had happened to me before and I was not able to correct it - I had to start my makeup all over again.


I still make eye lines with dark shadows and the same thin brush.


The mascara also remains the same - I am faithful to the black L'Oréal False Lash Telescopic.



Face contouring

For contouring I still use the Smashbox dry version (there is also a pencil version), but I apply the bronzer higher than before and do not draw so much on the middle of the face. Thanks to this, it seems to me that the face looks fresh and younger.

I also use the same highlighter (from the Smashbox contouring kit) and the Bourjous baked blush in color no. 34 - rose D'or.



Lip make-up

I use the same Ingot # 74 pencil, but I noticed that Carmex did dry my lips too much, so now I use other protective lipsticks, for example now it's an EOS lipstick. On the whole, as before, lip gloss Dior (color nude, No. 363).



That would be enough when it comes to my changes in cosmetics. Do you know the previous post? Did you paint with me? 🙂

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  • Paulina

    You can see that you like more natural makeup that only emphasizes the female beauty! I am also in favor of a more subtle finish. I also have many of these cosmetics at home and they work really well for me.

  • 01.02.2021

    A beautiful combination! I have to test a few things 😉 Thank you!

  • 27.11.2020

    Brilliant entry, I fell in love with makeup some time ago and I regularly test new products. Recently, I have come across products from (and this is not an advertisement!). I can really recommend them, especially the brushes, because I haven't used artificial cilia yet 🙂

  • 22.11.2020

    I have a pretty complexion, now it looks like good medications ... make-up cosmetics did not help, there was a time when I went to the dermatologist, he actually prescribed me the right drugs that finally helped me.

  • 02.11.2020

    I also recommend this concealer, it's fantastic - I just bought it for the first time and was wise to read the reviews after the first use 😀 But anyway, I'm happy with it. A hit purchase

  • 17.08.2020

    I used to use a foundation from Revlon, but I didn't even notice that it might not be very good for the skin (though, surprisingly, I don't remember my skin reacting badly.) mixed? What powder, which loose or in stone?

  • 27.07.2020

    I also use this foundation, it's great! The rest are still to be tested. Best regards!

  • Anna

    A very nice cosmetics proposal. I think I will use some of them! 😉

  • 15.05.2020

    In my pandemic, the routine has changed completely and now makeup has fallen into the background, but I must admit that I still have days in the week where I like to apply make up 🙂 Thanks for recommending a few products, I may be tempted and start experimenting at home a bit 🙂 Regards!

  • 11.05.2020

    Agnieszka, very nice cosmetics proposals. I use dermocosmetics from the la roche posay group myself, but I'm not completely satisfied. Maybe I will be inspired by your entry. greetings Kasia